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Jul 25, 2016 3:21 PM ET

Archived: Stroma Medical is a clinical phase medical device company located in Irvine CA. The company’s mission is to be the leader in the design, development and distribution of a comprehensive system to safely and effectively change the color of people’s eyes.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016

Stroma Medical

Irvine, CA 92618, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Stroma is a clinical phase medical device company located in Irvine CA. The company’s mission is to be the leader in the design, development and distribution of a comprehensive system to safely and effectively change the color of people’s eyes. The company’s patented system changes the colors from dark, brown, black and hazel, to light blue or green. Creating the option for people who are currently wearing colored contact lens (25 million people worldwide) to change their eye color to a natural looking color without the hassle of colored contacts or dangers of an iris implant.

The Stroma Laser System includes a laser, eye mapping, and eye tracking system to photo disrupt the pigment in the front of the iris and create a situation where the body is able to eliminate the pigment safely without causing damage to the surrounding nerves and tissue. The company has successfully completed its initial scientific, animal and human testing and is now moving towards a formal clinical trial process. The company intends to market the technology outside the US initially when it has successfully completed its regulatory filings. The market for the company’s technology represents a $2.9B opportunity and the company intends to market their products to ophthalmic surgeons and consumers worldwide.

The company has assembled a great team of experienced medical device professionals to run the company. Leading optical, laser, and software engineers to complete the development. And, leading ophthalmic surgeons to advise the company on all clinical aspects of the company’s system.

All of these factors provide for an excellent opportunity for investors interested in optimizing their ROI through a positive exit either through a major strategic player in the ophthalmic space or via an IPO.


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Stroma Laser System

Stroma Medical is clinical phase medical device company located in Irvine, CA. The company has designed and developed a new laser based system to safely and effectively change the color of peoples eyes from dark colors, such as brown, hazel or black to light colors such as blue or green. The company is currently completing the first round of clinical trials in the first quarter of 2016 The sustainable annual market for eye color change is estimated to be $2.9B annually and with Stroma’s strong patent position and highly desired outcome, the company will be an excellent candidate to either be acquired by a strategic player in the market or to go public in the next three to five years. The company has the right mix of seasoned medical device management personnel and key ophthalmic surgeons on the advisory board to provide for the leadership to provide investors with a valuable company and a high return on their investment.



Chief Executive Officer
Doug Daniels

Doug Daniels

Doug Daniels is an experience medical device executive with over 30 years of experience developing, leading and selling medical device companies. Mr. Daniels has worked for large corporations at Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific Corporation, where he was Vice President and General Manager during the highest growth period of the MicroVasive Endoscopy Division. He has since been a serial entrepreneur as the CEO three different start-up ventures and has demonstrated his ability hire, and lead experienced teams of engineering and medical professionals to high levels of performance and results. Mr. Daniels is an experienced fund raiser who has raised capital through a number of sources for the companies he has led, including venture capital, angel funds, private investors, and cross licensing programs. Mr. Daniels is currently the CEO of Stroma Medical and he is the Director on a couple of medical device companies.

Chief Science/Scientist
Gregg Homer

Gregg Homer

Gregg Homer is the founder, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Stroma Medical Corporation, a company formed to develop and commercialize a laser invented and developed by Dr. Homer for the safe and permanent change of eye color from brown to blue or green or from green to blue. Dr. Homer is also the founder, Chairman and CEO of Homer Labs, LLC, which specializes in the invention, development, and commercialization of bio-medical, media, communications, and software technologies.

Dr. Homer is an experienced lawyer and practiced entertainment law in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Homer received his doctorate from Stanford University in evolutionary neurology and economic game theory (interdisciplinary). He also holds a law degree from Stanford Law School. He attended the graduate economics program at Stanford.

Dr. Homer taught at Stanford Law School from 1997-2001. He also serves on the Board of Visitors at Stanford Law School, on the faculty of the Stanford Leadership Institute.


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Chief Executive Officer - Doug Daniels

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