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Jul 25, 2016 7:04 PM ET

Archived: Organically Elevate Your Drinks and Cocktails. We at Mixology 512 produce all-natural, organic, preservative-free simple syrups, cocktail mixers, & cherries, with love.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016

Mixology 512 : Organically Elevate Your Drinks and Cocktails

We at Mixology 512 produce all-natural, organic, preservative-free simple syrups, cocktail mixers, & cherries, with love. Cheers!

About this project

Hi Kickstarter, we’re Mixology 512! 

We develop and produce our own organic lines of simple syrups, mixers, and cherries, with love, in Austin, Texas. 

We’ve got at the time some18 flavors of simple syrups, 4 cocktail mixers, and 2 cherry flavors, including Cucumber-Lime, Cara Cara Orange with agave, Mango, Agave-Lime, Lavender, Fig, Margarita, and many more. 

Organic Shirley Temple with Mixology 512 Cherry Lemon Simple Syrup and the Lemon Drop Olde Fashioned Cherry
Organic Shirley Temple with Mixology 512 Cherry Lemon Simple Syrup and the Lemon Drop Olde Fashioned Cherry

We started in mid-2015, opened our Etsy store in November of 2015 just in time for holiday sales, and just recently have been spotlighted by Etsy as a featured shop, and hit the real world in Austin Texas in late April, 2016. Since then we’ve been networking with the live event industry and expanding our lines and offerings to increase our scope and ability to elevate live events in ATX. Our Olde Fashioned Cherries provide a fresh alternative to chemically processed maraschino cherries, and are infused with our simple syrups for added zing, like the Organic Lemon Drop Cherry, the first of its kind. All of our syrups are all-natural, organic, and use only the freshest fruits, vegetables, sugars, nectars, honey, and flowers, locally sourced when possible, and TX-spring water. 

Following is a list of what we will do with your support, and the hella cool ways we’ll show you our appreciation. 

The Stickers Swag
The Stickers Swag

Check out our instagram to get a feel for our vibe:

 @mixology512 #mixology512 #oldefashionedcherries 

What We’re Trying to Achieve: 

1: $500 ILEA, International Live Event Association, Austin Chapter, Membership fee

This will strongly support our relationship development in the Austin live-events scene, and give us opportunities to sponsor events to gain exposure and build relationships with event planners and clients alike, for weddings, corporate events, or private shindigs. 

Our Mini-Mason Jar Shot Glass
Our Mini-Mason Jar Shot Glass

2: $1,000. Austin Live-Event Networking Mixology 512 Take-Off Event to put us firmly on the scene and to give us a chance to partner with current supporters and future business collaborators, featuring regular and vegan tacos from our much appreciated incubator and restaurant partner Taco Joint, in addition to other fine food and dessert choices from local Austin companies to complement the Mixology 512 Educated Cocktails and Italian Sodas. (sponsorships and alcohol partners may lower this, but we’re still working on that 🙂 

Our Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirt
Our Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirt

3: That’s all folks! 

—Total Cost of Our Strategy for Your Contributions: $1500

-The swag we’re offering will cost us about $.40 out of every $1 you provide to us, Kickstarter charges us 6%, and we’ll need to set aside $300 for shipping, so we’ve set our campaign goal at $2,700. Anything beyond that will just help us gain more momentum by investing more in advertising and to hook up more rewards to our supporters. 

The Tier 4 Olympian Fashion Hat
The Tier 4 Olympian Fashion Hat

Thanks ya’ll! 

VIP Custom 512 Hat
VIP Custom 512 Hat


Michael, Nico, and the Mixology 512 Fam 

Special thanks to all the folks who have provided support, knowledge, feedback, camaraderie, insight, and positivity throughout the launch of this organically delicious journey: 

Aaron Batiste, Anthony Batiste, Ashandra Batiste, Debra Batiste, Devonya Batiste, Marc Bosler of Flex Clipz, Cody Cheavens at Sao Paolo’s, Lilia Coronado-Valdez of Sao Paulo’s/Taco Joint, Keeley Brynn Crowfoot, Taylor Ferguson, Cody Fields of Pascal’s Catering/Mmmpanadas, Melba Garcia of Sao Paulo’s/Taco-Joint, Allison Gueli at Parkside Projects, Melissa Hergenreder and Brandy Wyers from Bar Divas of Austin, Johnell Hubner of Clearly Classy Events, Eric James of Culinary Misfits, Ryan Kittredge of Carr Financial Group, Leslie LaSorsa of Crave Catering, Jamie Lee, Nico Loya of Mixology 512 and 3D Virtual Space (Nico produced our Kickstarter video and hosts our site, uber special thanks Nico!), Kyle McGovern on the Miami mixology scene, Sandra Rivera, Travis Russell, William Salazar, Lori Schneider from The Cupcake Bar, Mari Soto at Royal Fig Catering, Tony and his Father Ali from the Flag Store/Hyde Park Market, Thomas Westerman, and all the other amazing people who have helped get us to where we are. We appreciate you. Thanks! 

See our website at www.mixology512.com for a pleasantly brief version of our story 🙂  

Risks and challenges

The most significant challenge we’re now facing is to effectively complement the Austin food scene by gaining an intimate level of involvement with it. Through fostering the networks we need to bring our Austin product into the Austin market, focusing on the key Austin values of sustainability, and crafty food and drinks, we’ll be able to overcome this challenge, with ILEA and the Live-Event Networking Take-Off Party providing us a solid path to this all-natural, organic, preservative-free destination.

Contact Information:

Mixology 512

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