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Jul 25, 2016 12:19 PM ET

Archived: mi8 | POWERFUL WIRELESS BLUETOOTH RETRO STEREO SYSTEM – Audio Award-Winning Voix, are proud to introduce to you, their latest Wireless Bluetooth Sound System The ‘mi8’. #mi8speakers

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016


by Voix (Aurelia, Patrick and Daniel)


Audio Award-Winning Voix, are proud to introduce to you, their latest Wireless Bluetooth Sound System The ‘mi8’. #mi8speakers

About this project


We are Aurelia & Patrick and we are a small part of a international Award-Winning Audio Design group of entrepreneurs called Voix. 



‘mi8’ are a set of Powerful and Portable Bluetooth Retro Stereo Speakers which can be wirelessly paired together. Once paired you have in your hands, a fully operational Left and Right channel, true stereo Music System. 

All you need thereafter to get the party really started is your Bluetooth Enabled Device. Grab it and let’s get started!



With your device in hand, ‘Synching’ could not be any easier as illustrated below.

bluetooth example set-up on iPhone
bluetooth example set-up on iPhone

If you thought that was easy, ‘Pairing’ is even simpler thanks to our very simple and intuitive, Four-button Six-function system navigation panel. A few touches here and a bleep, bleep there and you have entered into A WIRELESS Hi-Fi STEREO WONDERLAND!


The ‘mi8’ gives you Wings. Well not really, but seeing as it’s ‘probably the smallest hi-fi in the world’ and that it is highly portable, it does give you the ability and freedom, to take it and be with your Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo sounds wherever you go. This, coupled with the thumbs up on the sound and build quality, has been one of the overwhelming and most reoccurring positive comments that we have received from our field based focus groups in Hong Kong and London.

 project video thumbnail

We assure you, Quentin (in the above video) said, “Move it around in your HOUSE” and not, in your …..

Now that your Sound System is set-up and you have 8-hours of Play time on your hands, it’s time to get up and get going!

 Take your ‘mi8’

  Everybody loves the sunshine!


Too hot?

Use them by the poolside, in your house, gym, car, office, park, at the beach, a barby, a braai, a cook-out or on a road trip. In fact, pretty much anywhere you go. Grab them and take them along! Guaranteed, you will be the star of the show!


A word to the wise though; the ‘mi8s’ are extremely powerful so unless, everyone loves your taste in music, please do observe the laws and keep the peace.

In a world where everything is rapidly becoming mono-tone, we decided to buck the trend and be somewhat different. So, in the designing of the ‘mi8’ we focused on hindsight. And went for that timeless, ol-skool, classic wooden look.

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

Homage to the great wooden speakers of yester-year. Those years when Wood was Wood and Speakers were really Speakers. 

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

Sound Systems to say the least in those days, were darn right unsightly.

The ‘mi8’, whilst being retro in design, style and finish, have a fresher and more distinct look about them and not to mention, a much smaller footprint. 

To increase the rigidity and strength of the cabinet, we purposefully went for curved sides. These in general, are more solid and more sonic-ally inert when compared to those of parallel structures. More on the inertness a bit further along the way. 


During our development of the ‘mi8’, we experimented with and a great number of alternate cabinet forms and shapes. These ranging from wooden, to plastic, to metal in pyramidal, hexagonal, boxed, curved and several other countless shapes. Test after test, we found ourselves aurally and aesthetically, saying yes to curves.

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

From a Sound perspective, curved walls due to their lower panel resonance and again, their sonic inertness, are very good at reducing the formation of unwanted resonance i.e. Standing Waves within the speaker cabinet . 

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

Aurally, Standing Waves can best be described as being those odd lingering bum notes/sounds which occur when sound energy clashes within listening area. The echo and reverberation effects you experience during and thereafter, are due to the sounds arriving at your ears at differing times. The resulting overall sound experience is one that is totally at odds to the one intended and totally not how we want our speakers to sound.

Below, is an example of a Standing Wave in motion.

The Standing Wave (depicted in black), is the sum of the two propagating waves (red and blue) traveling in opposite directions. Image Credit: Wikimedia.org
The Standing Wave (depicted in black), is the sum of the two propagating waves (red and blue) traveling in opposite directions. Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

Once dampened/reduced, the results are a constant, much cleaner and more pleasing sound audition!

Another bit of magic in our development arsenal, has been the use of Class D amplifiers. Thanks to these beauties, we have been able to design and create a sound system which is small, powerful and operates, in a highly efficient operational manner.

All of these attributes come back to and are driven by the Class D Factor. Truth be told, we here at Voix love them so much that we have placed not one, but TWO in your stereo system!

Our chosen sub-woofers for the ‘mi8’, are compact, tight and responsive. And through them, your sound system is able to sound-port you into a totally different dimension of bass emotion. 

To enhance and further extend this deep bass effect, we have added Rear-firing Bass Reflex Ports to each of your systems.  



Often seen, more so heard but never really given the explanation that they deserve. Bass Reflex ports, not only give your system an extended bass response and a deeper bass tone. They also help to take away the performance stresses and strains that would otherwise, be heaped on the front drivers of your system. 

That said, Bass Reflex Ports whilst worth it, are complicated little beings – a science in design. Design them too long or too short either way or if you position them wrongly, you are left with an expensive farting machine. Thankfully due to know-how, coupled with experience, and a strong dislike for farting machines, we keep getting length, position and science, just right!

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

There is really nothing better or more immersive, than that ‘WOOMPH’ effect that kicks in when your track really takes off or your movie action revs up. Now, imagine that very same emotion and double it. Pure, pure nirvana!

Silicon Drink About - Albert House - Shoreditch
Silicon Drink About – Albert House – Shoreditch

And that Ladies and Gents, covers the main aspects of our latest product.


  • ALL related pre-production development. 
  • ALL final production tooling. 
  • Begin and complete component sourcing processes.
  • Begin and complete mass production and final assembly. 
  • Deliver out to you, the finished product.

The ‘mi8’ are production tool-ready and we can now proceed to the final stages. 


As a result of the long-term working relationships which we have forged with our contract manufacturers, we have negotiated a greatly reduced Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for this Kickstarter Project.  

This means our target goals are greatly reduced and much more attainable. However, it also means that the quantities available are greatly reduced compelling an ever-so-slight increase of the pledge-in price. 

For the alert PLEDGERS among you, we have a VERY special DIAMOND of a price so, don’t snooze on it! Grab it with both hands as quantities for this reward, are limited.


Our Target Factory Dispatch Month for this project is November 2016 and deliveries shall follow through in the early part of December 2016.  

On a FINAL note, it is worth keeping in mind, that whilst the ‘mi8’ can/do work as a pair, they can also operate as single independent units.

John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London

Thus for all intents and purposes, you are essentially getting TWO Sound Systems in ONE!



  • DRIVERS:Full Range Woofer:3.82″ | Tweeter 1.97″ 
  • FREQUENCY:20Hz-175KHz 
  • BATTERY:4200 mAH  
  • STANDBY:1000 Hours 
  • CONNECTIVITY:Bluetooth Ver: 2.1+EDR/A2DP and AVRCP  
  • RANGE:33 Feet/10 Meters  
  • WIRED:3.5mm | Line-in  
  • DIMENSIONS:150*105*88(mm) 
  • WEIGHT:3Kg/6lb
John Lewis Dept. London
John Lewis Dept. London


Yes we do, but we are focused first and foremost upon hitting our project target. 

 We are Voix. 

Our journey began in 2006, on a cold, rainy London day. Our focus and passion then as still is, was to bring a Better Design to a Better Sound.

This quest, took us to the East where we teamed up with our long serving partners and a year later, our first, Award Winning product ‘The Voix MPX’ was launched. To top it all, our VERY first client were none other than the MOST FAMOUS STORE IN THE WORLD ‘HARRODS’.

News of our great products then spread like wildfire;

And we showcased them to many;

near and far.

 And with that, the Awards rolled in


  • Award Winning Professional Audio Design Expertize. 
  • An established and fully Redundant Supply Chain. 
  • An established Distribution Channel. 
  • An established Customer Support Infrastructure. 
  • An Impassioned and Focused Team. 

Further to the above, we also have REAL know-how and REAL full life-cycle experience (including scar tissue) from our own audio projects of scale which have produced products that have retailed right across the globe.

Undoubtedly and quite rightly so. Kickstarter has now become the home-bed of independent driven innovation. Suddenly. The unthinkable is now thinkable. And the power to dream. To create. Is once again palpable and upon us.

A successful Kickstarter campaign gives us an opportunity to finish our work on this great product. We are all excited and ask you, to please join in and be a part of our journey.


Risks and challenges

As with all projects large and small, there are many risks that can and sometimes do occur. With our prior experience, we consider ourselves well placed to both manage and deal with these risks in a diligent and professional manner if/when they do occur.

How so?
Firstly, all our sound systems pledged for, will be provided with our 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. We are not new in this game and we have great faith in what we are doing so, let’s get you covered.

Secondly, a great number of the risks that do occur can be managed against and/or identified in advance. However, in the instances when they cannot, we believe that our prior and extensive industry experiences, will have us placed in an advantageous position to handle these.

Again, we know this space extremely well and have gained invaluable ‘real-life’ project experience through the managing of our own large scale audio projects some of which we have referenced within our main project page. This genuine experience is indispensable and cannot be understated.

Overall Project Management
Our Management Team, will make every possible effort to prevent or avoid delays. In the worst of instances if deadlines and timelines have to be revised due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, rest assured it will NOT be through want of trying.

Nonetheless, the buck stops with us! Thank you again, for taking the time to read this far!

Contact Information:

Voix (Aurelia, Patrick and Daniel)

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