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Jul 25, 2016 10:45 AM ET

Archived: LaunchByte – Startup Accelerator: We help early-stage companies avoid common pitfalls when securing seed funding by preventing them from happening altogether.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016


Startup Accelerator


So you’ve got the next Uber, or the next Airbnb, or the next name-your-disruptive-business-here in the startup world. Great! You’ve already secured your early funding, but you used it to outsource your product development or your marketing to an “affordable” 3rd party in an effort to pinch pennies.

Then lo and behold, when you get your results back, it turns out to be absolutely nothing like you envisioned. No one’s using your product, your funding has all but dried up, and you’ve got nothing to show for it. The next thing you know, you’re off to raise more money and the vicious cycle continues — diluting yourself and your team more and more.

What’s our approach? We help early-stage companies avoid common pitfalls when securing seed funding by preventing them from happening altogether.

Instead of offering capital in exchange for a stake in the company and hoping they spend the money well, we offer startups lines of credit for a full suite of services dedicated to helping them achieve success right there on the spot.  


Welcome to the age of the startup.

Entrepreneurship is indeed in the air. And chances are that the last business you interacted with was a startup — not surprising, considering that startups account for the vast majority of the next generation of companies.

As the old adage goes, it takes money to make money. And no one knows that reality better than the twenty-first century entrepreneur cutting their teeth on a new startup venture. In the early stages of a new business especially, a startup teams’ resources are stretched thin while they iron out all of the details involved in jumpstarting the company — from the logistical aspects to hiring the right talent to prototyping, to product development and more, all while making sure the bills are paid.

As a result, many startups exhaust cash reserves by hiring employees who aren’t right for the position and by outsourcing portions of their business to countries like India and South Africa in an effort to stretch the buck.

The problem with penny-pinching? You get what you pay for, and it will always end up being a crapshoot.

At LaunchByte, we figured out a way to eliminate all of the uncertainties that come with bringing early-stage businesses to life while actively leading them down the path of success.


Unlike traditional accelerators, LaunchByte sets itself apart by being one part startup incubator, one part micro-fund. We’re what you might call a reverse angel fund.

Whether you need help incorporating your company, developing a web or mobile MVP, getting your financials in line, hiring a CFO, acquiring users, accessing funding, or any of the other host of challenges that startups typically face, LaunchByte is there to make it happen.

Our seasoned startup team has produced and guided numerous successful companies to scalability and sent them on their way to Series A and Series B funding rounds.

What powers LaunchByte?  

The best part? If you apply for acceleration and pass our due diligence, you don’t have to pay for anything. Once you close a round of funding, we bill the total amount we’ve performed in services, and divide the number by the valuation of funding raised that round. This determines the equity stake we will then have in the company.

We only win if you win.


When we say LaunchByte is the most technologically advanced and non-traditional accelerator you’ve ever come across, we mean it. Here’s a more in-depth look at all the great benefits you stand reap as our client:

Whether you’re developing your first prototype, building a mobile version of your web platform, or penetrating the complicated world of augmented reality, we’ve got your back. We have 9 experienced developers at your disposal to turn your idea into a reality.

After we build out your IT, LaunchByte retains ownership of the tech IP. However, we still give you the option of buying it back down the road at a lower cost.  

Design is arguably the most important part of any product or service. From sketches on the back of napkins to a full-color working model, our designers will help you transform your vision into something tangible.

What good is a product or service if the right people don’t know about it? Our clients are guided from day-one on the optimal and most creative user acquisition strategies for their company, all powered by a team of experts that have been working for big names in the industry for years.

All great things must be shared. With press contacts and partnerships ranging from tech blogs to print publications, get the press coverage your startup deserves.

No startup can raise any money without potential investors with a full financial model. Our financial gurus will help you budget and map out cash flows for years to come.

From company incorporation to fundraising legalities, we ensure our clients work with the best attorneys regarding legal matters. We have you covered so you can keep innovating.

We give our clients access to our Board of Advisors, former entrepreneurs who have a collective net worth of $3 billion.


We founded LaunchByte last April, and while it’s still early days, we’ve already seen an incredible response from clients and early backers alike. Here’s a look at some of our most noteworthy milestones so far and what we’ve got lined up for the future.

A Proven Business Model

We started with $0 to prove that our model works, and in just over a year we have generated over $500,00 in revenue with very limited marketing — primarily through word-of-mouth, referrals and clients reaching out to us directly through out website. All marketing to date has been inbound without us having to lift a finger!

Rezzit21 came to us having spent over $100K on product development that wasn’t working for them. We helped build out and fix their platform and now they’re taking the fully functioning, self-learning platform to investors and VCs for a series A round — which they have over $750K in funding committed.

VetX is soon to be exiting in a private sale.

Wynk has $200,000 in funding committed, with interest pouring in weekly.


The plan now is to build on our momentum as well as ramp up our marketing efforts in order to increase our brand visibility. In order to meet these goals, we are taking the following steps:

Want to learn more about what LaunchByte has planned for the future and how you can get involved? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile!


Tan Kabra | Founder & CEO
Three-time entrepreneur with an extensive background in the startup industry, Tan has served as a Founder, CEO, VP, Advisor, and Investor to a number of startups. He knows angel and venture capital and what it takes to establish a path to exit. Having personally experienced the problems that startup founders face across all industries, Tan created LaunchByte to help first-time founders avoid common hurdles in order to achieve success.  

Vadim Kudriavtcev | CTO
Vadim brings over 12 years of programming experience to LaunchByte. Having led over 30 projects with our development team, he has a strong understanding of the startup atmosphere and what it takes for web and mobile platforms to take off. With a strong focus in VR and AI, Vadim is a key asset as we advance into the higher tech industries. He currently manages a team of 6 full-stack mobile and web developers at LaunchByte.

Kristen Daley | CMO
With a successful history at world renowned ad agencies including DigitasLBi and Hill Holiday, Kristen brings a deep digital background rooted in analytics to our team. She previously founded a small independent marketing firm, and her skills as a leader guide LaunchByte’s highly structured digital directives across all startup client initiatives. Her expertise in bridging the gap between innovative strategy and ad tech is invaluable in setting LaunchByte apart in the industry. At LaunchByte, Kristen manages a team of 4 marketing and analytics professionals to produce product that ecompasses everything from branding to print and digital.  

Contact Information:

Tan Kabra | Founder & CEO

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