Your job is to SURVIVE: Circle of life is zombie apocalypse game filled with strategy, customization, and a whole lot of action pact gameplay. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 25, 2016 5:00 PM ET

Your job is to SURVIVE: Circle of life is zombie apocalypse game filled with strategy, customization, and a whole lot of action pact gameplay.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016

Circle of Life – Your job is to SURVIVE.

by Aj Picard – An active Gamer


Circle of life is zombie apocalypse game filled with strategy, customization, and a whole lot of action pact gameplay.

In “Circle of Life” we want to make the “Surviving” a reality.

We want users to rebuild civilization to how it once was.

As you venture out into the world its up to you to rebuild your village. The world has ended due to the recent Zombie Apocalypse, it’s only you and the wall that surrounds you, that are left. 

These zombies are going to start destroying those wall of yours, how are you going to survive?

We want this game to be all about YOU and what YOU have built. As you cleanse more people it opens a ton of options for you to make. You can add new citizens to your archery range, bomber station, repair shop or train them into a special troop. With this comes positives and negatives, a huge positive is as you build your army defending the village gets a whole lot easier. The negative is, well these troops don’t work for free! Archers, Bombers, Repair men and the Special Troops all cost money that you have to pay for at the end of each level. 

As you continue to grow you start to earn more and more cash each level. Along with building your army, building up your walls wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Building your walls increase your villages health and lets be honest, bigger walls look so much cooler!

We want users to realize expanding and growing means you’re going to face some consequences, there are going to be a ton of factors that will and try to slow you down. Some examples are the Zombies (DUHHHH), as you advance in levels more and more and more and more and more Zombies will start attacking you, this my friends will get very challenging to survive.

We understand there are other games out there resembling surviving a zombie apocalypse, we believe that we’re taking a truly different approach by attacking the mobile app store.

Our goal in developing this game is to make it unique but most importantly challenging, a feature we believe that is lost in the mobile app store. 

Later down the development stages we will be implementing the store which will give you exclusive power ups and other features to help keep these zombies off of you.

Right now we are in the beginning stages of developing this game, and the money we raise in this Kickstarter will be used to finish the development of the Circle of Life.

Oh we almost forgot, the reason why we chose the name Circle Of Life is for this reason. The Apocalypse hit which wiped out man kind (Except you of course), your job is to rebuild man kind by growing your village, cleansing the zombies and most importantly surviving. Until the next event that destroys the world occurs, hence our name the “Circle Of Life”

Risks and challenges

To fund a video game App it obviously brings some risk.

We’re going to hit problems in development that could end up pushing the release date back.. Things happen, our development team is very strong, but most importantly, communicates very well. We work well together since I’m the one who is currently testing each build.

Our goal is to make a game that people will enjoy on their devices, but most importantly play it. This goal wouldn’t change no matter what, which is why we’ve tried to collect as many beta testers as we can to help us get as much feedback as possible.

Our dream here at A & J Apps is to create an amazing video game app for users around the world. These established video game companies already have the money and the reputation to make these beautiful games. We know we have what it takes to become an established name in this market, the best part about it is you get to see first hand yourself, from the beginning.

We have experience in this kind of field since we already put out a successful app called GamingU. If there are any set backs (Knock on wood) we will push through them like we did before and we will make sure we produce a perfect product.

If you download GamingU you will notice t’s a pretty informative app, we had to figure out how to link 25,000+ video games into it. We accomplished that problem and created what our users are calling us the “Wikipedia” of video games.

Making a video game app is a difficult process filled with unknowns. Lots can go wrong. We’re a small team and it will still be possible to fail, even if we successfully kickstart, we just want you to know that.

Team: sometimes life can hit people in unexpected ways. Everyone on our team is necessary, so if extenuating circumstances prevent any individual from working on the game, the whole project will be at risk. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to eliminate this risk, without holding enough money in the bank so we can pay to replace someone, should some catastrophe occur.

Creative: Making games involves taking creative risks, and they don’t always pan out. You can lose time correcting from choices that don’t end up working as well in practice as you imagined they would. This is often why games go over budget and dates slip. We have a production plan in place that allows for a large amount of leeway prior to the actual date we’d like to ship. We know the creative process can take time, so we’re scoping in order to hit our dates.

Technical Risk: usually games can present enormous technical challenges. Our team will make sure that we will keep a close eye on day to day functions to make sure everything needed done is getting done but most importantly… correctly.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is our first step, or should we say a giant leap into achieving our goals and dreams


Contact Information:

Aj Picard - An active Gamer

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