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Jul 25, 2016 7:44 PM ET

Buckingham Primary School Playground Facelift – Our KS2 Playground needs a facelift – will you help us?

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2016

Buckingham Primary School Playground Facelift

A project by: Jane Butcher

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Our KS2 Playground needs a facelift – will you help us.

KS2 Playground Facelift.

Our playground is currently a tarmac rectangle.  Our children love to play but find the area boring. We want to give them physical challenges with gym equipment and basketball and netball courts, but we also want to give them a chance to chill out with friends in a shady area.

Buckingham Primary School

Buckingham Primary School is a large community primary school sited in the market town of Buckingham in North Buckinghamshire.  As well as being a primary school we have a nursery which caters for around 40 children a day, and also provide before and after school and holiday clubs 51 weeks of the year.

What We Want to Do.

Currently our KS2 playground is a rectangle of tarmac.  Every year we have some games and lines painted on but these fade over the course of the year.  Our children find the lack of stimulation boring.  We do have an area of grass where ball games can be played supervised but we need more activities to challenge and stimulate the children during break and lunch times.

How Will the Money be Spent?

We have a fantastic plan for our playground.

The children will have 7 items of gym equipment to increase their fitness.  These will be a double health walker, Thai Chi discs, double slalom skier, sky stepper, double strength challenger, arm and pedal machine and a double sit up bench.

There will be games marked on the playground – snakes and ladders, rocket hopscotch, hopscotch and a chessboard.

A netball and a basketball court will be marked, with a fence separating them which will have benches for children to sit and watch the matches and wait for friends.  Three way shooters will also be provided so that children can practice their ball shooting skills.

Finally there will be a shady canopy and maze seating so that those children who just wish to sit and chill with friends or read, have a quiet area in which to do so.

The cost of the whole project is £25,000 so the £14,000 will be used to fund all the equipment.

If more money is raised then we will use it for the rest of the project freeing up school funding for other resources – even providing similar equipment for our KS1 playground.


For any sponsors we get of £5 or over we will mention you in our weekly newsletter and also pledges of £10 you will be mentioned on our website.  That means that our parents and carers will get to hear about the wonderful people who are helping make this project a reality. 

Find us here 

Our school website is www.buckinghamprimary.com  and regular updates will be posted here.

Help us succeed

Our children think it is a great idea, the staff think it is a great idea – do you??

We need as many people as possible to be talking about our project. Everywhere you can think of! so if you think this is a good idea please share with everyone you know.


Contact Information:

Jane Butcher

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