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Jul 25, 2016 7:33 AM ET

Archived: 6th WFDYS Junior Camp 2017 – Crowdfunding for Developing Countries Deaf Youth/Leader: Support Deaf Youths from Developing Countries to participate the 6th World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section Junior Camp in Philip Island, Victoria, Australia on 11 April-17 April 2017

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6th WFDYS Junior Camp 2017 – Crowdfunding for Developing Countries Deaf Youth/Leader

By Vanessa Alford


A little bit of context

World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS) has three different youth camps being offered over four years- Children ( 10- 12 years old), Junior (13-17 years old) & Youth (18-30 years old). Deaf Youth Australia (DYA) has been successful in winning the bid to host Junior Camp in Philip Island on 11 April-17 April 2017.

This camp has HUGE benefit for Deaf Youths across the world as it includes leadership, networking, team building, lifelong friendship and FUN!

Auslan Video:

International Sign Video:

But there’s a problem

As WFDYS and DYA is not for profit organisation, they have tried to keep the registration cost low but unfortunately it still costs $595 per person to participate in the camp. This may be easy for some of the countries to fundraise in their own countries but this is not the case for Developing Countries, i.e. Fiji, Venezuela, Thailand etc. Not to forget- they also need to cover the flights, visa and insurance.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are determined to encourage more Developing Countries to form their own Deaf Youth Associations to educate more Deaf Youths about their Human Right, Leadership & Personal Developments. Hence, why we have formed this crowdfunding, we want to bring cover at least 5 Deaf Youths from Developing Countries to participate in the WFDYS Junior Camp along with their leader/s so that we can inspire them to work along with other Deaf Youths in their home nation to create their own Deaf Youths Association.

You can join us

It would cost us approximately AUD$1315-$3330 to cover the costs per youth. Here’s a basic price breakdown to give you some ideas.

Flight: $600 (Asia/Pacific Countries) – $2,500 ( Africa/South America Countries)

Registration: $595

Visa: $20-$135 (varies from country to country)

Insurance: $100

Total: $1,315-$3,330 per Deaf Youth.

We are hoping to bring at least 5 Deaf Youths which means it could be $16,650 at the most!

Are you able to help us to make some this happen please? Remember EVERY each dollar, pound, yuan, euro, rand, peso counts!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

All donators will receive AWESOME thank you e-card and photos from the 6th WFDYS Junior Camp upon completion of the camp.

Team Members

Vanessa Alford

Katrina Lancaster Maggs

Heidi Beasley-Ellich

Contact Information:

Vanessa Alford

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