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Jul 24, 2016 12:22 PM ET

Archived: Rin Models, the first modelling agency in Australia to solely represent black/dark-skinned models bringing a fresh new face to the world of modelling.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2016

Rin Models



Rin Models is the first modelling agency in Australia to solely represent black/dark-skinned models bringing a fresh new face to the world of modelling.

In the short time it has operated as a business it has made a significant impact in the modelling industry.


The founder and director of Rin Models is a young, driven entrepreneur, Juach Cyer Deng who is seeking financial support to enable the business to grow and flourish.


Rin Models is Juach’s first business venture. With his youthful energy, creativity, global thinking and genuine passion for business, the agency has developed a list of reputable industry connections. He is an impressive young man whose natural management skill and knowledge have resulted in the early success to date.


Two cousins Rin Dut and Juach Cyer forged the vision of the agency in 2014. Both were refugees from Kenya who came to Australia in 2004 with their families for a better life and future after escaping the war in South Sudan. In the process of developing the agency, Rin had a tragic accident and passed away in 2015. As a mark of respect for Rin, Juach decided to re-name the agency, Rin Models.


Juach is proud of the models who have joined his agency and genuinely considers them to be unique and having the potential to succeed not only in Australia but also on an international forum.

Rin Models philosophy is based on a commitment to the welfare and success of their models who aspire to modelling as a career not just a day job. The industry is fiercely competitive but Juach believes that building strong relationships with his models and clients is the best way to achieve long term success for the models and the business.


Rin Models has the potential to put Australia in the mix of countries with the top modelling international agencies by showcasing models that have grown up in the Australian culture and with a strong work ethic. Juach is confident of turning around the current lack of black/dark-skinned models on runways.


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The Challenges

Lack of funds is the main obstacle to allowing the business to expand. Bookings are growing but administration support is now crucial to dealing with the bookings. The plan is to raise funds for the first six months of trading through the generous help of others via Pozible.


Rin Models needs to build a solid brand recognition as the premier modelling agency representing dark skin models as we predict other agencies will see the need to have dark skin models on their books as well.


The concept of ‘noblesse oblige’ or with privilege, entails responsibility, is not new. By employing more dark skin models Juach is giving opportunities to models to enhance their careers. At present there have been few openings for these models. This is providing stimulation & encouragement within the African community. Juach is dedicated to helping his community as a spokesperson & role model.


Contact Information:

Juach Deng

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