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Jul 23, 2016 9:04 AM ET

Inspired Magazine – vol 2: A dream of shaking up modern day media by replacing negativity, political bickering and celebrity fluff with stories to uplift, engage and inspire

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 23, 2016

Inspired Magazine – vol 2


                                                                         Eg quote page, Inspired Magazine vol 2


Advertising options


                                                                               Eg Full page ad from vol 1


Reach a niche market direct by advertising in Inspired’s second print issue. You’ll be aligning your brand with one that seeks to do good. Check out the advertising options offered as ‘rewards’ on the right. For further inquiries, please contact Samille Mitchell at [email protected]


How advertising with Inspired could benefit your business:


Niche target market


As an advertiser you’ll reach a niche market direct. Unlike advertising in general media, you’ll be cutting through the general audience to directly reach educated people, mostly women, aged around 35 to 60. These people care about the world, its people and the natural environment. They are into personal development and growth. And many of them are striving to do their bit to improve our amazing world.


Long life span


Being a quality print magazine (at least 72 pages, perfect bound, heavy matte paper stock), Inspired’s lifespan is much longer than newspapers or radio – people will keep Inspired on their coffee tables for months and pass it around among friends.


Low cost


While our print run is small (min 500 – hopefully more), our costs are small compared with other media. You can get a full page advertorial (like an ad but with a story on you written like an Inspired story) for $1300. A full page ad costs $1000, half page costs $600 and a quarter page $400. All graphic design is free. The prices are more than last time as we’re now testing whether we can become a viable operation in the cut-throat publishing world. Gulp!


Feel good factor

You get the warm and fuzzy high (which rubs off on your business) of helping a start-up which seeks to do good in the world. That, and we’ll love you forever!


                                             Eg spread Inspired Magazine vol 2


Project timeline


Crowdfunding campaign – July 15 to August 30


Graphic design – September – October


Print – November


Distribution – early December (in time to stuff Christmas stockings).


                                                                     Eg spread from Inspired Mag vol 2


Stay up-to-date on the project


Visit the Inspired Facebook page and click the like button to receive updates on the crowdfunding. Or use the sign up form on the website ( to receive email updates and other Inspired stories.


                                                                         Eg quote page, Inspired Magazine vol 2


How The Funds Will Be Used

Producing magazines is bloody expensive! The funds will be used to pay for cost of printing the magazine.


1. Printing. Cost of printing 500 copies $7,768

2. Editing $1000


Total $8768


In the extremely awesome situation that we raise more than the target, any extra money raised will be used to print more copies of the magazine. Any money made from the sale of these extra copies will be split between our oh-so-fabulous graphic design Rhianna King and, me – Inspired’s founder, writer and everything else, Samille Mitchell. Fingers crossed. 

                                                                       Eg spread Inspired Magazine vol 2


The Challenges

1. Covering production costs. Printing on quality paper costs a truckload! But it’s what Inspired readers want. We want to be able to hold a physical product in our hands, something to treasure, to indulge in, to pass on to friends to inspire. 


2. Self doubt: Do people really want this? Is there really a place for inspirational stories? Do people say they want positivity but really love the doomsday stuff? These are all questions my inner critic is so apt at posing. Hopefully this campaign will provide some positive answers.


3. Spreading the word about this campaign. We’ll do this through a targeted email campaign, Facebook posts, media release distribution, website advertising and raving relentlessly to anyone we meet! Please help by sharing it among your friends too. 


                                                           Eg quote page Inspired Magazine vol 2

What next?



Check out the reward options on the right. Select one that suits you. Promote this campaign to anyone and everyone by sharing through social media. Thanks soooo much for your support – it’s enormously appreciated. Let’s hope we have a gorgeous magazine to you soon. xox


Contact Information:

Samille Mitchell

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