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Jul 22, 2016 6:01 PM ET

Archived: Kids in Solidarity raising money for Cotton On Foundation – students of St Mary’s Primary School in Dandenong stand in solidarity with their Sister School in Nteebezadugu, Uganda to provide the community with clean water

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2016

Kids in Solidarity

What is Social Justice? That is what the students of St Mary’s Primary School in Dandenong have endeavoured to understand. This has been discovered through solidarity with our Sister School in Nteebezadugu, Uganda. A 5 year old looks at a picture of a classroom in Uganda and notices the differences; “There are no walls”, “There are no books”, which stirs the question, why do I have books and they don’t?

It is a question that cannot be answered but as a community we want to help change. A year 6 student, Ellysia, said “Everyone needs clean water first so that’s what we should try to help them with.” Our Year Six Social Justice Leaders wanted to stand in solidarity with their Sister School and provide the community of Nteebezadugu with clean water.

Through raising money for Cotton On Foundation we could provide a water bore hole for the community of Nteebezadugu. However this is a big task for our community, St Mary’s in Dandenong. Together as a community we worked hard. Our school of 259 students who come from 48 different cultures held different fundraising campaigns to reach our target of $10,000. After 6 months of fundraising we raised $7,109.64. We are so proud of what we have achieved! However we need a little extra help to bring the dream of our Sister School, to have clean water, just like us. We need you to help us! Your donation will give a community much needed clean water but will also allow students at St Mary’s Primary School to understand that with hard work and determination, Social Justice can be achieved in our world, if we walk in solidarity together. 

How The Funds Will Be Used

The funds raised will be donated directly to Cotton On Foundation who will install the Water Bore Hole in the Community of Nteebezadugu.

The Challenges

We hope that our hard work will be actualised and we will continue to fundraise until the Community of Nteebezadugu has clean water. 



Contact Information:

Stephanie Meade

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