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Jul 22, 2016 10:10 AM ET

Archived: Amazing Heroes Wave 2 Super Hero Action Figures: Fresh Monkey Fiction is proud to announce Wave 2 of Amazing Heroes, our series of 4.5″ retro-inspired super hero action figures.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2016

Amazing Heroes Wave 2 Super Hero Action Figures

Fresh Monkey Fiction is proud to announce Wave 2 of Amazing Heroes, our series of 4.5″ retro-inspired super hero action figures.

About this project

“Transported to a strange world by a mysterious villain from beyond the stars, Earth’s most Amazing Heroes try to defend themselves from their fiercest enemies as they fight a hidden battle that could annihilate the universe.”

Just like that and thanks to over 300 amazing backers we funded Amazing Heroes Wave 1, our retro superhero action figure line, on Kickstarter back in late 2015. Wave 1 included classic Golden Age characters such as Black Terror, Golden Age Daredevil, Green Turtle and Stardust, along with more modern characters like Captain Action and Mike Allred’s Madman. 

It was such a huge success that we’re following it up with Amazing Heroes Series 2. 

Series 2 features another great line-up of 10 classic heroes and villains, including figures of Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s Nexus, Mike Grell’s Jon Sable, and a space age version of Mike Allred’s Madman. We’re super excited to offer all these characters, as this will be the 1st time many of them will be available in action figures form! 

Each retro-inspired Amazing Heroes figure stands 4.5″ tall and includes our popular interchangeable “Artist Edition” backer cards with art by Jamal Igle (Molly Danger, Supergirl), Simon Fraser (Doctor Who), Khoi Pham (X-Men), Dean Haspiel (The Red Hook), Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts), Will Rosado (G.I .Joe) and Mike Norton (BattlePug).

Amazing Heroes Series 2 includes:

Gifted with great power by the alien Merk, Horatio Hellpop is cursed with the task of eradicating mass murderers as Nexus. Hellpop continues his grim mission while serving as defender of the lunar refuge Ylum – and striving for a normal life. First appearance: Nexus #1 (1981)

Nexus was created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. Signed limted editions are also available.You can follow the further adventures of Nexus at www.rudedudeproductions.com

Jon Sable left his mercenary life behind—until his family was murdered. Whether in the jungle or the concrete canyons of the city, Sable is one of the most dangerous freelance guns for hire. First Appearance: Jon Sable, Freelance #1 (June 1983).

Jon Sable was created by Mike Grell. Signed limted editions are also available.

Madman is ready for anything the alien planet throws at him in his spiffy new cosmic outfit! When he gets a dose of the Stardust power, even the baddest of the bad are forced to turn tail and run! First Appearance: Madman Adventures #1 (1992).

Madman was created by Michael Allred and includes a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive Madman art created just for this figure. Signed limted editions are also available.

When astronomy professor Archie Masters was bathed in radiation from an Atom Smasher, it granted him flight, invulnerability, and super-strength! As American Crusader he brings his fight against evil to the front lines of World War II. First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #19 (Aug. 1941). 

American Crusader includes both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Khoi Pham (Mighty Avengers, X-men). Signed limited editions are also available.

Brad Spencer is the invulnerable Wonderman! His superstrength and invulnerability the product of an electrical accident, Wonderman uses his scientific prowess to fight crime the world over! First Appearance: Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1 (1945).

Wonderman includes both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Dean Haspiel (The Red Hook). Signed limited editions are also available.

Blackout is a Fifth Column foreign agent who wreaks havoc on American soil! Always striking during blackouts, he is a cunning and formidable foe of heroes everywhere. First Appearance:Uncle Sam Quarterly #8 (Fall 1943).

Backout includes both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Will Rosado (G.I. Joe, Bloodshot). Signed limited editions are also available.

The only thing known about The Puzzler is that, once, he was a down-on-his-luck man denied a reward for doing a good deed. With a keen mind and propensity for mind puzzles, he gives The Black Terror and Tim a mind-bending time with his outlandish crimes. First Appearance:America’s Best Comics #30 (Apr. 1949).

Puzzler includes both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Mike Norton (BattlePug, Revival). Signed limited editions are also available.

This army of henchmen is loyal to The Puzzler, the criminal mastermind who uses puzzles, riddles, and terrible puns during his crime spree. Handling one henchman is one thing: but handling an entire army another! First Appearance: America’s Best Comics #30 (Jan. 1949).

Puzzler’s Henchmen includes an interchangeable head as well as both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts). Signed limited editions are also available.

We are also offing a Puzzler’s Henchmen multiple figure reward in case you want to build an army of Henchmens! 

Andrew Bryant uses his wide array of superpowers, from energy bolts to super-strength, to fight enemies in the present day as Captain Future! His powers the result of an experiment, he takes on enemies like Dr. Bio, as well as the Black Dragon Society. First Appearance: Startling Comics #1 (June 1940).

Captain Future includes both a Golden Age backer card and a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Simon Fraser (Doctor Who). Signed limited editions are also available.

Little is known of the Chrometurion, except that he harnesses the power of the cosmos for his own purposes. Setting himself up as a god, Chrometurion serves none but himself. First Appearance: Fantastic Adventures #28 (unpublished 1937).

Chrometurion includes a Artist Edition backer card with exclusive art by Jamal Igle (Molly Danger). Chrometurion is ONLY available as a limited singed edition OR with the complete set of Amazing Heroes Series 2. 

The Amazing Heroes Series 2 Early Bird Set includes a Chrometurion super secret accessory (limited to 30 pcs). If you are interested in the super secret accessory please pledge early toThe Amazing Heroes Series 2 Early Bird Set reward. 

You can also get a full set of all 10 Amazing Heroes Series 2 figures. 

We are also offering The Amazing Heroes Series 2 Early Bird Set which includes a Chrometurion super secret accessory. This accessory is limited to 30 backers. So pledge early if want this special item. 

For Amazing Heroes Super Fan we have something more unique.

We have one-of-a-kind factory painted prototypes for each Amazing Heroes Wave 1 character. 

Want to see your own hero or villain made into an Amazing Heroes figure? Pledge to get your own custom creation, complete with a custom backer card featuring your own original artwork. Our Wave 1 backers, as you can see, got some pretty amazing figures made.

You can also learn more about the heroes from Amazing Heroes Wave 1 in the Amazing Heroes Handbook Volume 1. 

This 100 page volume is available as a digital .pdf. 

Create your own Amazing Hero with the Blank Slate customizing figure.


Each Amazing Heroes figure includes collector friendly packaging, that allows you to safely remove your figure and swap out your interchangeable backer card.


We are very particular about the quality and high standards of Amazing Heroes. If you are curious about the quality of Amazing Heroes, click the links below to see some of the fantastic reviews and images of Amazing Heroes Wave 1.

Amazing Heroes image from ToyArk.com
Amazing Heroes image from ToyArk.com

Toy Ark
MWC Toys 
The Fwoosh 
It’s All True

Limited quantities of Wave 1 Figures and both Golden Age and Artist Edition backer cards are still available at the Fresh Monkey Fiction online store


If we reach 50k we’ll unlock a Stretch Goal for the mysterious Black Bat.  You’ll be able to add him on to your order for $20.00

More stretch goals are planned….stay tuned.


For add-on items, simply add the additional funds to your existing pledge level!

For example, if you pledge for a Wonderman figure and you ALSO want the Nexus figure, simply add the $20 to your existing Wonderman pledge.

You can add any amount to your pledge at anytime throughout the campaign. Please review each reward level as it will say if an item is available as an ADD ON.  It’s important to note that if you want to pledge to a Limited Reward, please pledge to that Reward 1st before you ADD ON any additional ADD ON rewards.

We’ve set up an Amazing Heroes Pledge Calculator (Google Sign-In required) to help you calculate what your total pledge amount including Add-Ons.

International backers –  The Amazing Heroes Pledge Calculator will also calculate discounted international shipping for Add-Ons beyond your initial pledge.

If you have any other questions about Add-Ons please don’t hesitate to ask just email us at freshmonkeyfiction@gmail.com

Once the campaign is over you’ll be able to select your rewards via our BackerKit survey. You’ll be able to add and pay for additional Add-Ons at this time as well!



We’ll be using BackerKit to manage this campaign once the Kickstarter is over. BackerKit is a service outside of Kickstarter which provides a more powerful survey feature than what Kickstarter provides. It allows you to manage your pledge even after the campaign ends. Registering with BackerKit will be a requirement for all backers in order for us to better manage your order. If you do not want to register with BackerKit please do not pledge to this campaign. 

As this campaign has many Rewards and Add Ons we’ve set up an Amazing Heroes Pledge Calculator to help you calculate what your total pledge amount should be. If you have any questions regarding BackerKit please let us know.

Please note some of the estimated delivery dates on wave 2 items are wrong. We plan on filling orders for Wave 2 figures in July/August 2017. Wave 2 Signed Editions will follow in September. Other items will be fulfilled earlier. 

Thanks again for supporting Amazing Heroes. We welcome any feedback you want to send our way. Please check the F.A.Q. section below for answers to any questions you might have. You can always contact us anytime as well.


Bill Murphy, Fresh Monkey Fiction

Please note: All the product images shown throughout the Kickstarter are prototypes  We will strive to produce a finished product that meets or exceeds the quality of these approximations, but please understand that the final product is subject to change.

Risks and challenges

No project of this size is without risk. This biggest challenge will be to meet our deadlines and remain on schedule. Even though we have the support of our reliable production partners, we will be doing our production overseas. To ensure the best products possible and meet the standards that our fans expect, we want to make sure we give ourselves enough time to engage and communicate with our manufacturers. Communication with our backers is equally important to us, because without your support, this project would not be possible. Our goal is to keep our backers informed as often as we can, and keep them up-to-date on any potential changes along the way.


Contact Information:

Bill Murphy

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