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Jul 21, 2016 12:32 PM ET

Archived: Show Us Ya Cups, a series of short documentaries, from TreadwiseMedia, an entertainment media experiment that creates podcast, blog, film and creative events

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2016

Show Us Ya Cups – A Documentary

TreadwiseMedia is an entertainment media experiment which started truly taking form from January 2016. Originally created podcast, blog, film and creative events.


The projects undertaken thus far have all been a great success. Learning through action has been our moto and we have a great catalogue of material created and ready for our audience. We have proven to ourselves and our superfans that we can deliver.



We our now ready to be more bold and ambitious with Show Us Ya Cups. A series of short documentaries.  They will be humourous, querky, will introduce new characters (which you could play…) and bring some rock’n’roll to the sustainable living movement. 

How The Funds Will Be Used

This project requires alot of time in three key roles. Directing, Producing and Promoting. The funds will primarily support those entrusted with these roles.


Show Us Ya Cups also requires a tremendous amount of community engagement.  With a crew stressing about whether or not they will pay their bills, the quality of content, the trust given by those who take the risk to participate and the audience we reach will all be of an inferior standard.


The funds will cover the fundamentals.  This shall allow freedom for our crew to do what they do best.  Create and share. 


The Challenges

The primary concern is that without adequate finance, each element of the production will take a blow.  Covering basic costs including transport, catering, marketing and distribution is a must.  Strong crew morale and a focus on quality content is our desire. 


We want to be able to celebrate with our crowd-funders along the way and wrap with a world class production.  All such duties requiring time and enthusiasim.  Burnt out creatives are about as fun as diabetes. 


Contact Information:

Andrew Scott

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