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Jul 21, 2016 1:42 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2016


50 Freekin Tikis Adult Coloring Book & Stickers

50 Freekin Tikis – An Adult Coloring Book Best Served With Rum

 Hi! I’m Lizzie, and this is my project. 

As an artist/pinstriper/designer, I tend to give myself challenges every few months in order to grow and expand my skill sets. Back in January, I decided that I wanted to get better and faster at drawing tikis since so many of my pinstriping/lowbrow art clients had been asking for them. With me being obsessed with them as I am, I felt it would help me grow to draw 100 of them in a bristol pad I had.  I got through them, then tossed the entire book back in the drawer and forgot about it other than to periodically dig through for reference for another project.

The original pile
The original pile

Fast forward to the last week of June, a sign painting friend of mine from CO swung by my house on his way back home from a Walldog meet. We were digging through my art supplies and he spotted the sketchbook and said “Hey, you should put those in a coloring book”. After a few days of thinking about it, I figured it was a pretty fun idea and started redrawing and finessing a selection of the original 100 as well as adding new ones. 

The current pile
The current pile

This kickstarter would fund the up front costs associated with the printing of 500 of the 9″ x 12″ coloring books, as well as a run of 2 different sticker designs (different tiki designs from the book) as well as shipping all pre-orders as well as the kickback to kickstarter for letting me do this. I did not add any additional cost to pay myself, as I’ve figured in an amount that should leave me with enough books to sell and get another round/pay myself a small wage for the creation of the book.

If by some glorious miracle that we pass the original funding goal, the excess money will be used to make the books even better (Like with spiral binding!) or buy more sticker designs. 

One of my hand painted flasks!
One of my hand painted flasks!

I’m a Graphic Designer and Web Developer by trade, so I’ll be saving quite a bit of money by preflighting and setting up the book myself, as well as being able to build out my business website to accommodate further sales of the book.  

Also, as a pinstriper and artist, I’ll be available at different car shows during the summer and fall to sell these in person at my booth. (And paint tikis on folks cars too!)  I have no shortage of available places to sell these books, but I do need assistance in getting the initial runs printed. They are the perfect addition to my inventory, as I already hand paint tikis on flasks, vases, panels, and anything else I can get my hands on. 

A couple vases I hand Painted.
A couple vases I hand Painted.

My long term plan is to do a follow up of this book to finish out the sequence of 100 Tikis I drew, close to Christmas. 

Thank you SO SO Much for being a part of this, I’m incredibly excited to get this going, and I appreciate every single one of you that contributes, shares, or has checked out my project. <3

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