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Jul 20, 2016 6:02 PM ET

Archived: Trax Program Support Norway: Support this farm project to breed small ruminat (goats) for a scholarship scheme aimed at brigh, junior high school students from needy homes in northern Ghana

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016

Farm to support scholarship scheme

By Trax Program Support Norway


Support this farm project to breed small ruminat (goats) for a scholarship scheme aimed at brigh, junior high school students from needy homes in northern Ghana.

Trax Program Support Norway Bergen, Hordaland Fylke, Norway



In two separate primary schools in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Aminata and Osman, both Junior High School kids, have just received their scholarship packages. These kids, identified as being the brightest among their peers, face a bleak prospect of getting through basic education. They belong to communities in a region where poverty has a stranglehold on households and the society as a whole.

What we’ve done until now

‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’-Benjamin Franklin

Over the years, Trax Ghana has developed special programs to support talented young people in this region. Rather than cash awards, the small ruminants (goats) scholarship is a scheme, where beneficiaries receive three female (nanny) goats for rearing. The existence of communally owned male goats ensures breeding, and the rolling goats (offspring) can be sold to generate cash. Manure production is currently the most important agricultural output from keeping goats especially in rural farming communities. The beneficiary households will have access to cheap manure for organic crop and vegetable production.

Help us expand the vision

The intention is to roll the scholarship scheme over to cover more schools in the region, and to get schools involved in establishing similar schemes. Currently, Trax Ghana buys the (scholarship) nannies on the open market, limiting the number of recipients. To avoid the scheme being dependent on continuous external support, which conflicts with our operational core values, we plan to set up a breeding, training and demonstration farm. The farm will:

  1. Breed small ruminants (goats) to support scholarship scheme for individuals and schools
  2. Serve as education center for individuals, schools and communities
  3. Explore hitherto un-utilized small ruminant resources, such as goat milk

We intend to raise a total of about USD30 000 towards this project, and invite you to join in sharing our vision of guaranteeing basic education to young talents irrespective of their parental heritage. Realizing the potential impact of our vision, we have received in-kind support from the communities in the form of free labor to help build the farm. We ask that you support us by donating to this initiative. Visit www.facebook.com/traxnorway for more information.

Making Impact

It’s about empowering the youth and making them responsible partners in changing their own destiny.

In April 2016, Trax Ghana, in partnership with the British School of Brussels Charity, presented 120 goats to 40 talented needy students at Dachio, Zuarungu-Moshie, Duusi and Gaare-Gbani basic schools in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This has developed a long-term income generation opportunities for the students, to help cover costs of school uniforms and other school items.This is the type of impact we expect to amplify to cover more students and schools.

2016 Scholarship recipients at Duusi Junior High School (Upper East Region)

2016 Scholarship recipients at Duusi Jnr High School (Upper East Region)

Team Members

Sam Subbey


Raphael Adobor


Vincent Subbey

Contact Information:

Sam Subbey

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