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Jul 20, 2016 5:24 PM ET

Archived: Slater Endoscopy produces and markets the Ensizor® scissors. It is alone in the exploding field of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeries.

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Slater Endoscopy

Miami Lakes, FL 33014, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

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Slater Endoscopy produces and markets the Ensizor® scissors. It is alone in the exploding field of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeries. These curative procedures are the least invasive treatments for Cancers of the Esophagus, Stomach and Colon

SLATER ENDOSCOPY was founded by Charles Slater and John Starkey. Mr. Slater is mostly unknown compared to the myriad of important med-devices that he has invented, developed and sold into the medical market. With former partner Kevin Smith in ’88 they started a company called Symbiosis. Mr. Slater and K. Smith conceived and manufactured the very first single-use Biopsy Forceps for Boston Scientific, called the “Radial Jaw”®. In 2009 this product, in its original design, passed $1B in sales. Mr. Slater also designed and manufactured all of J&J Ethicon’s first disposable Laparoscopic instruments. Symbiosis was sold in 1992 and the WSJ called it “the largest sale of a private med-device company in history”. Mr. Slater says the Ensizor is his most important idea and “it’s superlative in its simplicity and performance”. Slater Endoscopy has developed a new type of scissors that Surgeons will love as its use grows in many types of minimally invasive surgeries: The Ensizor® flexible endoscopic scissors.

Products / Services

ENSIZOR® Flexible Endoscopic Scissors

Slater Endoscopy founders have done it again! The Ensizor flexible endoscopic Scissors is the first example of a New Type of surgical scissors. Today a performance standard for all flexible endoscopic scissors has been set! This single-use device is growing in its use and will eventually be used in millions of future endoscopic surgeries via its remarkable performance, user feel & feedback, positional control and dissecting ability. Slater Endoscopy is now marketing the first model, a non-cautery Ensizor and will be followed by a cautery capable model in Q3 2017. The Ensizor is receiving rave reviews on quality and performance from every doctor that has used it. To date it has been used in Bariatric surgeries, Bariatric Mitigation surgeries and Lung Transplant surgery. The Cautery Ensizor will bring uses in Endoscopic Mucosal Resections, Polypectomies, Esophageal procedures and many other procedures. The Ensizor endoscopic scissors are the next evolutionary step for surgical scissors!



Chief Executive Officer
Charles Slater

Charles SlaterThe founder, Charles Slater, has a notable career in the Med Device industry. In his second year of college he took a job at Cordis Corporation as an entry level technician working on an extrusion line making the famous line of “Cordis” Angiographic Diagnostic Catheters. While working at Cordis Mr. Slater and friend Kevin Smith had a product idea which their Cordis bosses turned down. They procured from the then CEO Norm Weldon, a secret allowance to own this idea free and clear because “Norm appreciated our youthful enthusiasm”! “To work we went, after hours of course!” Two years later with 510k in hand they sold their first product to Cordis for $800k! After 4 additional years they sold Symbiosis for $175MM to AHP (Wyeth). Mr. Slater has 105 issued patents with many pending and has since founded a number of Med- device companies. His successes in IP follow with an unusually high percentage of his patents being incorporated in products with a long life in their respective markets

Executive Vice President Manufacturing/Production
John Starkey

John StarkeyCo-Founder John Starkey is a medical device professional with business, operations, product development and regulatory experience across numerous medical device markets. He has been the Co-Founder of two medical device start-up companies and has been employed with large global medical device companies such as Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson. His career started on the technical side providing services for tool design and fabrication and progressed to product development and manufacturing engineering positions. His technical and business skills provided an early entry into numerous technical and business leadership positions.


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Charles Slater or John Starkey

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