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Jul 20, 2016 8:31 AM ET

Archived: GreenCoinX Inc. has developed the world’s first and only cryptocurrency requiring user identification.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016


Location: Toronto, Ontario Sector: Financial Services
GreenCoinX Inc. has developed the world’s first and only cryptocurrency requiring user identification. GreenCoinX meets the same “Know Your Customer” (KYC) identification standards as the banking community, and makes the promise of cryptocurrency a reality by alleviating concerns that crooks and terrorists can use cryptocurrency to hide their activities. The GreenCoinX ecosystem enables users to open a free online wallet, complete free online KYC identification, and trade GreenCoinX using an affiliated  commission free online exchange. GreenCoinX Inc owns 60 million GreenCoinX digital coins with a current market value of approximately CAD$90,000,000. The GreenCoinX blockchain is based on identification and has many potential commercial applications.


Business Documents

MG cp Summary
MG cp Summary
  • Unique Cryptocurrency – GreenCoinX (XGC) is the first and only cryptocurrency that requires KYC user identification, and this can be done quickly and simply online.
  • Government Support – The first country in the world to welcome any cryptocurrency is the Isle of Man, which jointly did a press release with GreenCoinX including positive comments from the Chief Minister (Prime Minister) and Minister of Economic Development. XGC can be modified to comply with jurisdictional needs.
  • Easy to Use – Sending or receiving XGC can use email addresses or cellphone numbers…no complex 26 characters to memorize. Passwords are personal phrases in any language…easy to remember and hard to hack. Online wallet is easy to use for consumers and businesses.
  • Secure and Free Online Exchange – Converting XGC into fiat currency with no commission cost can be completed worldwide with clients funds held securely by a Swiss fiduciary
  • Currency Stability Provides Transactional Certainty – GreenCoinX Treasury function will keep currency volatility to an acceptable daily level of 5% changes, while facilitating long term appreciation.
  • Blockchain Longevity is assured for 145 years providing comfort that GreenCoinX is a long term currency – The non-profit Digital Foundation, headed by the former Vice Chairman of Gateway, will provide miner incentive rewards for the forseeable future, and ensure blockchain longevity.
  • Capital Appreciation Potential – GreenCoinX owns 60 million XGC
  • GreenCoinX Blockchain is based on identity not anonymity – Potential revenue stream for using the GreenCoinX Blockchain for FinTech purposes

Danny Wettreich, CEO

Danny is co-founder of GreenCoinX. He has more than 40 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, and management of publicly traded companies. He is a director and CEO of GreenBank Capital Inc, a Toronto based merchant bank.

Nilam Doctor, President & Chief Technology Officer

Nilam is co-founder of GreenCoinX and the lead software developer. Previously he was owner of Hitarth Consultants, a software consultancy firm based in India and focused on web based projects and digital currency.

Alan Molloy is CEO of the European division of GreenCoinX which is responsible for the worldwide treasure operations of XGC. He is based in the GreenCoinX offices in Douglas, Isle of Man. He was previously the managing director of the international services of Duncan Lawrie, a British private bank.

Joe Devich is Vice President of Product Development. He is based in the GreenCoinX offices in Dallas, Texas, USA. He was previously a partner of Newport Board Group, a professional management services firm, and he has been President of five different startup technology companies.

Paul Cullingham is Vice President of Regulatory Compliance. He is a director, vice president and chief compliance officer of GreenBank Capital Inc and its licensed investment banking subsidiary. He has been in the investment industry since 1986 specializing in the financial and resource sectors.

Contact Information:

Danny Wettreich

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