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Jul 20, 2016 2:47 PM ET

Archived: DxNow, Inc – Combining novel portable bio-imaging systems with microfluidic-based consumables, our products address applications in male fertility, forensics, renal dialysis, cancer, hematology, infectious disease, and life science research

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016

DxNow, Inc.

Worcester, MA 01605, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Founded in 2013, DxNow is leveraging exclusively licensed proprietary technologies developed in the Demirci BAMM Labs at Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Stanford University School of Medicine.

Combining novel portable bio-imaging systems with microfluidic-based consumables, our products address applications in male fertility, forensics, renal dialysis, cancer, hematology, infectious disease, and life science research.

Our first products, FERTILE™ and FERTILE PLUS™, are centrifugation-free sperm sorting slides for human reproductive endocrinology applications. CE registered, they are now being sold in Europe. We are also working with key veterinary market opinion leaders to validate utility in animals. The FERTILE and FERTILE PLUS market exceeds $1 Billion.

Providing a method for rapid processing of sexual assault evidence, our Next Generation Differential Extraction (NGDE™) system will enable significant reductions in casework backlogs. More than 840,000 cases annually worldwide involve sexual assault. Evidence processing requires separation of the victim’s cells (epithelial) from the perpetrator’s cells (sperm) and requires time-consuming selective cell lysis, centrifugation and separation into female and male DNA fractions (a process known as differential extraction). Differential extraction has been identified by the USDOJ as a major bottleneck in processing sexual assault samples. Currently, differential extraction involves a labor-intensive 6 to 8 hour process. With our NGDE system, the process will be reduced to under 2 hours and require just 15 minutes of technician time.

With no sample prep required, DxNow’s technology can identify and quantify targets ranging in size from eukaryotic cells to molecular analytes (proteins, toxins, drugs, etc.) within a broad dynamic range. Offering performance similar to qRT-PCR, the platform is significantly more sensitive than ELISA. Additionally, there are benefits in cost, speed, logistics, as well as the ability to automate for high throughput applications or configure as a portable, battery-operated system for remote or POC utility. The total market for current and future products exceeds $31 Billion.

Products / Services

FERTILE™ Sperm Sorting Chip

FERTILE is a flow and chemical-free microfluidic “chip” having an inlet chamber connected to an outlet collection chamber by a microfluidic channel. Sperm are sorted by the separation of the inefficient poor swimmers from the healthy motile sperm. In use, semen is injected into the inlet chamber. Prior to semen injection, the chambers and channels are filled with medium. The chip is then placed in an incubator. During incubation, the sperm swim within the channel toward the collection chamber. Sperm exhibiting poor motility are exhausted and do not reach the collection chamber. Both channel length and incubation timing are optimized for maximum sorting efficiency. The product is designed to deliver the sorted sperm at the appropriate concentration and volume for ICSI.

FERTILE PLUS™ Sperm Sorting Cartridge

FERTILE PLUS is a centrifugation-free and flow-free dual chambered fluidic cartridge that mimics the natural sorting that occurs in the vaginal mucosa environment. The first chamber contains a sample inlet and channels separated from the second collection chamber by a microporous membrane. No prior treatment of the semen sample is required before addition to the inlet chamber.



Chief Executive Officer
William T. Sharp

Three decades of executive, general management, business development, sales, marketing, and technology commercialization experience in career spanning private venture-backed businesses, mid-size, and Fortune 100 public companies in the medical device, diagnostics, and life science tools and services markets. Bill has served in senior leadership roles with five venture-backed companies – as CEO of CYTOO, Inc. & ArunA Biomedical, CCO of BioProcessors Corporation (acquired by Seahorse Biosciences), SVP Business Development of Cellomics (acquired by Fisher International), and VP Business Development of Gentra Systems (acquired by Qiagen). Earlier career includes leadership roles with Life Technologies, General Manager of Terumo Medical, VP of Sales and Marketing at Heraeus Instruments and roles of increasing responsibility within the diagnostics business of Baxter Healthcare and a medical device subsidiary of Eli Lilly. Earned M.S. and B.A. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University.

Director Development
Stephen Ilsley

Seasoned product development leader with three decades in research, development, commercialization and marketing of instruments, reagents, assay kits and consumables. Began career at Collaborative Research, a leading supplier of specialty tools for cell culture research. Following acquisition by BD, was Sr. R&D and Business Team Leader responsible for commercializing hundreds of successful products. Awarded Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Technology Innovation Excellence Award for his development of a unique device for measurement of cancer cell metastatic activity.

After BD, joined IDEXX Labs, a veterinary diagnostics company, as Group Leader, Rapid Assay Immuno-diagnostic R&D. Following IDEXX, moved to Life Technologies as Sr. Product Mgr. with global responsibility for chemiluminescent reagents, assay kits, immunodetection products & imaging instrumentation. Most recently, was Applications Marketing Manager at Xcellerex (GE Healthcare). Earned B.A. Biology, Northeastern University.

Director Business Development
Richard J. Rau

With three decades of sales, sales management, business development, basic research and product development, experience spans venture-backed businesses, mid-size, and Fortune 500 public companies in the medical device, diagnostics, and life science tools and services markets. Jay’s venture-backed experience includes most recent role as Director of Business Development for Spartan Bioscience where he established global distribution channels while engaged in initiation and direction of collaborative partnerships. Previous experience includes 14 years with Gentra Systems (acquired by Qiagen) where he held all sales records, Sequenom, and Pall Corporation. During his early career, Jay gained basic research and product development experience at Kallestad (Danaher – Beckman Coulter), the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota. Earned a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


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Chief Executive Officer - William T. Sharp

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