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Jul 20, 2016 10:05 AM ET

Archived: Celebrities and fans, connected through their favorite charities: With Celebagrams, fans can buy authentic digital goods like personalized videos and signed selfies from their favorite cultural icons. With every purchase, those celebrities are raising funds for the charitable causes they hold dear.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2016


Celebrities and fans, connected through their favorite charities.


Connects celebrities to their adoring fans through worthy charitable causes, all through the device everyone already uses. 

With Celebagrams, fans can buy authentic digital goods like personalized videos and signed selfies from their favorite cultural icons. With every purchase, those celebrities are raising funds for the charitable causes they hold dear.

Celebagram’s unique process and proprietary algorithm makes digital memorabilia technically sophisticated enough to edge in on the $1 billion autographed memorabilia market in the US. Fans get one-of-a-kind experiences, celebrities make charitable contributions with far less effort and charities get much-needed fundraising capabilities.

With athletes like Kyle Boller and Andruw Jones plus charities like Habitat for Humanity already on board, Celebagrams has already started to shift the memorabilia landscape.


Today’s fans have unprecedented access to the celebrities they love through Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat.

And celebrities love the exposure, often using it to raise awareness for their favorite charities or causes.

But the connections made through social media are shallow, at best: it’s nearly impossible for celebs to create any meaningful connection with fans through those platforms.

And when it comes to the causes those celebrities support, awareness is often all they can raise.

Celebagrams is a new kind of celebrity platform: one that rewards everyone involved with precisely what they’re looking for.



Celebagrams uses a unique process to connect charities, celebrities and fans.


Sam is the father of a very enthusiastic nine-year-old Atlanta Falcons fan who happens to have a birthday coming up. Sam wants to do something very special for his son’s tenth birthday.

Enter Celebagrams.

Through Celebagrams, Sam gets a digitally personalized selfie from Falcons star Chris Redman, who was campaigning to provide proceeds toward Habitat for Humanity’s latest project.

It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s game-changing.





With Celebagrams, every piece of digital memorabilia is automatically assigned a fair market value, thanks to our unique process and proprietary algorithm that’s powered similar to dynamic reverse auction that takes place on our platform.

This way celebrities can be appropriately compensated for their time while having the ability to provide for their favorite charitable causes.

Let’s say a celebrity knows she’ll be free to sign some autographs at noon. All she has to do is log in to Celebagrams, define the quantity of what task she would like to provide, and hit post. Users following the celebrity will be notified, thus powering the algorithm to determine the market value for each individual personalized video or signed selfie.


She then freely is able to fulfill all, or some of services populated in the task list. Once completed a defined percentage of revenue is then pushed to the selected charitable cause.   

Meanwhile, we document every single interaction between the celebrity and our charities to simplify tax information. We even give managers and agents complete control to approve or deny every piece of content that filters through our system.

And that’s the key: we handle everything. Imagine how many steps would be involved in the process accomplishing all that the old-fashioned way.

Charities have a single goal that encompasses their every action: raise funds to support a cause. With Celebagrams, they get a platform that offers better results with less effort. They simply post their causes on the Celebagram platform, and celebrities can browse the projects to choose which to support.

Of course, fans love us, too: how else can you get autographed memorabilia from the hottest stars on the planet without leaving your living room?

Charities and celebrities have long been an awkward but loving marriage. There’s no end to the number of well-meaning celebrities who love the opportunity to use their position to give back to the communities that have given them so much.

Now, it’s easier than ever to give back, and to put an ocean-sized smile on fans’ faces in the process.


Celebagrams announced the soft launch of our website in January, with beta testing and full launch (including the availability to purchase) expected in summer 2016.

We’ve already got some pretty big names on board. As we ramp up to the launch, our partners are with us every step of the way.

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support of our wonderful partners, and we know we’ll do great things with their help. In the $50 billion celebrity endorsement market, it’s time for a digital revolution. Celebagrams is here to make that happen.

Want to hear more about the Celebagrams opportunity? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how you can get involved!


Mark O’Brien, Founder & CEO
Mark is a serial entrepreneur who created his first business, O’Brien Property Management, in 1998, before founding recycling transportation company Greenwaste Solutions, Inc. Both were tremendously successful ventures: the property management company saw 300 percent growth over its first three years, and Greenwaste continues to function and is a nearly debt-free company. Mark also co-founded KoinRaise in 2013, which is still active today.

Charles Snell, Director of Application Development
Charles is the founder of AppMyNetwork, the former lead developer for Wheels, Inc., Senior Software Engineering Consultant for AggData, Senior Technical Consultant for Yodlee… the list goes on and on. Charles is remarkably experienced in mobile application development for both iOS and Android.

Chris Vaughan, CLO
Chris has served as the Executive VP and CFO of The Rock Ministries, Inc., as Executive VP for First Title Corporation and as President of Northside Title and Abstract Company. He specializes in business information, construction and contracts.

Russell Franklin, COO
Russell is a Navy vet and graphic artist with a focus on UI/UX. He has deep experience in brand development and market.

Rich Blaske, Lead Developer
Rich’s expertise stretches across JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, XML, HTML5 and much, much more.

Wes Montgomery, Graphic Artist
Wes is the owner of Locust Years Illustrator and Graphic Designer for Illusive Apparel, LLC and Raw Talent.

Chris Redman, Brand Ambassador
Chris is a former NFL player with a passion for the Celebagram mission. He’ll act as company representative and recruiter.

Contact Information:

Mark O'Brien, Founder & CEO

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