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Jul 19, 2016 4:24 PM ET

Archived: Out Of Warranty Inc – Over the years we’ve serviced more than 100,000 devices with both corporate clients and individual customers. If its mobile, we can fix it.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 19, 2016

Out Of Warranty Inc

Out Of Warranty’s 2nd Campaign

Newburgh, NY




Hello again Kickfurther Community! This will be our 2nd offering on this amazing platform and we couldn’t be more excited! Our first offer was paid back early, in full! With this offer, we will be sure to over deliver again, that is just who we are! 

Over the years we’ve serviced more than 100,000 devices with both corporate clients and individual customers. If its mobile, we can fix it. Phones can be dropped off at our locations or mailed in. If OOW cant fix it, there is no sense in going to anyone else! Our team is second to none. 


About Out Of Warranty Inc


Chances are we’ve all gone through it at some point or another — we lose our grip on our cell phone and watch it tumble into a sink full of water or a toilet, crack the screen on the pavement or tile floor, or a variety of other kinds of damage. If your phone is brand new, typically there’s no problem — just send it in and let your warranty cover the repair or replacement. If your phone is slightly older, though, or your warranty has already expired, that’s when trouble sets in.

At Out of Warranty, we have acknowledged the need for cell phone repair on iPhones and phones that aren’t ready to be tossed out just yet, but that need repairs to function properly. 

We can handle the following:

  • Water damage

  • Electrical problems 

  • Charging port repair 

  • Headphone jack repair

We can even obtain replacement parts for your phone. In many instances, we can also handle repairing tablets, laptops, and other electronics. Don’t throw that phone away—repair it instead! Contact us at 845-363-6459 for more assistance or to find a repair center near you.

At Out of Warranty, we take pride in our repair of your electronics. Our experienced team of technicians has been fixing cell phones for more than 10 years. In that time, we have branched out to repair a wide variety of manufacturers and models. 


About the owner


About the owner:

Corey Kravetsky is the President of OOW and has served in that position since its incorporation. Prior to that, she served as Vice-President of SellNet LLC from 2007 until December 2009. Having had experience in the cellular industry, and being a mom of three, she saw how the world evolved and the need for cellular repair was growing. With this knowledge and experience, she knows how important and time sensitive it is to get re-connected to the world, she helped start Out of Warranty. Communication is our way of life. 

Corey obtained a teaching degree with a specialization in Special Education, and was in the field for over 10 years before making the transition over to the entrepreneurial world.

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We are funding here a verity of replacement phone parts to help us repair smart phones and reconnect people to their daily routines (reconnect them to life)



Contact Information:

Corey Kravetsky

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