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Jul 19, 2016 7:29 AM ET

Archived: Koegler Electronics – rare and exceptional even challenging investment and economic development opportunity

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 19, 2016

Koegler Electronics

Taipei, 22123, Taiwan, Province Of China

Rare and exceptional even challenging investment and economic development opportunity. It concerns a full concept products and services for enterprises and prosumers in the information technology mainly based on electronics hardware and its specific customized software.

This “Apple / IBM alliance for enterprise services” potential challenging venture (even we focus on more high end niches but largely worth US$ 5+ Bn) is based on our bigger still very handy 17″ tablet like mobile computer and even PC-TV. Target in 3 to 5 years 1000 jobs and Rev US$ 1 Bn with at least 25% net.

This venture is needing to complete all the engineering like work already done and largely worth US$ 10 M another but last US$ 10 M funding, only as inventory working capital for our in-house ready manufacturing easy to relocate where wished, to reach its profitability in less then ONE year. Loan, equity or hybrid, all is possible.

Risks and chances of this opportunity:
Please check following BUT only on a decent big screen device like desk monitor or at least over 13″ laptop.

For more, please get in touch ideally over a Skype call after a basic exchange per mail here or over my profiles Fb / Li or to 4koegler at gmail com

About the team, about 20 experts but as a virtual team, all have their day job and don’t add to the burning rate of the company. The found is of course dedicated to 120 hours/week 😛 and 12 months a year, but is not employed neither, nor get any wage, current life paid by dividends from stocks long hold from a successful “fruity” competitor but also and either a mentor 😛

About funding type, we are open from debt with payback in only one year to mid term debt, equity, convertible debt, hybrid equity and debt etc.

About execution of the operations: we are free to relocate following funders wishes (legal assets protection) or for taxes optimization in our common interest.


Products / Services

Powerful Enterprise Mobile 17″ LCD PC-TV and Services




Managing Director Executive Officer
Bruno Koegler


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Managing Director Executive Officer - Bruno Koegler

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