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Jul 19, 2016 8:00 AM ET

Archived: BREEZERS INC. produces a patent pending product called “BREEZESTRIPS”tm. Breezestrips attach to ceiling fan blades and HVAC, and clean the air of dust, allergens, odor, germs, and can also disperse bug repellent and changed monthly or more.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 19, 2016


Sarasota, FL 34240, US

BREEZERS INC., produces a patent pending product called “BREEZESTRIPS”tm. Breezestrips attach to ceiling fan blades and HVAC, and clean the air of dust, allergens, odor, germs, and can also disperse bug repellent and changed monthly or more.

The company “BREEZERS INC., tm, is a newly formed company. The partner company is WES Industry Inc (WES) that is a 30 year old engineering, design, and manufacturing company that specializes in product development and commercialization. WES has been involved in product development for its customers for 30 years that include GE, Siemens, Honeywell, and others. The Breezestrips-tm patent pending product developed by WES. The decision was made to spin this product out and set it up in a separate company. The Company will produce and sell our new retail products called “BREEZESTRIPS” tm. The Company has obtained 4 patent pending approved filings on the product and methodology of the application. BREEZESTRIPS attaches to the ceiling fan blades in the home, commercial, medical, and industrial. BREEZESTRIPS tm attach to the ceiling fan blades or HVAC and can collect dust, disperse microbial chemical, bug repellent, or air fresheners on disposable pads. The technology utilizes the rotation of the fan to create the contact between the air and pad for additional static “cling” and the dust sticks to the disposable pads much like a fan normally collects dust on its blades. The Breezestrips are disposable and you replace them monthly or as needed. The company will be first to market and unique as there is nothing on the market that utilizes this technology or idea so we have been successful in patenting the product that utilizes the rotation of the fan for movement to collect dust or disperse air fresheners. We have patent pending approval for all vertical and horizontal fan or blower processes to provide: air cleaning, for smoke removal and odor, bacterial disinfection, microbial, and also bug repellent for outside fans for mosquito and flies. It is the companies intent to launch the product into several industries. The company intends to further develop this technology for hospital applications for MRSA and Staff reduction.

Products / Services

BREEZESTRIPS tm patent pending

Breezestrips attach to ceiling fans. They are for different applications that include; Dust removal, air freshening, odor control or purification, microbial and disinfection, and bug repellent application for outside fans.

Intended for home, restaurant, hospital, and commercial applications.

Breezestrips attach and are removable for disposal as needed or monthly. refill breezestrips will be sold seperatley.

Start up kit has components needed to mount breezestrips to each fan blade. Attaches on top of blades and edges. Keeps fan in balance. Utilizes the rotation and movement of air by the ceiling fan to perform its function. 4 patent pending applications are approved.



President Executive Officer
Anthony DeLoach

Anthony DeLoach, background chemical engineering UF. Founded and operated WES Industries Inc. (originally Water Equipment Services Inc. ) since 1986.
Strong background in product development and engineering design and business development.
WES provides services for GE, Siemens, Chevron, BP, Honeywell, DOD, DOE, Jabil Circuit.

Anthony DeLoach possess ability to provide product development from concept to commercialization. Has successfully developed to market 6 prior patents for the environmental and water sector.

Anthony designed and built the largest solar roof top project in the USA. Anthony father developed first Reverse Osmosis system.

Operated WES in prior years with 8 offices international offices. Prior BOD included “Allen and Company chairman Harold Witt, Sash Spencer of McKenzie, and others.

Anthony wishes to enter into the retail market with the new breezestrip product and intends to leverage his 30 years of business experience and relationship with WES cus

Contact Information:

President Executive Officer - Anthony DeLoach

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