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Jul 19, 2016 6:05 PM ET


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9 Step Guide To Build An Etsy Like Marketplace That’s Technically Sound, Safe & Markets Itself.

Ecommerce wars is creating new conveniences for online shoppers almost everyday and facts like “Global ecommerce revenue to hit 2,050 Billion USD in 2016 (Statista)” clearly suggest that this domain has potential to accommodate more new ecommerce players.

Speaking about the revenue, marketplaces are the frontrunners as they have 1000s of sellers and millions of products on offer which attracts online shoppers more compared to exclusive ecommerce stores which deal only with brand-specific products.

Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay are the known big shots in the multi vendor domain and among these Etsy is slightly different as it has carved a niche for itself though it follows the multi vendor strategy.

Here are some quick facts about Etsy that explains why the online multi vendor store enjoys such a huge fanbase.

  • Number of Members: 54 million
  • Number of Active Buyers: 25 million
  • Number of Sellers: 1.6 million
  • Number of items listed: 35 million
  • Number of country Etsy has sellers in: 83
  • Etsy Q1 Revenue: $81.847

 For those who dream to create an etsy like website, here is a step by step instruction on how to create an online marketplace like etsy.

1. Name Your Business

The name of your business is going to be the first catch phrase of your brand. Research the market thoroughly to avoid duplication, copyright, trademark issues. Choose a name that easy to spell, type and remember.

2. Get Registered

Get your business legalized by registering it with as per the business law of the local, and if required, international governing bodies the geographical locations you are targeting to sell your products. Governmental registrations are essential to get your business legitimate.

3. Product Licenses

The next legal procedure that you ought to go through before you create a website like Etsy is to get the necessary licenses for the products you sell, if needed.

4. Get Your Domain Registered

There are over 100 million registered domains in the world. It is not that the domain you wish would have been already taken. You can surely find one for yourself. Come up with alternatives if you find your domain taken.

5. The Perfect Web Hosting Solution

Your web hosting service keeps your website up and running no matter what the traffic is. It is always better to go for a cloud hosting and that too with a known player like Amazon as cloud services offer adaptive scaling and much more computing tools which your website can take advantage of.

6. Multivendor Ecommerce Store Development

To build a marketplace like Etsy, the first thing you have to do is choose your development platform. Magento is arguably the best one as it is flexible, built for scalability and accommodative towards tweaks and downsizings.

To create a marketplace like Etsy, the technical expertise, time and capital involved is often huge. You will have to hire a development team and rely on them for every update, tweaking or customizations in the future. However, this is not the case in readymade software.

Demo | Download

Readymade multi vendor software have instant answer to your question of how to create an online marketplace like etsy as they readily have the base framework available and necessary ecommerce features built-in to speed up the development process and go live as soon as possible.

Readymade software Vs Custom development

Less time-to-market

Takes time for from-the-scratch development

Saves a huge chunk of capital

Demands more capital to hire a development team

100% customizable

100% uniqueness of your website guaranteed

Regular software updates

Dependency over development team for updates

Built-in features that accelerate conversions

Ultimate freedom to get what you want into your website

Now it will be quite an easy decision to make whether to choose a readymade software or a custom development team to build a website like Etsy.

Coming to the buying decision of a multi vendor store, the choice is endless. Here we are with a few tips on choosing your ready made multi vendor module.

– Customizability

– Regular updates

– Prompt technical support

– Easy money back

– Perfect hosting solution

– Social media friendly

– SEO friendly

– Reporting and analytics

– Multiple revenue generating mechanisms

– Easy payment splitting option between vendors & admin

– Admin Control over all user and vendor related activities

Though there are many other factors to be taken into consideration while zeroing in on your software, these are the most crucial factors that decide the fate of your Etsy like marketplace website.

Taking these into consideration, the multi vendor script from Apptha, ‘Apptha Marketplace’ fits the bill. Without beating around the bush, we’ll get into analyzing what’s special about this script.

How can Apptha Marketplace Script help you build an Etsy like multivendor ecommerce store?


From designs to functionalities, everything can be personalized to fit your unique business requirements.

Free cloud hosting

Your website can go live instantly on Amazon cloud. Apptha Marketplace offers free cloud hosting for the first 365 days.

Video Support

YouTube video importing supports lets sellers to import demo videos and add them into their product pages.


3 Free Add-ons

Social Login, On-Step Checkout and Super Deals. These add-ons come for free and turn your marketplace website social media friendly, convenient for payments and easy to find deals.

Revenue models

Seller listing fee, product commission fee, internal ad banners, Google Adsense are the ways through which your multi vendor store can generate revenue.


Dashboard for admin and every single vendor who have subscribed into your website. Real-time sales updates, time-based sales comparison, best sellers and much more at your fingertips.

Commission and Shipping

Admin can provide separate commission for each products and shipping (both national and international) price for every product.

Internal Communication

Mailing system for sellers to connect with administrator and talk over issues, approvals, commission splits.

How reliable is Apptha marketplace for being the technical partner for building your marketplace website?

Risk-free Investment

10-day moneyback guarantee for all extensions and scripts. No complex return terms and conditions or policies whatsoever.

50+ Certified Magento developers

We have 50+ certified Magento developers on board and our rookies are into Magento certification programs. Our team ship codes that are nothing less to being flawless.

Guaranteed Performance

All our products – extensions, themes, scripts, add-ons are tested for performance in order to render optimum performance under any server stress or conditions.

Hosting Solutions

As APN technology Partner with Amazon we render best-in-class AWS solutions. We have an exclusive server experts onboard who can take care of your cloud and server configurations.


Our post sales support include ticket handling through mails, information sharing and guidance via live chat via forums, voice and video calls.


Thorough documentation of A to Z you have to do with the product you have purchased helps you through installation, configuration and setup process.

Multi-Domain Licensing

You have the convenience of using the script or extensions in the websites you own in different domains through our multi-domain licensing program quite easily.

Version Updates

Free updates on every stages of refinement or every extension and script. You’ll be able to get the new updates, bug fixes for free and on time.

This concludes the major highlights of Apptha Marketplace. If interested, go on and try a demo of Apptha Marketplace Script. (Anchor text CTA).

7. Procurement partners – Shop from the right place

Find the best procurement partners who could supply you the best quality products with a right price and most importantly, at the right time. Creating a rapport with your procurers is important towards meeting unexpected product demands.

8. Marketing – Speak for your website first before it speaks for itself

Marketing contents come next your procurement perfection. For websites of any sort, content marketing is of prime importance as they bring in more organic traffic and results that hold a good ranking in the position for a longer period of time. Marketing materials like press release, blogs, forum participations and guest blogging can help you generate more traffic.

Seeking the help of social media comes next. Providing social media help to register, log in, share products and replicating your Etsy like multi vendor store on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can provide more brand reach and sales as well.

Create affiliate marketing programs to turn visitors into brand advocates thereby earn new visitors. Paid ad campaigns comes last, as once the other discussed factors are perfectly up and running, Paid ads can provide a great boost in earning rapid conversions by complementing the other marketing strategies.

9. SEO – Turn your website search engine friendly

Get everything right about your marketplace website right in the eyes of search engines as the indexing, page caching, and rankings that they do forms the base towards earning the best position in the search rankings.

You can also go opt to download add-ons for targeting the Google rich snippets area which displays your product pages with ratings and reviews. This will earn the trust of an online shoppers instantly and make them click and buy as well.

Concluding Note:

Building an Etsy like Marketplace is just not about getting the technicalities right instead a conglomeration of marketing, management, security perfections that provides the fuel for your website to go the extra mile.

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