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Jul 18, 2016 10:41 AM ET

Archived: SelfieGuard is a camera app that detects nudity as soon as a photo is taken and blocks your child’s phone before the photo is sent.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016


by Homero Gonzalez


SelfieGuard is a camera app that detects nudity as soon as a photo is taken and blocks your child’s phone before the photo is sent.

About this project

Problem: Sexting in children and teens all over the world.  

I am a father of a three years old girl… One night that I couldn’t sleep, I was on the Internet and came across three really sad stories that broke my heart. Three girls of 12, 13 and 18 years old (in the US and Canada) committed suicide because their nude selfies ended up on the internet. They were asked by people they trusted, to send nude pictures of themselves and innocently, they did. The recipients of these photos (boyfriends) share them with everyone they knew. As a result, the girls were bullied at school, got depressed, and finally committed suicide. After reading this really heartbreaking stories, I was trying to identify the best Parental Control Software to prevent Sexting in children and teens to protect my daughter. There was none. Every single Parental Control Software that is currently in the market, offers a solution when it is too late. Current options do not allow blocking the sending process of texts, pictures and other inappropriate content. No one is addressing the problem from the source, which means, from the moment that an inappropriate picture is taken on a mobile device.  

Sexting in children and teens is a serious and global problem. In America, one out five (20%) teens are sending nude pictures of themselves and 40% of the recipients, are sharing them. In England, children as young as 7 years old are sexting, according to the NASUWT, the teachers union in England. In Latin America, the problem is even worse due to lack of education. 

I am developing this project because I want to protect my daughter. However, I understand that many of you are really young to have kids, but maybe in the future, you may consider having your own family. Moreover, many of you have young relatives or perhaps, some of you have heard similar stories like the ones I have described above. I truly believe this concerns us all.  

Solution, SelfieGuard. 

SelfieGuard is an app that will prevent nude photos leaving your child’s phone (for children and teens under 18 years old). It will be a camera app on Android (initially) to default the camera on the phone. 


Once installed, a soon as a nude image is taken, 

Nude photo captured
Nude photo captured

the picture is analyzed and identified as inappropriate using body recognition software.  The phone is blocked before the photo is sent.

Photo identification
Photo identification


 and the parent is notified in his/her cellphone. 

Parent Notification
Parent Notification

After that, the only person authorized to unblock the phone is the parent who has been notified. He or she will type a pass code to unblock the child’s phone. 


Once the phone is unblocked, there will be a button called “Erase button”. A soon as the parent taps on the “Erase” button, the file will be corrupted to ensure that the photo will not be able to be opened in the future under any circumstances. Additionally, the photo will be erased and the parent will be re-directed to an educational website with real life examples and appropriate material so they can talk to their children. The main goals are not just to block the sending process of a nude image, but also, trigger an educational conversation between parents and children about the danger of sexting.   

Delete the photo...
Delete the photo…


Corrupt the file...
Corrupt the file…

Where we are.

We participated on a Startup Weekend Competition in New York City (#SWNYC) from June 17th to June 19th, 2016, and WE WON!!! Additionally, we were invited to do the pitch on an US-France Tech Conference (#LFTCNYC) that took place on June 21, 2016. 

Here are some screenshots of the Startup Weekend Competition @ New York City (#SWNYC) Twitter account…

Final Pitch @ #SWNYC
Final Pitch @ #SWNYC


We are the winners @ #SWNYC
We are the winners @ #SWNYC

Here is the YouTube video of the presentation @ #LFTCNYC…


 And here is a screenshot of the Twitter account…. 

SelfieGuard Winers @ #LFCTNYC, #SWNYC
SelfieGuard Winers @ #LFCTNYC, #SWNYC

We are building this campaign to get funding to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We have to create the MVP in order to get this project started. We already have proved the concept on the Startup Weekend Competition and judges, peers and everyone agreed that we are developing a great project. This is a real opportunity for helping children and teens to grow interacting with technology safer…  Join us to make this happen….

Risks and challenges

We have identified two major challenges.

1. Since IOS is a close platform, we need to develop this project initially in Android to later explore further expansion opportunities with other platforms.

2. Adults misconceptions about privacy and control of online activities performed by children and teens.


Contact Information:

Homero Gonzalez

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