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Jul 18, 2016 3:49 PM ET

A Revolutionary New Way to Learn Music: PAZU is leading the way in the e-learning space for music and improving the music learning experience for musicians everywhere

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016


A Revolutionary New Way to Learn Music

Music: the universal language of mankind. Music has the power to move, to influence, and even to help define us.

We’re on a mission to bring a proven approach to music learning for music lovers around the world. And we’re doing it by modeling our success in using multiple intelligence learning pathways, high retention and enjoyment, and creative music development, and taking the whole experience online.

PAZU develops music skills by designing customizable teaching techniques that encourage music students to explore their own creative pathways and realize their own individual musical aspirations.

Read on to discover how PAZU is leading the way in the e-learning space for music and improving the music learning experience for musicians everywhere.


Let’s face it, we all know of someone who used to take music lessons and never made it very far. Perhaps that person was you.  Poor song selection, limited lesson plans, and difficult sight reading contribute to much of the deterioration in today’s private music world.  Even worse, there is generally little to no creativity in the music learning process depriving the students of the most powerful connection to music possible.  

If there’s one thing that history has proven about musicians, it’s that they’re not all created equal. And realizing the full potential of musical talent — whether natural-born or gradually cultivated — rarely hinges on traditional learning methods alone. People learn in a variety of different ways, and the same holds true for music.

For budding musicians taking their first steps in the pursuit of music development, it can be a daunting experience attempting to navigate the barriers-to-entry and figuring out exactly which type of training best suits their needs and individual ability levels.

Some learners opt for private lessons. But private music learning is mostly non-creative, expensive, and a limited process when it comes to meeting the myriad of problems associated with traditional curriculum. And current music education systems rarely promote creative direction or allow students to experience alternate learning pathways that harness their strengths and abilities.

And what about those students who have a naturally gifted ear for music or who create their own music? Sadly, today’s educational platforms are not structured to properly address to these students.


PAZU brings an innovative and proven method of music learning that fundamentally increases user motivation, interest, and retention — and all for a fraction of the cost of private music instruction.

PAZU also makes song-building easy and intuitive, using friends and family in your network as the other ‘band’ members. We’ve harnessed several techniques to deliver the most rewarding, user-friendly, and fun music learning experience available.

Here’s how PAZU’s online platform works:

PAZU quickly discovers which type of learning style that best suits the user and highlights a suggested pathway towards success.  Then, using specially designed templates, users can engage in progressive learning modules, play their favorite songs, and create original music. These templates are designed to be clean, simple, and intuitive. Performances and acheivements can be recorded and shared at any time.

Users can access hundreds of today’s popular songs specifically arranged for a variety of different skill levels.

We combine our templates with video tutorials to accompany every learning module, offering a private lesson ‘feel’ with master class instruction and encouragement.

We teach a sight reading method known as landmarks (7 notes on a grand staff). This approach begins to form strong habits grounded in pattern recognition, phrasing, and intervallic distance reading, with strong parallels to language development.

The unique process of reduction training weans students off of sight training and helps coach them to deconstruct, analyze, and recreate pieces of music through repeated listening and without the aid of written musical notations.  

The fundamentals of music understanding. There is currently no support for how to evolve this aspect and it’s the engine that powers PAZU. We’re tearing down the walls of traditional music teaching and providing our users with collaborative opportunities and outlets to explore and their own creativity however it happens to materialize.

PAZU integrates a network of teachers into the platform to offer expert knowledge and real-life perspective. By pairing a certified PAZU instructor to students locally or remotely, users can feel confident that their instructor has been vetted and is fully knowledgeable in the PAZU method.

We apply game-design elements to our learning to encourage positive reinforcement and engagement among users with the goal of motivating them to achieve milestones.


Although PAZU is still in the early phases of development, we’re working hard to accelerate our product to the coding and trial phases. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far, and what’s coming down the line as we advance our mission to bring PAZU to the masses:

Investments Secured
Secured $75,000 from lead investor.

An initial prototype has been designed and is currently being rapidly tested on specific study groups of varying ages and music backgrounds.  

File proprietary patents upon completion of coding

Our teaching method has been validated via our music academy. Our students have been professionally trained to master key skills in the eye, ear, and creative development categories and we’re applying these same methods for users to access on our platform.

Support App
Designed to crowdsource music creation and drive massive traffic to the website.

Want to hear more about PAZU’s future goals? Click the business plan tab at the top of the page to learn more and find out how you can help.


Graeme lives and breathes all things music and has a successful history as a private music teacher. In 2010, he founded the Winder Academy of Music in California, which holds a 75% retention rate. Graeme is responsible for designing and wire framing PAZU, all IP content, investment raising, and overall operations of the company.

Jim has years of experience in business development for both Cisco and Oracle. He is also the founder of the ChordWheel, a top-seller on Amazon for music supplement books. At PAZU, Jim focuses on bringing our platform to market with proper marketing angels and messaging.

Chris has a passion for learning that extends beyond his talents in technology and development.  He also specializes in executing and real business solutions.


Contact Information:

Graeme Winder - CEO & Founder

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