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Jul 18, 2016 1:12 PM ET

Archived: LAntiStress: Life with Less Stress – LAntiStress is unique app to reduce stress with positive animation for Family Home Fitness: exercises, healthy habits & relaxation.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016

LAntiStress: Life with Less Stress

by Roy Bradh Nerijus Brazdziunas


LAntiStress is unique app to reduce stress with positive animation for Family Home Fitness: exercises, healthy habits & relaxation.

About this project

LAntiStress – stress reduction mobile app based on positive animation.

LAntiStress is the app that is being designed for Children to be used together with their Parents to reduce stress and form healthy family habits by engaging in something all love – positive animation!


“Every exercise program, breathing technique, relaxation script and health recommendation presented in this app comes from my fifteen years of personal experience, research and teachings. It’s tested with many clients and it works. At some point I started looking for ways to decrease stress and ensure a better well-being. Later I was unfortunate to find out my mother had cancer, and that increased my interest and drive to look for additional ways to take care of our physical and mental health. I looked into traditional medicine, psychology, Eastern medicine, yoga and other systems. That’s how “LAntistress” program started. As a physical therapist I worked in hospital with adults and children, I tested my ideas and those methods I had found. I carry responsibility for my knowledge and want to share it to help other people to take care of their health, and most importantly to help youngest generation grow up with an understanding of how important their health is and what are the ways to take care of it.” Roy Bradh (Nerijus Brazdziunas), the author of the health program “LAntistress”.

LAntiStress program was presented in Nike Training Day NTC in October 2015 Europe.

The overview of the LAntiStress app

The intention is to assist Children as young as 3 years old in developing skills and habits that prevent stress occurrence or help to reduce it. Research shows that Children who learn positive habits of physical activity, healthy diet, good action/rest balance, etc. in early years are more prone to maintain these habits later in life. LAntiStress is designed to support Families in this task. LAntiStress app addresses the maintenance of health-related behaviors, which is known to be one of the most prominent problems of all health related programs. The app employs animated characters, positive animation scenarios and in-program reward systems to grasp and keep child’s interest to ensure the program will be practiced over time.

Even though LAntiStress app is a new product, it originates from a decade of work with children in educational setting. The experience of teaching children to be physically active and enjoyment of these activities, as well as experience of enhancing adherence to exercise programs has been transformed into positive animations that can reach children beyond specific classrooms.


LAntiStress app is a combination of modern technologies, scientific discoveries and ancient Eastern traditions that emphasize holistic nature of human being and provide physical and mental exercising to maintain health and prevent stress. Therefore it not only focuses on keeping optimal level of physical activity, but also highlights mental aspects such as focus, levels of energy, etc.

Focus on children and families. We design this app for Family. The youngest users can be as young as 3 years of age. With some assistance by their parents these young Children can engage in dynamic activities led by animated characters that they will love! Older Children can use the app and practice independently. The app‘s content is Child-friendly. A child can have his/her own account that is monitored by parents.

All-in one. We combine activities that work best for stress prevention and reduction. You will no longer need a number of different apps focusing on different aspects of stress reduction installed on your phone or tabloid, now you will have it all in one: physical activity and exercise tips, breathing exercises, recommendations for healthy diet, etc. – it all comes in one package and unites the family by engaging Children and Parents in health behaviors.

Focus on unique programs. The content of the app features unique systematic combination of movements, exercise routines, focusing on strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and speed, diet tips and other recommendations that have proven to be efficient for stress prevention and reduction. Self-evaluation and tracking. The LAntiStress app provides an easy, fun, game-like way adapted for children to measure the level of current stress or earn points for strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and speed by performing relevant exercises. Consequently, it allows to observe the dynamics of inner states and practices over time, and can be used as a handy resource for Parents of younger children or older children independently. It teaches the Child important skills of self-awareness and self-regulation.

Focus on prevention rather than reduction. By focusing on Children the App is aiming at teaching future generations to be proactive and prevent stress. It is inevitable, of course, that everyone faces different stress situations in life, but it is important to have a toolbox of skills that can be employed immediately at the very first signs of negative stress. Technologies are the best way to reach the youngest generation and LAntiStress app is designed for that. Adapted for large communities. LAntiStress app can be used in a household by one family, but it can also be used in larger communities, such as a classroom or a schools. The technology allows many children to be connected and to engage together in similar activities and support each other.

My Health is in My Hands!

Copyright © 2016 Health Programs USA

Risks and challenges

1) The LAntiStress app to be executed at its best needs to include all planned features, which means high financial investment. The risk is that the app will suffer because we will not be able to include all important features into its launching version. We constantly work on this issue looking for efficient technical solutions and additional sources of funding.

2) We are challenged by the timeline and might not to be able to keep to all our deadlines. To tackle this, we set goals and keep track of them, look for alternative solutions when we encounter obstacles and have a good team working on the project.

3) In case we can’t the lounge the app, we would providing users with video material of LAntiStress exercises.

Contact Information:

Roy Bradh Nerijus Brazdziunas

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