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Jul 18, 2016 2:52 PM ET

Archived: FlowMotion – VR Content Platform for Music Performance Art: Designed to empower people of all skill levels with next level artistic capabilities and immersive music entertainment experiences

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016


VR Content Platform for Music Performance Art


Currently entertainment software and game developers are overly  focused on violent and destructive content that triggers stress response, fear, and unhealthy behaviors in its customers.

FlowMotion’s patent-pending VR content platform fulfills the market need for a positive and creative VR content creation tool designed to empower people of all skill levels with next level artistic capabilities and immersive music entertainment experiences.  

Over 100 million people are projected to own premium VR headsets by the year 2020 with the market for VR content applications expected to be $10 billion+.FlowMotion offers a positive, evolutionary digital entertainment alternative to the oversaturated market of violent, destructive media.  

The entertainment and gaming media markets are oversaturated with violent, destructive behavioral simulations, characters, and fantasies. This form of media is centered on fear and destructive control. Select titles may currently sell well to disenfranchised young male,  gamers. However, as the VR marketplace continues to expand into the mainstream including women, children, family entertainment, and various non-gamer demographics,  these genres will continue to be locked in a death spiral of undifferentiated competition and fail to deliver unique or compelling value to many mainstream consumers.

The visual and performing arts represent a universal language for self expression, growth, and holistic human development.  For the first time in history, the new medium of virtual reality presents us with an opportunity to  create interactive digital music and art using the immersive presence of our senses and the freedom to engage with the digital world using our natural motion and body language.   


FlowMotion is the only native VR performing arts content platform centered on the natural and intuitive motions of the user.

Using real-time motion sensor data from VR hardware systems such as Oculus and HTC Vive, FlowMotion leverages a user’s movements and body language to create, personalized 3D interactive visual music and art experiences in virtual reality.

The core mechanic of FlowMotion’s patent-pending system starts with the user’s movements in 3D space. This dynamic of starting from the composer/ conductor/ performer perspective creates an intuitive, fun, engaging, and personalized user experience as well a highly  compelling form of professional quality user-generated digital art to share with others. Historically, this form of real-time POV experience was not possible with traditional input or display hardware. In addition, traditionally music game developers have focused on audio analysis from the computer’s perspective first whereby the user is asked to match beats to the rhythm of a short list of songs vs. starting with their own feelings, body language, and movement.



Patent Pended VR Entertainment Software Platform
Preliminary patent filed for the FlowMotion content platform in 2016

Accelerated Product Development
Leveraging partner innovation as well as key strategic team hires, FlowMotion has completed core product development of its flagship FlowMotion VR performer app and FlowMotion VR mobile viewer app for target consumer launch in November 2016.

Key Partnerships with Industry Leaders
FlowMotion has signed and fostered strategic partnerships for development, marketing, and cross-platform app publishing aligned to mutual interests of VR companies who need high quality, mainstream content applications like FlowMotion to drive demand and adoption for their products and services.

Dubset – Media tech and development partner licensing its streaming music platform and providing FlowMotion key backend and mobile app developer resources accelerating path to market.

Samsung – Publishing and marketing partner via its GearVR digital app store. Samsung and FlowMotion have agreed to a “featured app promotion” agreement to showcase FlowMotion in various Samsung marketing activities worth million in free PR and ad cost.

HTC – FlowMotion is an approved Steam VR developer and HTC Vive “pre” or preferred development partner.  This gives FlowMotion beta hardware/ software support and distribution via Steam VR, the largest PC gaming distribution channel in addition marketing support as a featured app. And developer support with potential finishing funds.

Oculus – FlowMotion is a select developer for publishing to the Oculus VR app store. In addition, FlowMotion has marketing, development, and insider consulting relationships throughout Oculus.

A Digital Platform for Social Good
FlowMotion was showcased by the producer’s of the largest entertainment industry conference (E3) as a positive and innovative alternative to VR application development in June 2016.  FlowMotion had an incredible response from key industry leaders and has been approached by individuals in the scientific, medical, and health and wellness communities who would like to explore the platform as a potential non-drug therapy application to address conditions like PTSD in veterans, hearing impaired music experience, and autism, among others.


Behind every great startup there’s a great team, and FlowMotion has assembled a team with the perfect balance of vision, strategy and industry know-how to bring the FlowMotion vision to life.

Our founder has developed 3 successful digital media startups and played a key role in developing bottom line  value of over $200 million for 2 major VC funded software startups in the past 5 years including a major exit.

Our product development team is world class in developing successful gaming and cloud based apps for Ubisoft, Insomniac Games, Sony, and Electronic Arts.

Contact Information:

FlowMotion Team

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