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Jul 18, 2016 8:20 PM ET

Archived: Enhanced eBook: Storytelling Through Dance, A multimedia eBook combining dance, writing, music, film, design, photography, and technology to tell a story.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016

Enhanced eBook: Storytelling Through Dance

A multimedia eBook combining dance, writing, music, film, design, photography, and technology to tell a story.

About this project


We’re Keone and Mari, a married couple in life and a creative duo in profession. 

We’re best known for our work as dancers and choreographers, yet we’ve always had a dream to use dance as a medium between different/collaborative art forms.  With Mari’s creative writing degree and our love for various art forms we never saw dance being completely independent of the different crafts. Our dream is this: An enhanced eBook with storytelling through dance.  

Enhanced eBooks are digital books that include immersive, interactive, and interesting features like video, music, audio narration, animation, photography, and more.  While dance videos online have become a norm in the millennial age, we hope to give dance a new home within this enhanced ebook.  Imagine following a movement-driven story, that’s accompanied by originally produced music, partnered with interactivity – like flipping through photos, learning a dance, or potentially dictating where in the story you’d like to go next.  The imaginative possibilities are truly there.  The hope for this creative and visual novel is to have it available on your devices to download or stream.  

We have a small team right now, but it will continue to expand as more collaborators come on board.  A huge piece in this is our Director of Photography Jeremy Fabunan.  A graduate of SDSU’s film program, Jeremy is a passionate cinematographer with an extensive background in dance. The combination of these attributes contributes to his penchant for capturing movement. Jeremy aims to create timeless pieces while continuing to grow creatively.

Check out some of Jeremy’s work: https://vimeo.com/jeremyfabunan

Check out some of our collaborative work: https://goo.gl/OfchG2


Why do we need your help? 

We’ve always been very fortunate to be able to self-produce our own work with the combination of very small budgets and tons of volunteer work from friends and colleagues.  But with something as ambitious as this, we need multiple hands on deck.  The minimum we’ll need is 45k.  Between working with different music producers, our film production team, designers, and publishing costs we will need every bit of help we can get.  Here’s a breakdown:

15k – Production costs cover: crew fees, location costs, equipment rentals, day-of shoot expenses, costumes, etc.

15k – Music costs cover: producer/artist fees, recording fees, etc.

10k – Design costs cover: graphic artist fees, illustrator fees, book production, etc.

5k – Staff/Cast cover: staff fees, dancer fees, etc.


Artists have always thrived on community and support.  On connection and relationship.  We truly believe this as an opportunity to not only push for a vision, but to build new bridges between artistic communities, and open minds about how a person can interact with stories, characters, and movement. 

Risks and challenges

We’re no stranger to the challenges that come with the creative process and collaboration. In fact, that is what our working relationship is based on and goes through every single day as a married couple. We are confident in our ability to assemble a team of like-minded people to make the best version of this idea come to life.

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter campaign!


Contact Information:

Keone & Mari Madrid

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