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Jul 18, 2016 9:57 AM ET

Archived: Asomeo, LLC – Did you know the biggest oil well in the lower 48 was in Nevada?

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2016

Asomeo, LLC

Denver, CO 80203, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

Did you know the biggest oil well in the lower 48 was in Nevada?

Just a couple hundred miles north of Las Vegas is the Grant Canyon oil field and well #3, has produced over 20 million barrels of oil. The 1,200 acre field has produced over…

20 million barrels!

That would be $1.6 Billion at today’s $40 per barrel oil prices.

Walter Johnson, our geophysicist, was co-discoverer of this formation and this field.

Walter has a secret. He found another field 8x bigger than Grant Canyon, which Asomeo is leading. It’s only about 45 miles away from the original. He told us about it at first, but we didn’t believe him.

We spent a million dollars and bought seismic over the site and we had Walt re-process it, we did a gravity analysis to look for that huge bubble of oil underground and we did soil chemistry testing to see if any of the oil was seeping up through the ground.

Everything we found pointed to the fact: HE’S 100% RIGHT!


We also have an opportunity to work with us in our refined products sales. We are looking for investors interested in working with us by loaning collateral to support resale of refined products like diesel. Returns can be very high, sometimes over 10% per month.


We have oil fields in southwestern New York State and Northwestern Pennsylvania that are low producing, steady and very predictable. Returns exceed 20+% Internal Rate of Returns. If you’d prefer low and slow to diversify your portfolio, CALL US.

Contact us for any of these opportunities.



Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Ferrucci

Jonathan FerrucciAs the owner, I bring 13 years of seasoned operational leadership and experience in the field of exploration and development. My experience accumulates a vast range of services including oil drilling, commercial, residential and public site work services, which include but are not limited to demolition, erosion control (SWPPP), underground utilities, heavy excavation, grading, fill importation and exportation, heavy trucking, rock excavation, public highway construction, hauling hazardous material & crude oil. I also have extensive experience in field operations in western North Dakota.
He successfully managed and operated Stat Oil’s Infrastructure and Rig Mobilization contract. This consisted of $38+MM of capital project costs. Managed over 60 drilling locations in the Bakken for Stat Oil. I also been the field operations manager for drilling projects reaching into the Bradford, 1st ?Chipmunk, Upper Devonian, Anadarko and Clinton
formations in Oklahoma, New York and Pennsylvania.

Chief Operating Officer
Larry Ortega

Larry OrtegaMr. Ortega is a large engineering program manager with experience financing upstream and midstream energy projects. He is supporting the effort to initiate a $350M effort to exploit an ultra-high production, 2,000 barrel per day average well, oil field in central Australia and led the development of a business plan with complete financials for a $1.4 billion midstream project in the Southwest. Helped design the exploration and production operations, and financials resulting in a $6M initial investment. He developed an analysis of new energy exploration, drilling, completion
and rework technologies. Also worked with, and developed simplified explanations of, complex radiometric, micromagnetic and magnetotelluric methods. He is an Air Force Academy Graduate where he was awarded his Bachelors in Engineering, and also holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from USC as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in the Finance and Management of Hedge Funds.


Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Jonathan Ferrucci

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