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Jul 17, 2016 3:20 PM ET

Archived: THE SMART MIRROR – BRIGHTVISION : We developed a prototype of an intelligent mirror in order to make life easier for people

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2016


We developed a prototype of an intelligent mirror in order to make life easier for people. Have the opportunity to be part of this project, and to get this gadget in your home.

One day  I came to the conclusion that people spend too much time in front of the mirror,  without receiving any information.

To get around this, I thought of something that would make life easier for people and save them precious time.

Later, I formed a team that could help me in the development of mirror,  and we have registered a provisional patent to protect our invention.

As programmers we developed a prototype of an intelligent mirror, which explained in detail below :

The user when  look in the mirror receives information such as:

Productivity –  Weather, information about the current day and time, remote notes.

Health – through specific sensors measure the weight, BMI, tension, heart rate and mood.

Entertainment – listening to music, access to social networks.

It also allows using filters, help the user in selecting a style beard or a haircut, or certain types of clothing, and jewelry.

At this early stage, we have a partnership with a logistics company that will provide transportation of our gadget, and a one Glassmaking that produces the mirror we need .

This gadget has the opportunity to be tested by thousands of people in Colombo – shopping center, in connection with participation in the Fair Unlimited (Junior Achievement Portugal) 2015-2016.

The feedback was very positive:
“The most interesting and useful gadget I’ve seen in my entire life.”
“It’s so nice to get in the mirror and access the most useful information for our day-to-day”

This crowdfunding campaign, is an opportunity to launch our product in the market.

The concept of our product is finalized, however the level of design and production,  will undergo several updates will as you grow. Initially the mirrors are produced manually,  and software updates will be made automatically.

If we can achieve our goal,  people can buy the mirror through our website, and get it through the company mentioned above.

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers.   By helping us is making a pre-purchase.

Be one of thefirst tobe part of thisunique and innovativeproject.

Start the day with BrightVision.


Ricardo Cardoso –   Age: 19 years

Formed inProgramming (Level 4)-12th year

I am a talented teenager, hardworking and creative.
I am a web designer, and spend my free time to get ideas and find a way to realize them.
I was responsible for most of the tasks – flyers creation, contact cards, mirror construction and software development

Luís Nunes –  Age: 18 years

Formed in Programming (Level 4) – 12th year                                                                                                                                                
I am ambitious and fight for my goals in life.
I am currently  in a web design company and my biggest dream is to make this mirror a success worldwide.
In this project I was responsible for creating the website and creating a business plan.

Aquilas Aquiles – Age: 18 years

Formed in Programming (Level 4) – 12th year
I am a programmer and my favorite languages are C ++, Pascal, Java and VisualBasic.
Right now I am working in a company that develops software for windows.
I hope that our work and effort is valued and rewarded.

The future is in us



We intend to get this value (or more) within 2 months and begin sales one month later.

Currently, the mirror have 2 sizes – A4 and A2.

Prices vary from model to model – can also be found on our website:

Basic – 375 euros (A4)

Normal-450 euros (A4)

Advanced-500 euros (A2)

Premium-585euros (A2)

Since the value we intend to get (€ 6,000) to withdraw the amount of commission for PPL (5%) + VAT were a total of 5,631, that will be used to pay the final patent, the creation of brand and cost marketing.

We hope to help us achieve this lofty goal.

Also part of this project.



Contact Information:


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