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Jul 16, 2016 5:02 PM ET

Archived: Shelfify. Your Life. Locate items in 3 simple steps – Search It. Scan It. Spot It. Lift the burden of memorizing all the items you own today.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2016

Shelfify. Your Life.

by Diamondsoft Corporation


Locate items in 3 simple steps – Search It. Scan It. Spot It. Lift the burden of memorizing all the items you own today.

About this project


Imagine having a device that can help you find any items around your house. How much easier your life would have been? No more need to waste time and energy to dig up all the boxes in your storage and making a huge mess along the process to find that one special occasion item. What if, within a single scan around your room, you know exactly where things are? What if, within a few clicks, you could help your loved ones locate the exact location of your items around your house from any place or time from your mobile device? How convenient would that be?

These are the concept ideas we have behind Shelfify.

Envision “SHELFIFY” 

Shelfify is a visual tool that helps you locate and track items you own. We envision Shelfify as an iPhone/iPad application that helps you locate and/or share the location of any personal or household items.

Locate items in 3 simple steps – Search It. Scan It. Spot It.  

1. Search for your item(s) from your device.    

2. Scan the room with Shelfify to locate the location of your item(s).  

3. Spot where your item(s) are located from your device.

Item Packs

Item Packs are add-on in Shelfify app. The packs will give you access to the list of items that you may need to inventory your items.

The Impact

Shelfify is experienced as a visual interactive item location tool that is perfect for locating the locations of your items. It will help save time from having to recall the location of your items. It can save you money and a trip to a store from repurchasing the very same item that you could not locate.

For instance, it is really handy when you have 30 different types of screws in your garage and you want to find exactly where a specific one is located. Or when you store fabrics to different yarns in a large cubicle shelf. Trying to find a certain yarn color or type? Let Shelfify visual points away at the location of the yarn.

Shelfify lets you share the location of your items with your family or friends at any place and at any anytime from your device.  

Did you forget where your items are located? No problem! Shelfify lets you SEARCH and LOCATE the locations of your items VISUALLY.


The video above could demonstrate three scenarios below: 

Bedroom Scene

You have all your items organized however your husband does not know where you like to keep your new glasses. Your husband puts on his glasses and uses the Shelfify app to search for your glasses. While you are in the shower he finds your new glasses in the bedroom with Shelfify. He decides to clean them all sparkly clean and have them ready for you. 

Kitchen Scene

Imagine your children are visiting their grandma. They know grandma is hiding delicious candy somewhere in her kitchen! They are on a mission to locate all of the candy! But obviously, grandma wants them to wait for the candy until later. However, grandma left her iPad … on the table! After typing in her super strong password “1234” they found Shelfify on her iPad. Your kids are smarty pants! They search for the candy and locate it soon after using the Shelfify app. They take the candy and run into their room! Bingo! Mission Accomplished!

Workshop Scene

You and your workshop, all the tools, all the bolts, and screws! While working on your vehicle today with your buddy, you share access to your workshop items in Shelfify. Your buddy is able to search for some needed bolts to finish a job on your new spoiler. This saved you both time from locating it manually by opening up many little drawers, and luckily you had it, so today you saved yourself a trip to the store!

Why we seek funding?

The funding will go towards software licensing for developers.

Risks and challenges

We will keep the community of supporters up to date on the status of our development. In any case that challenges may arise we will inform the community of these challenges and how we will mitigate them.



Contact Information:

Diamondsoft Corporation

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