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Jul 16, 2016 9:07 AM ET

Archived: A Photographer In – Photo and Travel Show – Taylor Jackson: Season 1 of A Photographer In was an amazing success. Back season 2 and learn how we get free hotel rooms all around the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2016
A Photographer In - Photo and Travel Show - Taylor Jackson project video thumbnail
Back season 2 of A Photographer In, and learn how we get free hotel rooms all around the world.

About this project

UPDATE! We reached our goal in under 24 hours!

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported so far! We’re getting a lot of amazing feedback, and we’re so excited to inspire photographers to travel a little bit differently. (For less money)


The Season 2 is going to be even better. With the extra funding we’re going to be able to film and create a lot of great photography and travel tutorials outside of the show.

Even though we’re at 100%+ we still encourage you to buy the course if it interests you. It’s something very unique, and will get you into hotels and experiences you’ve only dreamed of


Season 1 of A Photographer In was an amazing success, and we’re here to raise the funds required to start on Season 2!

I’m the most excited to be able to travel more with my beautiful fiance Lindsay. We got engaged New Years Eve in Las Vegas! Here’s an iPhone photo from the night: 

We also have a bulldog named Richard, and a cat named Princess Penelope. This is the one time we attempted to take a family selfie. It didn’t end well.

This is Richard and I on a regular day.

The Season 1 special was a 9 day road trip from San Francisco back to our home in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The full version will be out soon, but check out this trailer for it for now:

We want to teach you everything we learned filming season 1 of the show.

It’s a course we’ve named ‘Travel The World for (Nearly) Free With Your Camera,‘ and it’s the $95 (Canadian! ~$70USD) backer reward. 

This course goes start to finish through everything we have done to start getting 5 star hotels and resorts to offer us free stays in exchange for photography for their social media.

Results will vary, but if you’re willing to put in a bit of work, there are a lot of amazing opportunities out there.

Here’s what’s in the course:

Section 1 (6 Videos): Getting Free Hotels. 
– Creating Your Offer
– Creating a Stats Sheet
– Showcasing Your Value
– Finding the Right Hotels and Experiences
– Using Success to Create More Success
– Email Templates and Scripts We Use To Get Free Hotel Rooms

Section 2 (6 Videos): Instagram and Social Media.
– The Most Important Thing to Know About Social Media
– How To Get 10,000 Instagram Followers in Under a Year
– 3 Things to do Every Day to Get More Followers
– Collaborations
– Becoming a leader
– Paid advertising

Section 3 (8 Videos): Travel Photography
– Travel Photography Basics
– DSLR Camera or Camera phone. They are both important.
– Light
– Live on camera Portrait Shoot in Italy
– Composition
– Live on Camera Resort and Wedding Shoot in Jamaica
– Photo Editing on Computer and on iPhone
– Advanced Travel Photography



This course is only available to backers of Season 2 of A Photographer In, and will be delivered the day our Kickstarter finishes.

I know this sounds a little too good to be true, but this is something that has changed my life, and allowed me to travel all over the world and stay at some of the most beautiful 5 star properties on the planet. All for free, or mostly free.

The basis of it is pretty simple. I create value for them with my camera or iPhone, they give free hotel nights in return.

If you haven’t come across an episode of the show yet, here’s the trailer for season 1:


Let’s start from one year ago:
In July of 2015 I had 800 followers on instagram. Which is pretty good, but I didn’t have the Hilton Bora Bora knocking on my door to visit them. I did want to travel though – so, instead I just started emailing a few smaller hotels, and asking if I could come take some instagram photos for them in exchange for 3 nights at their hotel.
Note: I’ve included all of the email scripts that I used when I was first getting started in this course.

From there it wasn’t long before I had my first offer.

It was around this time that I also started taking my instagram and social media presence more seriously. I knew that it would be easier for hotels and brands to trust me, if they could see that I had a bit of following online.

Over the next 10 months, my instagram followers grew by over 10,000 people at first and then all the way up to 28,000. There is a section in this course that outlines all the steps I took to grow from under 1000 to 28,000 followers on instagram. It’s a lot of work, but it certainly pays off when you’re looking to make traveling and travel photography your job.

Now you might be saying that you’re afraid that your photography isn’t good enough to get you free hotel rooms, or that you don’t have the proper camera equipment.
Well, 2 pieces of good news.
Over 50% of what I usually end up delivering is shot on my iPhone. In fact, a few episodes of my travel show A Photographer In were shot on iPhone. 

There is an entire section of this course devoted to travel photography with both an iPhone and a DSLR. Quite honestly, that section is an entire course on its own. We do on location portraits in Italy, resort and wedding photography in Jamaica while you are on top of my camera, and iPhone photography in Miami. The photography section of the course is broken down into equipment, lighting, composition, and post production. Sit with me on my computer while I edit an entire travel photography shoot. As well as learn how I edit on my iPhone on the go. If you’ve seen any of my photos on instagram, it was edited on my iPhone.

There is so much in this course it’s almost overwhelming.
It is a start to finish, step by step process to get you into free 5 star hotel rooms all around the world. I know you’re probably thinking, that if it’s this easy, why isn’t everyone doing this already?
The truth is that it takes work to email back and forth. It might seem like the easiest part, but that is what you’ll end up spending hours behind your computer doing.
Lucky for you, I’m including the scripts and email templates that I’ve been working on for over 5 years and you can start using them right away. It hurts a little to give away all of this hard work, but they are really the most important part of this course.
This is something unique that you’re not going to find anywhere else, because no one else is using this system yet.

The only place in the world you can get this course right now is by backing the Kickstarter for season 2 of A Photographer In for $95 Canadian.
That’s less than a single night in a hotel room. While a lot of the hotels and travel are paid for, it takes money for us to bring a crew, edit and get it out there in the world.
So come back Season 2 of A Photographer In, we can both make our dreams come true. Just do it quickly, because it is a Kickstarter and once it’s over you won’t be able to get this course.

Just remember, that right now the course is over 70% off at ~$70USD ($95 CAD) after the Kickstarter ends it goes up to it’s regular price of $299USD!

Check out an episode from season 1 of the show:

My second favourite episode is NYC for the slow motion puppy montage:

Iceland was pretty awesome as well:

And Chernobyl:

Oh, and Las Vegas:


Risks and challenges

The challenges come in the post production process. It’s not irregular to spend 30-40 hours editing on a single episode. When we’re filming 10 episodes in a short period of time, we really have to be able to find the time. This is where it helps so much to have funding. We can afford to hire great editors, and more importantly, someone to go through all of the raw footage we take while travelling.

The main benefit to having extra help is that we can now edit all the sections that we film on location. This includes things like photography tutorials, and travel tip sections.
With successful funding, we’re excited to be able to overcome all of the challenges we faced and overcame in season 1.

Contact Information:

Taylor Jackson

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