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Jul 16, 2016 8:39 AM ET

Archived: The Fox and the Furrow – An Album by Oddo Bam – original music with an insatiable hunger for substance and spiritual abundance

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2016

The Fox and the Furrow – An Album by Oddo Bam

Oddo Bam has been performing original music with an insatiable hunger for substance and spiritual abundance since 2014. With your support, 12 songs will be recorded which will form part of an album called “The Fox and the Furrow”.

About This Project

The Fox and the Furrow

An album by Oddo Bam

The journey of the Stellenbosch based band, Oddo Bam, has reached a new pinnacle. The time has come to record a full-length studio album, but few things worth achieving can be done alone. Be a part of the journey by helping us achieve this goal. Join the wanderer’s song.

Who is Oddo Bam?

Founder and frontman Otto Bam started his musical career in a band called The Wheel Again. The band released a short album, Deeper than We Knew, in 2013. In 2014 the alternative folk/rock trio Oddo Bam was formed and a short album called The Snow Burial was released in 2015.

Oddo Bam has also released a single called “Sweet Ocean”, along with amusic video shot on the beautiful beaches of Kogelbaai in the Western Cape.

The story behind “The Fox and the Furrow”

The Fox and the Furrow will consist of twelve songs – held together by the title song, “The Migrant’s Song”. 

The songs tell the story of a man who wakes up in the morning and decides to sell all he has. It’s a story full of tracks, autumn leaves, fragrant soil and birds whistling migration songs.

If you follow what you believe in, you are bound to reach a point where that belief will demand something of you. 

We have now reached the crossroads between two ways. When everything in you wants to turn back, and the hope you once had seems dull and faded, will you push on – risking everything in order to reach the object of your faith and the harbour of your hope?

These songs ask, “What do you want most?” They ask what your love costs you.

Many have been a part of the Oddo Bam journey up to this point. You are invited to wander into the shadow beyond what is known. Winter is over, and the skinny years have come. Don’t turn back now. It will be worth it.

Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.


While putting together the rewards packages for our backers we tried to offer items that would truly add value to peoples’ lives. Each reward is constructed in an effort to offer something that does justice to the generosity of its patron. The rewards are a reflection of our vision to create a community of collaboration. Each reward represents not only the efforts of the band, but of a community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Anja Jerling

Anja Jerling is a highly talented artist from Stellenbosch who has agreed to lend her rare talents to the project. She oversees all design work behind the album and has also graciously contributed unique works of art as part of “The Saint” package.

Burgundy Collective 

The Burgundy Collective is a Stellenbosch based team that creates a range of high-end genuine leather products using local materials and quality craftsmanship. They are trusted friends of Oddo Bam and have added their craftsman’s-touch to “The Fox and the Furrow” by offering a customised leather notebook cover to “The Faithful Pilgrim” package.

The Snow Burial and Deeper Than We Knew 

“The Pilgrim” package includes two additional albums: One is Oddo Bam’s first short album The Snow Burial, and the other is Deeper Than We Knew,an album by Otto Bam’s (front-man and songwriter of Oddo Bam) past band,The Wheel Again.

Recording an album

What will it cost?

Most people are unaware of the costs involved in creating a quality album. To book a studio and engineer, along with mixing and mastering costs for 7 days will amount to around R50K. At this point not one album has been printed yet. CD replication and packaging amounts to about another R20K. 

The high costs involved in producing an album of outstanding quality is the reason why many artists to either sign away much of their creative authority to big record companies and labels, or settle for second grade recordings of their work. We believe that this is not the only way for musicians to thrive in South Africa, and are willing to be pioneers for independent music in South Africa.

The Team

The vision of Oddo Bam is to be more than a band, and the goal is more than music itself. We believe in music’s ability to create and influence a culture.

In an individualistic society, the culture we want to create is one of shared space and open homes, hearts and minds. We want to create a community, brought together by a common love for music, where individuals can connect and find a home.

We have a team of individuals committed to seeing this goal achieved, consisting of musicians (Martin van Rooyen, Kirsten Adams, Otto Bam), a PR manager (Tyrone Fisher) and an events coordinator (Janke Eloff).

We also share strong friendships with many musicians and music lovers alike, people whose vision of a mutually uplifting culture of collaboration we share.

Contact Information:

Oddo Bam

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