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Jul 15, 2016 5:24 PM ET

A Lifesaving Idea … a two part system that would alert law enforcement immediately if someone is holding a real firearm or a toy

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2016
I am working on developing a system which saves children, and possibly anyone, holding a toy gun from being killed from law enforcement

About this project

I am in the process of developing a system that will use technology to keep those with a toy gun safe from being shot and/or killed by law enforcement on accident. The technology would be a two part system that would alert law enforcement immediately if someone is holding a real firearm or a toy. I have been concerned about the amount of people, mostly children, who are killed by law enforcement because they are holding a toy, only to be discovered later, after the incident is over. Not only is there a loss of life of the person shot, it affects the law enforcement personnel, as well as family and friends on both sides of the incident. The person shot is never the only one affected.

With the funds, I plan to start the development of the technology, as I have spent up until now developing the concept, meeting with individuals such as law enforcement, politicians, and other like-minded people. I am focused on making this system a law which will service both sides of the system, forcing the use of this product. I have the drive and determination to continue this and I know the direction that I need to take this.

Upon full development, this product could become a licensing deal, however at this time, I am going to handle the manufacturing and distribution myself. This will take a small manufacturing facility, storage area, parts and equipment that need to be purchased, as well as marketing and advertising. I believe this could be a world-wide product, as lives of children all over the world matter, and i believe industrialized nations would require this system in all of their firearms and toys.

I am looking to have a working model by summer of 2017 to use as the beginning of the campaign to take before testing and a presentation to the NRA (National Rifle Association), NAPO (National Organization of Police Officers), and CSGV (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence). Once I have presented the system to those organizations, I plan, before January 1, 2018, to meet with individuals from Congress, Senate, Governors, as well as toy manufacturers, gun manufacturers, and individuals from the weapons technology industry.

I have estimated that manufacturing costs for one side of the system will cost $.05-.10. The other part to the system will cost $6.23 each to manufacture. The funds from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to build the a single part of the system, as the technology for half the system already exists and will be applied complete the system.Obviously, manufacturing on a large scale will surpress the manufacturing costs.

I am not looking to expand the focus or begin thinking of new products, as this, as this system has come from my heart as I was watching the news concerning a young boy was shot and killed by an officer who would not put down a toy gun. I have friends who are in law enforcement and some have stated that in an incident like this, most individuals quit their positions and are usually in therapy for many years. With my system the tragedy on both sides of the shooting can be avoided. If two lives are saved (the shooter and the victim), my system will be well worth the time and money.

Please visit the link below for an example of what needs to be stopped.


Risks and challenges

The potential challenges of my system are as follows:

1) “How do you stop criminals from utilizing this system to their advantage?”

A) This is something that I believe can be overcome, and this is an issue that I recently thought of. I foresee some simple solutions for this, however I need to investigate further.

2) “What if politicians won’t pass legislature requiring the used of this product?”

A) Honestly, I cannot see this happening, however I have a single untapped resource to assist in the passing of this law, boosting the demand of this system.

Those have been my two biggest questions regarding the system I have some up with, however I am open to hearing all questions, as this will only further the product development, product stability,

Contact Information:

Greg Stephens

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