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Jul 14, 2016 7:47 AM ET

Archived: Accella Learning, LLC is a technology software development company that focuses on web-based applications for eLearning, training, testing, and certification of professional members in various occupations.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2016

Accella Learning, LLC


Louisville, KY 40207, US
Web Service Software

Accella Learning, LLC is a technology software development company that focuses on web-based applications for eLearning, training, testing, and certification of professional members in various occupations. Accella is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of intelligent, adaptive learning technologies to promote rapid learning, create maximal proficiency/retention, and provide 24/7 access to the learner in a teaching/testing environment that is easily updated and maintained via the web. Accella is not a content development company, but serves organizations that are seeking to deliver educational content and test competency for a widely dispersed target group in an effective and efficient manner.

Products / Services

ECR-electronic competency record

The ECR is a large database comprised of multiple tables that contains competencies and their definitions. Included in the system will be several utilities for adding and managing the data as well as tools for programmatic access from and integration into, other programs. The set of tools that comprise this system should allow it to be seamlessly integrated into existing technology, as well as offer most organizations with web access the ability to define create and manage their own competency definitions.

Content Vectorization and LMS Integration Integration

Services performed to adapt the learning content to meet the needs of the ITS engine, including integration of the ECR backend database and technologies. Provide services to integrate with LMS.

ITS Engine

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and electronic competency record (ECR™) technologies, the ITS dynamically modifies the content and the coursework to present subject matter in the formats and modalities that fit the individual learner’s style of learning and competence in relevant domains.

Simulation Technology Interface

Patent pending simulation technology that interfaces with a physical device and a learning management platform that uses sound output for commands and does not require downloading of special software or thin client



Chief Information Technology
Bryan Bergeron

A medical software industry pioneer, Bryan Bergeron has nearly two decades of experience designing computer-mediated instructional systems, designing curricula, and teaching at Harvard and MIT. Among other simulation firsts, he developed the first commercial multimedia patient simulator on the microcomputer. Dr. Bergeron is the author of several hundred publications on Biotechnology and Informatics, including over a dozen books, among which is the first original eBook accepted for copyright by the Library of Congress. He currently edits several Informatics journals, teaches at Harvard and MIT, and practices Medical Informatics at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Bergeron has consulted extensively on computer-based education and testing to companies such as Partners Healthcare Systems, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and the American Board of Family Practice.

Managing Director Marketing
Todd Graham

Todd Graham has over 30 years experience in healthcare industry project management, marketing, and client management, with primary emphasis in online medical education for healthcare professionals. Most recently he was Vice President, Business Development for OptumHealth Education, a division of United Healthcare involved in development and funding of online educational initiatives. Prior to that he was Vice President of Marketing for the Medical Learning Company, a technology company that developed unique patient simulations for use in online case-based medical education. Previously, Todd was a Principal with Franklin Graham Associates, providing strategic and tactical consulting services in e-health communications and marketing, for a number of clients including The New England Journal of Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine.


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Chief Information Technology - Bryan Bergeron

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