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Jul 14, 2016 6:16 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 14, 2016


Organized by: Jim Chambers


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Dear white Atlantans (or anyone interested in helping the South) of conscience, It’s time to stand up for Black Lives, if we ever want this country to be “free.” If you don’t know how to help/aren’t able to help ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ in other ways, or want to do so in a way which doesn’t take up too much space, you ought to be trying to shed cash, whatever you can. Crying doesn’t help. This does not mean donating to your preferred democrat, who you believe is better for “minorities.” This does not mean giving money to the United Way. This does not mean volunteering at the Boys & Girls club. This means funding the resistance, explicitly, because they will not change themselves. The reason that White Supremacy exists is to preserve the consolidation of wealth amongst white people, who happen to dominate the ruling class. It’s time we give some of that wealth the fuck back to defeat it. And that’s *give back,* not donate. Our prosperity is stolen. This means we have no say whatsoever in what is done with that money, nor does it garner us any undue influence in organizing. This fund is geared towards white people, and will exclusively benefit local black-led organizing. I am seed funding it with 5k, and challenging other folks of means to match, or exceed, that number. For anyone else, even a $5 donation is greatly appreciated. I launched it, so as not to burden organizers and distract them from actual work, but distribution will be determined by leaders in the black organizing community, not by me, specifically from leadership with BLM ATL, SONG, MXGM, Rise UP Georgia, and others. Further, the decision to launch this was made via consultation with and prompting from black leadership, and the timing is crucial. We will benefit young organizers who can’t afford to do the work otherwise, supporting organizer trainings, material support for Civil Disobedience, supplies, water, living expenses for those donating their time to the cause, or any other expenses that may arise along the way. Our aim is to do so in such a way which does not carry the implications of taking money from big NGO’s and foundations/corporations. This not only sullies the pot for obvious reasons, but in this case, traditional money won’t go anywhere near the work. The time is now. What side are you on?
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Jim Chambers

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