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Jul 13, 2016 9:03 AM ET

Archived: A visual risk management information system: Maptycs can help risk managers gain strategic insight

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2016


A visual risk management information system made for progressive business…


Maptycs puts the user in control, allowing them to manage and analyze their locations, policies, claims, and more. Best of all, Maptycs can help risk managers gain strategic insight.

Risk managers often have to anticipate and plan for worst-case scenarios in anticipation of loss. To prepare for business interruption, Maptycs users can easily identify potential areas of loss,  assess the financial impact of events,  and communicate that risk to the appropriate people. With Maptycs, users have a central location to immediately access relevant risk and insurance data, which allows for faster decision-making, and saves time while working in time sensitive situations. Quick insight and visual analytics bring a deep understanding that can help mitigate the effects of negative events and help take advantage of positive ones. Maptycs is the ideal risk management solution.

Businesses face an unprecedented number of threats and are constantly searching for ways to mitigate risk and proactively monitor their properties, policies, and claims.

Both big and small businesses alike are vulnerable to risks. You can’t turn on the TV on without hearing about an issue that poses a certain degree of risk to a person or business. We have a platform to help them better understand their business in order to effectively manage, control and mitigate losses.

Today there is a growing need to understand the data available as risk management becomes more strategic to businesses. To combat these ongoing threats, businesses must quickly collect and analyze large volumes of internal and external information.  Sure, there are risk management information systems available to help assess and manage a company’s total risk exposure, but they’re not perfect.

We don’t think that’s right, so we created Maptycs.

The Maptycs team originally started with a handful of unique, and innovative risk exposure focused features that could not be found in the market landscape – such as map-based visualizations of risk (both internal and external values of interest) and custom reports. Thanks to the constant progression of technology and the IT architecture that has been built, we have been able to expand the original features and start building towards a complete risk management information system (RMIS) by adding policies, claims and recommendation tracking modules. We have noticed that, while the risk landscape is changing, the available risk management information systems are not keeping up, which has allowed for a substantial market opportunity. That’s why we have decided to create a new and revolutionary risk management information system that utilizes the latest technology, while still remaining affordable and user-friendly. Maptycs is the result.

Maptycs allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve loss control, better understand risk, and gain actionable insight.

Take a look at how Maptycs makes it all possible:

Maptycs utilizes complex algorithms and a proprietary Geographic Information System (GIS) to perform advanced analytics behind the scenes of the user friendly interface. Maptycs is a new generation risk management information system, using both data visualization and cloud technologies.

Maptycs utilizes trusted government, and industry standard data and displays the results in easy-to-understand visualizations and has the ability to integrate any zip code based datasets.  Advanced, custom user permissions help Maptycs to act as an effective collaboration tool as well enabling multiple people within a business to be given access to only what specific information is relevant to them.

Maptycs does the heavy lifting, while providing users with an easy-to-use interface to access and analyze all the information they need to understand and protect their business. Not only that, users can access Maptycs on any device, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Maptycs is unique because it’s affordable, even for the often ignored small to midsize business. We know how to keep costs low, while keeping quality high. This is how we make Maptycs accessible to all types of businesses.

Maptycs is a modern risk management information system, which empowers today’s risk professionals. We know that businesses have several options for risk management information systems, so Maptycs strives to stand out in the crowd. We aggregate all of the relevant data into one platform that makes the information not only easier to collect and access, but also more digestible.

Maptycs provides a high degree of insight to help users (risk managers) with their entire risk management strategy by:

Maptycs is all about the user experience – All risk management information systems can help businesses manage risk, but many of them are difficult to learn and navigate. Maptycs is different. Our intuitive interface is easy to learn and easy to use, allowing users to start using, and gaining the benefits of Maptycs quickly.

Maptycs does not define how users work and force them into a specific process, it is flexible and fits to each user’s personal workflow.

Maptycs allows for visualization of all locations, policies, and claims – Many businesses today have more than one location, and they all need to be monitored. No risk management information systems has the geospatial analysis capabilities that Maptycs does. Maptycs visualizes all locations under the system’s watch, and provides real-time event notifications to risk managers for proactive risk management and added peace of mind.

Maptycs has an impressive advisory board – Maptycs benefits from having some of the biggest names in risk and Insurance, including Erwann Michel-Kerjan, a world-famous insurance expert, Jacqueline Legrand, CEO of MDS Portugal, and Jean Safar, Chief Architect at Calypso Technology on their board

Maptycs is accessible tech – Maptycs helps businesses of varying sizes manage and transform large amounts of data into actionable business insights. We keep our pricing simple and competitive, allowing clients to purchase only the modules they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

When Maptycs was established in 2014, our goal was to provide a new risk management information system that included powerful and user-friendly capabilities that empower users.

Since then, Maptycs has accomplished some incredible things.

Finished and On the Market – Maptycs is on the market now. To make the user experience even better, we’re working on a new version of Maptycs that will be ready within the next few months.

A Growing List of Clients – So far, a handful of businesses, have selected Maptycs as their risk management information system. This number continues to grow.

Business Connections in the US and Europe – Maptycs has ongoing conversations, partnerships, and/or contracts with a variety of businesses and we are constantly expanding our customer base.

That’s just the beginning. Maptycs is going to keep growing, and you can help.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where Maptycs is going and how you can help us get there.

Ernest Legrand, CEO and Founder
Ernest is the CEO and founder of Maptycs, and a former Senior Executive at IBM where he was in charge of Banking and Insurance worldwide. Prior to Maptycs, he created a comprehensive insurance brokerage management system on SugarCRM, leveraging cloud computing technology. Ernest is also a speaker on technology and marketing at business conferences.

Alex Massonneau, Director of Development
Alex leads Maptycs’ software development team where he focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest quality programming and the highest level of performance. Alex graduated cum laude in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University.

Ashley Thorpe, Director of Marketing and Client Services
Ashley wears many hats for Maptycs. She is responsible for marketing, client relations, project management, and client on-boarding and training. Ashley earned her degree in Business Administration from the Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership at Wilkes University.



Contact Information:

Ernest Legrand - CEO and Founder

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