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Jul 13, 2016 6:34 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2016


TODAY BREAD is a new sourdough bakery in Walthamstow. We have excellent breads, great customers and now all we need is an amazing oven!

About this project

TODAY BREAD was a dream, it is now becoming a reality!

The TODAY bakers: Yair, Yann and Alex
The TODAY bakers: Yair, Yann and Alex

Three years ago I decided to quit my successful design studio to become an artisan baker and make my dream happen, learning from scratch by working in various sourdough bakeries in London and abroad.

The dream is to have a space for food, design and conviviality, withbread as a central element, and many friends around, enjoying it.

Our classic Table Loaf, freshly out of the oven
Our classic Table Loaf, freshly out of the oven

After baking for almost 2 years in a small room at home in Clapton, TODAY BREAD is now expanding to a new premises in Walthamstow Central as part of a creative hub. We will run the café and bakery for a new community centred space located in the heart of Walthamstow in East London.


For the last ten years I’ve been organising The Bread Workshops and food based design events as the co founder of DesignMarketo. With significant experience working as a designer I have always been interested in the use of bread as a tool for communication and this was the focus of much of my work (based on copain, the French word for friend, meaning ‘with bread’, a friend being someone you share bread with, similar to the word compagnon in English (from the Latincum panis).


We are now baking just over 400 loaves (!!) of bread a week in a tiny room in our flat inClapton using a small deck oven, with no space for more than two people, four fridges stacked on top of each others, and flour bags in every possible corner! 

Space is getting tight!
Space is getting tight!

We are a small team of bakers and bread lovers, working with sourdough and organic flour, trying to have as little input on the dough and leaving time and nature do most of the work. This slow process (it takes about 48h hours to make a bread and most of the work is done by hand) has great benefits on the aromas of our bread, but also on the nutritional intake which makes it much easier to digest than most conventional breads. All our breads are bike delivered daily in the area to local cafes, restaurants and shops as well as Bread Club Members.

Our small oven needs an upgrade!
Our small oven needs an upgrade!


Having reached capacity in our home micro bakery a long time ago, we spent months looking for premises, which is no easy thing as rents are very high! We now have found something we actually believe in and that will allow us to do all the food related workshops and events we wanted to, as well as being an important part of our local community (running kids workshops with local schools). With no external financial backer, we want to be completely independent to make sure we will never lower our standards. We have everything we need to start baking in our new premises but need you to help us purchase an oven, the most important but also expensive part of equipment in the bakery! Having worked for two years at home with an unreliable pizza oven, we can’t wait to use a proper (and trusted) one!

Sourdough Bread Bonanza!

Sourdough Bread Bonanza!

How will we use the funds?

We spent months looking for all the possible ovens existing on the market in the UK and went on road trips, visiting bakeries late at night to see them in action and speak with bakers around the country. Well, now we are convinced we found the right one, and cannot wait to bake with it!

Apart from purchasing the oven, all the funds will exclusively go towards producing the rewardsfor our amazing backers, nothing else! 

Alex visiting a bakery using the Ramalhos oven we chose for the bakery!
Alex visiting a bakery using the Ramalhos oven we chose for the bakery!


Help us reach our goal and buy the Ramalhos oven we think will help us make fantastic bread. We have a series of various rewards for you! 

Thank you for your support, this is fantastic! 


Our ever popular MORE BAKERS / LESS BANKERS T-shirt. Want one?
Our ever popular MORE BAKERS / LESS BANKERS T-shirt. Want one?


Our new More Bakers / Less Bankers tote bag (image not exact tote bag).
Our new More Bakers / Less Bankers tote bag (image not exact tote bag).


The TODAY brooch will look great on you!
The TODAY brooch will look great on you!


Your name engraved on our brand new oven, forever!
Your name engraved on our brand new oven, forever!


We have looked at this very closely and set a date we know is realistic for us to achieve each goal. We are offering our rewards with different shipping dates in order to avoid disappointment.

Below is the breakdown of our timeline:

  • June-July: Kickstarter campaign 
  • July-August: Receiving our new oven!! How exciting! Follow up with backers, incorporate potential feedback from backers, preparing the production of the rewards, artwork finalised, planning execution plan depending on amount of orders 
  • August:  meeting our first backers coming to pick up their bread at the bakery and starting engraving names on the oven!
  • September-October: Start shipping rewards and organising the Bread Workshops and Creative Workshops, ideally starting during the London Design Festival (September) and throughout October
  • December: sending last batches of rewards including the Experimental Bread Club book, ideally on time for Christmas.



We’d love it if you got in touch!

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Today’s Twitter

Risks and challenges

We are giving ourselves enough time to send you your reward if you are abroad, and to make your fresh bread if you come and collect it, but please understand there is a small risk that we might sell out of bread in the bakery, so the best might be to contact us before if you come specially of from far to pick up your reward.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to develop our recipe further and making experiments to push our product as far as we can to make it healthier, more sustainable and consistent. We love working with natural ingredients, but this also mean to learn to be flexible and reactive in regards to the normal changes that might occur. For example, flour quality does vary throughout the year (based on the weather, the harvest, where the grains come from, the milling, etc) and one of the challenge of the baker is to produce bread that is as consistent as possible working with so many variables.

Opening the first sourdough bakery in Walthamstow is challenging and we cant wait to see the response and reaction from locals. The feedback so far has been amazing (we are already delivering in Walthamstow twice a week on our bike now).

It is always a challenge to start something new and to try to develop something that no one else has done really. The challenge to try to take this idea inside one’s head and to make it into something everyone can understand and get excited about is no easy thing, but has shown very successful and exciting in the past (for example in the many events we organised with DesignMarketo or with The Bread Workshops).

Contact Information:

Alexandre Bettler (Today Bread)

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