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Jul 13, 2016 5:24 PM ET

Archived: Loving One Another Spiritually – LOAS International is the cutting edge and spiritually diverse restaurant and lounge chain in early creation stage.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2016

LOAS International

Long Beach, CA 90813, US
Consumer Products

The website vision is all you need.

In Napoleon Hills book, “Think and Grow Rich”, there is a six step process, to getting anything you desire from life. My Step One, was LOAS. LOAS stands for Loving One Another Spiritually. LOAS is the cutting edge and spiritually diverse restaurant and lounge chain in early creation stage. LOAS vision is being 5,000 locations internationally, within 20 years, all employee owned, after a three year team member tenure
Step 2. What was I willing to give for this? I was willing to create a way to end Veteran Homelessness in America. Who was going to be my “Thomas Edison”, being the state of Edwin Barnes? I chose God. . . I focus on the end experiences of accomplishment, in feeling. It comes about quicker when one doesn’t cattle chute to using federal reserve notes alone.
To launch 5K2C ( Five Grand Second Chance) I traveled to Long Beach California with 40 dollars and two duffel bags, having no clue what to do, but having total faith in God leading the way. Step ones evolution went from ending veteran homelessness to all homeless Americans, and finally, the cause of that effect, The poverty mindset. Only a solution can come from within the ranks. Many brothers and sisters across America, know of me, thousands upon thousands. Its all just being tied together presently, like a 100,000 piece jig saw puzzle. I can only physically manifest that, which I believe in. Approximately 35 million brothers and sisters of the human race, in United States of America, that I am able to assist. That equals 35 million brothers and sisters that are counting on this to come to fruition That’s one heck of a client base for a restaurant chain, that reinforces the same values, that YOU ARE AWESOME AND DESERVE TO LIVE A HAPPY AND HARMONIOUS LIFE. This is welcomed to be vetted, for your peace of mind. I left a trail of roses, across America. This is all, my gift, to God, of my own individual understanding, and I prefer the path of Jesus.



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LOAS International

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