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Jul 13, 2016 12:33 PM ET

Freetii – All In One Tea Infuser: Cut, press, steep and enjoy premium loose leaf tea, all in the same mug.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2016

Freetii – All In One Tea Infuser

Cut, press, steep and enjoy premium loose leaf tea, all in the same mug.

Freetii is a multipurpose tea infusing mug designed for loose leaf tea lovers. Freetii parallels the convenience of bagged tea so that you can enjoy premium loose leaf tea without the fuss. It’s most likely not “the last mug you will ever need” and it’s not the “world’s” greatest anything, but it is, in our opinion, a really nice mug.

Loose leaf tea is known for its premium quality and refined taste, yet we consume a huge amount more of bagged tea. The lure of convenience that bagged tea offers seems to overshadow our desire for quality.


FreetiiTM is the all in one premium tea infusing mug and yes, as the intro alludes, we’re boasting how convenient it is.








The patented innovation is in the two piece mug design which allows you to effortlessly prepare loose leaf tea with a simple load, twist, and pour. Freetii is ideal for iced tea lovers and those that enjoy a healthy herbal infusion.  
















Freetii is great for making herbal tea, you can make herbal tea in three simple steps; place tea in the base, twist on the top mug attachment and pour in boiling water.  With the travel version of Freetii, you only need to place the lid thereafter and you can be on your way while your tea is still infusing. 



Freetii’s continuous steeping design holds the tea leaves in the bottom portion of the mug while the top portion is filtered ready for you to enjoy at any time.




If you can resist the lure of convenience that dried loose leaf tea offers, making tea from fresh ingredients has added health benefits. Herbalists recommend fresh over dried because some active ingredients are compromised during the drying process.

Freetii’s features include a ‘mortar and pestle’ and a ‘knife and chopping board’ all designed to conveniently cut, chop and press fresh herbs. The advantage of using these utensils to prepare your tea is that the juices and in turn mess is contained within the inner surfaces of the mug. 






Freetii is great for making iced tea, there are two methods in which you can prepare iced tea using Freetii; cold water infusion, and hot water infusion.  


Cold Water Infusion
If time is on your side cold water infusion is a very convenient way to make iced tea.  Simply place loose leaf tea, cold water, and raw cane sugar in the mug.  Pop the travel lid on and place Freetii in the fridge overnight.  In the morning your iced tea is ready is ready to take with you.  This is a variation of sun tea (where the sun is used to warm the water which fastens the process).  


Hot Water Infusion
To make iced tea quckly, use hot water infusion.  Place loose leaf black tea in the wooden part of the mug, twist on the clear part of the mug and add boiling water.  Allow the tea to steep for the amount of time you desire, then add corn syrup, ice, cold water, and any flavour hints like lemon or peach.  Although the tea stays in the mug the ice cold water will slow the steeping process preventing your tea from going bitter (view the 30-second demo of this preparation method under the ‘More Info’ heading).








$26.00 + Shipping ($8-$12)
(1) Mortar, (1) Pestle, (1) Mug Top, (1) Coaster





$29.00+ Shipping  ($8-$12)

(1) Mortar, (1) Pestle, (1) Mug Top, (1) Coaster, (1) Knife, (1) Lid


$56.00 + Shipping ($10-$14)

(1) Mug, (1) Travel Mug, (1) Herbal Tea Book








Some health professionals have concerns about the chemicals used to make some tea bags.  Dr. Mercola published an article “Tea Bags – A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins”.  View article.  Freetii parallels the convenience of bagged tea so that you can enjoy quick and effortless loose leaf tea and have peace of mind that your tea is free of toxins.


Freetii is designed to get the most out of your herbal tea. It does this in three ways; no loss of oil and juice during the transfer from mortar to mug, the continuous steeping design, and by containing the nutrients through the use of the cover during steeping.




As well as health benefits there are environmental benefits for using loose leaf over bagged tea.  Rebecca Smithers from The Guardian reports that the “vast majority (of tea bags) are only 70-80% biodegradable”.   View article.
Freetii is designed with environmental design principles at the forefront.  At the end of Freetii’s life, Freetii can be easily dismantled into the individual material types for recycling.  An even better option is to repurpose Freetii, Freetii is a mortar and pestle after all.  A sustainable wood is very important, the mortar and pestle are made from fast-growing acacia which is regarded as one of the most sustainable wood types.  

It is widely regarded that whole loose leaf tea has a better flavour than bagged tea.  This can be attributed to three main reasons:

1. bagged tea is usually made from low tea grades, such as dust and fannings which tend to lose their flavour containing oils quicker.

2. bagged tea is usually a mixed blend from various sources and regions, whereas whole leaf tea is usually a specialty tea from a specific region. 

3. The conventional bag limits the infusion because of the restricted area that the tea is contained within.  









by Neil Strohbeck

When I was young I asked my older brother’s friend Derryn who was a passionate innovator what idea he was currently working on?  He replied, “tell me a problem and I’ll tell you an idea”.  It bugged me because he never did answer my question.  However, the words stuck with me and his influence forever made me see problems in a new light.   

The idea for Freetii came about when I was making fresh peppermint tea to ease an unsettled stomach.  After pressing the fresh peppermint leaves, and transferring them into my mug, I noticed a lot of the oil and juice was left in the mortar and I couldn’t find an effective way of transferring it into my mug.  I was faced with a problem, so off I went, the creative cogs started turning and the desire to develop a solution resulted in Freetii. 

It was exciting developing Freetii because it evolved far beyond our expectations. The initial concept was a tea-pot with herb pressing functionality.  After questioning why things are the way they are the concept for the two piece mug was conceptualised.  As we resolved the finer details it evolved, progressively adding more functions until it became the multipurpose, multifunctional  mug that is Freetii.




Enter our competition to win a Freetii.  Entry takes just 15 seconds.  Entry Form.









The Freetii herbal tea book will inspire you to get out and try some different teas. It features herbs that help with relaxation, sleep, settling an upset stomach and much more. The book is focused on ingredients you may already have growing in your garden and herbs you can easily forage for.  It’s a free download from






Avooq is a start-up product innovations company based in Melbourne, Australia.  We are old friends from our primary school years that lost contact but coincidentally enrolled in the same university course studying Product Design Engineering.  A few years later our shared passion for design lead us to start Avooq together.  View our creations at  






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30 Second Promo:

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A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here


A special thanks to Gina Brown for the photography.  

A big thanks to Natalie Dahanawake, Nicole Goldup, Rebecca Keen, and Caitlin Morley for their contributions.







Freetii is still in its development phase and minor design changes may be made.  As with any product development, there are risks associated with tooling, tolerancing, coatings, durability, freight and the like.  Manufacturing and distributing Freetii is a complex process and there is a possibility that factors beyond our control affect our ability to meet delivery forecasts.  We have selected a date that is achievable without working in any fat as a contingency.  We respectively ask that you please only back the campaign if delivery date slippage is not a concern to you.  









Contact Information:

Neil Strohbeck

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