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Jul 13, 2016 8:20 AM ET

Archived: Cool-de-Sac is the latest and most innovative concept to the family-style restaurant industry: a place to grab a healthy and delicious bite to eat and brings loads of excitement for parents and kids through numerous activity stations that cater to fun and creativity

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 13, 2016

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Cool de Sac


Miami, FL 33131, US
Consumer Products


Cool-de-Sac is the latest and most innovative concept to the family-style restaurant industry. Cool-de-Sac is a place to grab a healthy and delicious bite to eat and brings loads of excitement for parents and kids through numerous activity stations that cater to fun and creativity all at the same time. Is the first “kids” place where parents can have a server bring, for example, a gourmet goat cheese salad or a prime beef steak along with a glass of wine so they can actually enjoy their meal. Cool-de-Sac specializes in serving healthy variations of traditional classics so that parents don’t have to worry about what their kids choose off the Cool Kids menu. Fries are cooked in fryers with 0 grams of trans fat, and Cool-de-Sac makes it known that they sneak healthy ingredients, like sweet potatoes and carrots, into kids’ favorite meals. Even the milkshakes that are served have protein added to them for that little extra healthy boost.
Cool-de-Sac is intended as the new exciting place where kids want to go and parents will be glad to take them. Combining great food, an exciting atmosphere, and a business focus on kids and parents, Cool-de-Sac positions itself to be at the forefront of a blooming industry.
Cool-de-Sac’s mission is to become a global brand expanding its presence through its franchise program, so far we have sold 11 franchises in 4 countries.


Products / Services

Food & Beverage

Cool de Sac is a Themed Restaurant that combines a full Menu designed for parents with children activity stations to entertain children. Children pay an admission fee to get in. Cool de Sac also sells Birthday party events and has a retail store with children related products such as toys and apparel.

Birthday Parties

Cool de Sac organizes birthday parties for children between 3-12 years old. Our party packages include everything from the party invitations to the goody bags, food and beverage, cake, entertainment, etc. Moms can request special themeing as well as food from our gourmet menu to entertain their guests.

Retail Store

Our retail store sells apparel for kids such as t-shirts, caps, costumes, etc. We also sell toys and ceramics that kids can paint and assemble while in Cool de Sac.

Franchise Fees & Royalties

Once a franchise agreement is signed, CDS Concepts collects $75,000 as a one time franchise fee.
Once the business is opened, CDS Concepts collects 6% of the gross revenue of that unit as royalty.

Admission Fees

Cool de Sac offers nine different entertainment stations for children to play with friends. Our activity hosts help children engage in different activities, there is no violence in our video games, just music and sports, our team encourage kids to interact socially and discovery the fun in playing smartly with others.



President Executive Officer
Jose Luis Bueno

Jose Luis Bueno worked in the corporate world for over 16 years where he was V.P. of Marketing for the Appliance Division of General Electric (Mabe) in Latin America and also worked as Brand Manager and Advertising Executive for companies such as Kimberly Clark and Procter & Gamble. During this period, Jose Luis was involved and helped launch more than 8 market leading Brands in the region such as Huggies, Pantene, Mabe, Old Spice and General Electric.
Jose Luis earned a BBA at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and an MBA from the University of Miami.

Director Operations
Amy Madson

Amy Madson possess over fifteen years of management experience in high customer/guest contact industries including retail, hotel, amusement, and restaurant. She managed all operational aspects of $3 – 8 million revenue-producing multi-department venues (restaurant/bar/games/retail/events) including personnel, group events, sales, cost control, menu development, facility maintenance, cash management, and daily floor operations with a staff of 60+ hourly employees and up to 9 managers.
Amy is highly skilled in all aspects of human resources including hiring, firing, documentation, payroll processing, training and development, and team incentive programs. She is knowledgeable in financial reporting including budgets, forecasts and P & L’s. Amy is detailed and organized with excellent time management and administrative skills. Proficient in utilizing computer programs including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook to create and manage all types of reporting.

Executive Vice President Business Development
Alejandro Abascal

Mr. Abascal began his career as a bond and stock trader at brokerage Incambios Valores Casa de Bolsa, for the period 1989-1990. The firm was mostly involved in the mediation of securities issued or guaranteed by Venezuela’s government to large institutional clients and was a member of the Caracas Stock Exchange. During that period Mr. Abascal was responsible for fully assembling the back office for fixed income securities and equity.
Throught his career, Mr. Abascal has been an active member in the brokerage and banking industry from 1991 to 2010.During this time, He was the Director of the Venezuelan Association of Stockbrokers and active member of the Capital Market comitee of Venamcham (Venezuelan-American Chamber).
Mr. Abascal holds a degree in Management Sciences with Banking & Finance majors at the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. He holds a Public Broker’s license for trading securities.



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Contact Information:

Jose Bueno

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