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Jul 12, 2016 11:34 AM ET

Archived: Yip Yap – A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi extension phone for kids, controlled by parents

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

Yip Yap

A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi extension phone for kids, controlled by parents




Kids are growing up in a digital world without an age-appropriate device to navigate it. Parents are repeatedly handing over their $600 smartphone to their young children to keep them connected and entertained.

Toddlers have their toys, while tween and teens are quickly adopting full-fledged smartphones. It’s time for a device that addresses the significant market gap that exists for children aged three to twelve that allows them to seamlessly connect to the world around them always with full-parental control. Pipsqueak is the perfect entry device to capture market share and address the existing market gap.


Parental controls are paramount. Parents are looking for ways to allow their children to connect to the digital-age, but with moderation. Yip Yap has thought tirelessly about putting the control in the hands of the parent. Using the Yip Yap app, parents can control who their child connects with and monitor their usage just like watching over their kids as they are playing or talking with a friend. Pipsqueak will continue to evolve with new features that parents will love like call monitoring, call playback and even text-to-voice messages to and from Pipsqueak!


How it works?

Pipsqueak’s secure system allows parents to control Pipsqueak via the Pipsqueak smartphone app. With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, parents can enable calling and transfer content directly from their smartphone. Even better than that, no additional monthly cellular fees required.


Media consumption is much different than it was 30 years ago. YouTube is the bee’s knees, and if parents are tired of handing over their phone every time the little bundle of joy wants to watch a video on YouTube, fear not: Pipsqueak not only gives kids viewing access to YouTube, but it also gives parents the ability to manage what is watched, so kids only see the parent approved videos. This means no commercials, ads or pop-ups! How do you like them apples?

Not only can the Pipsqeek play Youtube videos, but it is also a Movie Player – No Wi-Fi?  No Problem!  Pipsqueak is capable of holding dozens of full length movies on the included 4GB micro SD memory card (expandable up to 16GB).  Battery life?  No Problem!  Pipsqueak can play up to 8 hours of continuous video on a single charge.  Bye-bye movie case and portable DVD player…  

Parents can route incoming or active calls to Pipsqueak right from their smartphone, just like they would a Bluetooth headset. They can even set and manage approved contacts from our iPhone and Android apps. Kids can be connected with their grandparents as well as their friends down the street – all with the comfort of knowing that you, the parent, are in control.

No phone is complete without music, and Pipsqueak is no different. Listen out loud through the built-in speakers or plug in some headphones to rock out quietly. With storage for hundreds of songs, the party doesn’t end until you say it does. Matching 3.5mm stereo headphones with kid sized earbuds are included with Pipsqueak.

Let’s face it: If they aren’t watching videos or talking on the phone when they snag it from parents, they are playing games! Pipsqueak has a color LCD display, built-in speakers, plenty of storage and a 5-way directional keypad for great gameplay action.

Kids often are swiping a smartphone to look at pictures and videos of themselves.  With Pipsqueak, parents can send those photos and videos over to Pipsqueak so the kids can look at them all they want, on their own phone!  Say “cheese!”

“Stop copying me!” “Stop copying me!”  With Copy Cat kids can record messages then alter the playback speed to make their voice sound funny.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that allow us to laugh the most…

*These “mock-up” ideas above are just to help the imagination wander and are not meant to be representative of any licensing relationship, implied or otherwise between Yip Yap and these brands. We plan to establish licensing relationships as part of our strategy*

Pipsqueak is fully customizable from the inside out  to keep up with children’s changing tastes:

In the future Yip Yap plans to offer themed accessory packs, children will be able to change their device from princesses to ponies or pirates to dinosaurs in just minutes. Yip Yap accessories are an additional revenue stream and also provide an opportunity for licensed themed packs.


We plan to continue to engage our customers so that we can learn what features and functions parents and kids want next. We are currently learning directly from our customers when they visit our stand at our Lakeline Mall location. Today children love Pipsqueak and parents are excited to have an age appropriate option…and it will get better!

Ready to hear what’s next for Yip Yap and Pipsqueak? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to learn more!


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