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Jul 12, 2016 7:17 AM ET

Archived: Dogs of Palestine Animal & Environment Association – providing a safe place for street dogs

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

Dogs of Palestine Animal & Environment Association

The Association is the first of its kind in Palestine providing a safe place for street dogs

The first of it’s kind in Palestine. The shelter provides medical assistance to many street dogs that have been injured, malnourished and abused. The aim of the shelter is to neuter, microchip and vaccinate the dogs, then either find a new home or tag & release the dogs into a dedicated safe area. The shelter relies heavily on local and overseas donations. The money raised is used to buy food, medical supplies and maintain the existing shelter. With your help we can save the dogs of Palestine!

About Me;

I have been living in Jerusalem since October 2015 and saw the work of the Animal and Environment Association on FaceBook.  I have been volunteering there along with others helping to wash, feed and walk the dogs.

I love dogs and to see the condition of some of the street dogs is heartbreaking. 

I do what I can for the shelter and I hope by setting up this page I can raise some much needed funding to help with medical and running costs.


(I’m in the black tshirt with one of the rescued dogs, who likes to chew sunglasses!)

What We Need 

Essentially the association needs money to buy supplies including food, medication, flea and tick repelant and to provide a safe environment for these dogs.

If you live in the area or come to visit Bethlehem please come and visit us. If you  have any spare blankets or towels all will be welcome. Other things that would be a great help are toys and food. The shelter also hosts bathing days so it would give you a chance to come and wash the dogs and play with them. 

All this can be found on the Facebook page and the website.



The Association has also been running a programme of neutering with local vets from donations received.  


The Impact

By supporting this organisation you will help save the dogs of Bethlehem by giving them a second chance with a loving home!  No matter how small the donation we will make sure it is put to good use.

One of the biggest achievements of the Association so far has been to stop the local authority’s programme of poisoning the street dogs and instead using this money to help support the activities of the shelter.

So far approx. 80 dogs have been re-homed by the shelter, with some going as far as Europe and America.


Rico (pictured below) was found by the Association after his previous owners had cut his ears in an attempt to make him a vicious guard dog.  He is loving and very patient with people, considering what he has been through.


Long term goals of the shelter is to educate local communities to look after the dogs of Bethlehem rather than be afraid of them. If they see an injured dog they should report it or take the dog to the shelter.  Current practice includes throwing stones and tormenting street dogs.

The political situation here makes it very difficult for families who have dogs to have access to quality veterinary services. The Association helps where it can by setting up meetings with vets, but it is also subject to these restrictions.  

Below is a picture of me helping to take a sick puppy to a vet in Israel.



Other Ways You Can Help


If you’re unable to donate, please share the link to this page with your friends and family to help spread the word. The more people who see this, the more money we’re likely to raise.

And don’t forget, if you are visiting Bethlehem please get in touch and come and see the shelter and meet the people who help to run it.
Thank you!


Contact Information:

Ellis Laybourn

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