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Jul 12, 2016 11:40 AM ET

Archived: Cascata Energy LLC’s innovative GFC Power / Water system provides clean power and fresh water anytime, anywhere

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

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Cascata Energy, LLC



Parker, CO 80134, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy
www.iepm.com (affiliate)



Cascata Energy LLC’s innovative GFC Power / Water system provides clean power and fresh water anytime, anywhere. This is accomplished utilizing, modern solid oxide fuel cells for the production of baseload, low emissions electricity and capturing waste heat from the process to produce fresh water from sea water and brackish water sources. Fresh water and clean power are both in great demand today and Cascata Energy delivers both in an integrated product.

Cascata Energy, LLC, an affiliate and licensee of IEP Technology Inc. (IEPT), owns the exclusive rights to IEPT’s patented, Geothermic Fuel Cell (GFC) technology, an innovative application of industrial fuel cells for non-hydrocarbon applications to include, but not limited to, the concurrent production of fresh water and clean, baseload electrical power.

The GFC™ Process has been developed by IEPT in cooperation with Total S.A. under a Technology Development Cooperation Agreement, the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Labs with prototypes manufactured by Delphi Corporation and successfully tested by Colorado School of Mines (CSM) at their Fuel Cell Center. Intellectual Property protection is provided from the issuance of three patents in the United States and Canada and two patents pending. Initial GFC prototype modules were delivered by Delphi for testing at CSM in March 2013. Full featured, multi-module GFC prototype was successfully tested in 2014. In-ground pre-field demonstration testing began in October 2014 and was completed in March 2015.

Cascata Energy’s primary target markets include municipal domestic water and power needs, both in the US and developing 3rd world countries with high power/water costs and/or limited availability and industrial waste water treatment.


Products / Services

Concurrent production of fresh water and green, baseload electricity

Geothermic Fuel Cells utilize solid oxide fuel cell technology and through an electrochemical reaction with natural gas, result in clean, highly efficient, economic and sustainable source of fresh water from brackish aquifers or seawater and electrical energy production.

Cascata Energy, LLC plans to utilize much of the existing test facilities and equipment at Colorado School of Mines (CSM), installed for prior GFC testing, to conduct a water/power demonstration project. Test facilities will be reconfigured to test a full featured smaller scale water/power application. Given existing facilities, knowledge gained from prior testing at CSM, straightforward engineering and additional equipment requirements, set up and testing will be completed on an expedited basis , , low in risk and cost.



President Executive Officer
Alan K Forbes

During his 25+ year tenure in the energy industry, Mr. Forbes has launched and grown more than a dozen energy-related ventures, including power generation systems utilizing co-generation, geothermal, solar, hydroelectric and wind generation technologies. He also founded M2M Data Corporation which successfully developed and deployed advanced remote monitoring technology for high value energy and military assets. Before becoming a private investor and entrepreneur, Mr. Forbes held management positions with leading engineering firms including Fluor, Gibbs and Hill (acquired by Raytheon) and Kiewit. During his extensive career, he has led major projects for many top domestic and international energy organizations, including PG&E, Florida Power and Light, PacifiCorp, Excel Energy, ARAMCO, and the governments of China and Pakistan.




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Alan Forbes

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