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Jul 12, 2016 1:39 PM ET

Archived: The Best Shave of Your Life Starts Right Now – A new breed of men’s skin care has arrived. Meet Black Wolf.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 12, 2016

Black Wolf

A new breed of men’s skin care has arrived. Meet Black Wolf.


The Best Shave of Your Life Starts Right Now

Meet Black Wolf.  

We are bringing skincare and shaving to the next level with an entirely new category in men’s personal care.

Welcome to the World of Advanced Grooming.

Black Wolf will become the ultimate destination for men’s personal care. How?  By providing our customers with a combination of knowledge and outstanding products they need to look their best without sacrificing value, quality, or convenience. 

High performance products, an easy to follow routine, delivered right to your door every month. No fees, no commitment, no surprises. That’s what men can expect when they are part of the Black Wolf Nation.

Interested in seeing where it goes? Read on to learn more about who we are and what we’re about. Be sure to request access to the Business Plan page of this profile for a behind-the-scenes look at Black Wolf and our strategy to secure a permanent place in men’s bathrooms all over the country.


Black Wolf was not created to just be a part of the existing men’s skincare industry.

During this time, men’s skincare products have received praise for their effectiveness but have remained inaccessible to the average guy. Typically, this guy wants to look great, but doesn’t know where to start looking among the increasingly confusing product offerings.

As a result, he either ends up buying something that is overpriced and not what he needs, or usually has to resorts to using generic, ineffective shaving supplies and grooming products from big box retailers.

So why are so few men buying into skincare?

Because men don’t feel as engaged or comfortable with skincare the way they are about grooming.

That’s why Black Wolf is bringing these two segments to the next level by introducing an entirely new class of products. We call it Advanced Grooming – a revolutionary regiment that blends the effectiveness of high performance skincare with the simplicity of traditional grooming products that men already know and trust – all in an easy-to-use system.


We have discovered that the best way to convince men to purchase skincare is by presenting it to them in a way that is approachable, easy to understand and immediately produces results they can get excited about.

Our marketplace research and time spent talking with men about the daily problems they face with their skin led us to develop a comprehensive routine that takes all the guesswork out of skincare and shaving. The results? – Simple but incredibly effective products designed for men’s skin-working together-to ensure a look and feel that is amazing.

How do we achieve this? 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Power Wash

Step 2 – Pro Lather

Step 3 – Aftershave Pro


Every guy who has tried to buy grooming products understands that traditional retail shopping is confusing, overwhelming, and inconvenient. If you go into any store today, they are mostly branded and positioned towards women. Not only that, but the men’s products are expensive and at the back. You almost have to be an expert to know which product is right for you.


As a Polish immigrant, our grandfather, whose nickname was “Willy,” arrived in Canada with no education, no understanding of English and few prospects. But, he believed that with a clean shirt and a clean shave, he could make the right impression despite any disadvantages. He  believed that teaching us how to look our best would do more for us than anything else. In our quest to teach the men of America how to shave, take care of their skin and look their best, we wanted a symbol that all men could embrace. We honor our grandfather’s message by naming the brand after his real name: Wolf.


Black Wolf has been built from the ground up, strategically forming partnerships with industry experts in order to successfully launch with a stable foundation, allowing us to hit the ground running.

We have developed 5 market-ready, proprietary products that have been formulated with our manufacturing partner who specializes in high-end skincare. 

We have also partnered with an industry leading direct-to-consumer fulfilment and warehousing company that has 5 strategic distribution points across the United States, reducing our delivery time and facilitating our growth and expansion into retail and wholesale markets.

With an expected launch in July 2016, we know that a diversified distribution and marketing plan will be essential to success. Look at what we have already put together:

One of our most important partnerships is with the marketing and branding firm Archer Malmo, who have a successful record of building and executing go to market strategies for startups. We have built a comprehensive rollout and growth plan that will ensure our brand will be able to gain the customers necessary to succeed.

Where will all this traction take us?


Black Wolf aims to take over the bathroom. What does that mean? We know our Advanced Grooming System is all a man needs to manage his shaving routine and have great looking skin. To begin to accomplish this, we plan to expand our offerings to allow men to customize and add on extras to their monthly systems. This not only improves their experience, but also increases revenue and profitability with added member retention.

Our multi-level marketing model is specifically aimed at expanding distribution across multiple channels such as hotels, specific retail chains, home shopping networks as well as engaging customers through our own proprietary centralized e-commerce store. This approach allows maximum reach among our demographic and keeps with our brand promise of convenience, quality and value.

For more information about how you can be a part of Black Wolf Nation and help make this happen — and where we’ll go from here — please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!



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