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Jul 11, 2016 7:20 PM ET

Archived: What if we travel differently? Enter your period and your budget and Clickbye tells you where to travel to easily. Let our inspiration be your reality.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016


Enter your period and your budget and Clickbye tells you where to travel to easily. Let our inspiration be your reality.


What if we travel differently? What if we can discover new spots according our budget and the period? It might be the time to fully enjoy some travel inspirations.

What if we travel differently?

Who never spent hours on various websites trying several destinations in order to find a nice flight within its budget? What if the time our parents or grandparents choose the destination and then the budget to travel to it is over? Who never told himself “I want to travel but I do not know where and I do not have enough money”??

Clickbye is then here to help you fight 3 most common issues that travel lovers meet:
1) Lack of time (ours or our entourage)
2) Lack of budget (ours or our entourage)
3) Lack of inspiration

Whether you travel alone, with friends or with your lover, Clickbye helps you to travel differently!

Dare to travel differently! You choose your budget and your dates and Clickbye gives you the choice between a large set of destinations leaving from various airports (even from different cities)! Very useful for those who live between several international airports such as Paris, Brussels or Frankfurt. Your choice will be intuitive to make and then share your findings within the instant messaging (No more extra emails, whatsapp or Messenger before everyone agree on a flight). And to make things even simpler, you can create a profil and save your findings or favourite criteria in order to receive push notifications at the frequence you choose.

Thanks to Clickbye, discover new sports economically. Stay tuned for new amazing travel inspirations.

4 very simple and intuitives steps:

Clickbye just want to help you dream and (re)discover the world that you can share unforgettable moments in amazing and unknown spots with your loved ones.

For more images and more information, you can already visit our landing page in Englishwww.clickbye.com or in French www.clickbye.fr. Yes, the app will be in English and in French first and then in German, Spanish and Italian soon.


What are the funds for?

We already started this project few months ago and put the necessary means to create the graphic charter, the logo, the landing page or presentation videos. We count on you for your support in order for this application to exist.

Save money with Clickbye to travel more often and discover new spots with the one you love. 
Let our inspiration be your reality! Keep in mind that each support counts. So be a part of it!
To be fully transparent with you, your support will be used to:

A man without imagination has no wings” says Muhamed Ali! So let’s have 2 extra levels!

Each level reached will bring a new counterpart for each Clickbye that support the Ulule campagn. And of course, some new functionalities and advantages for all!

Share it with your friends! Everyone can then travel economically and easily. In addition, your friends gain some advantages and you too. Isn’t it better?

Be a part of the Clickbye journey, it is supporting a project and a dream that will allow us all to be open to the world, to travel and to discover new unknown places.


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