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Jul 11, 2016 9:10 AM ET

Archived: Murbles New Kickfurther Co-Op: An over-sized marble used in the outdoor sports game Murbles, entertaining and fun for all ages and a great way to get some exercise

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Murbles New Kickfurther Co-Op!

Pensacola, Florida



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What are Murbles?

A Murble is an over-sized marble used in the outdoor sports game called Murbles. Playing the game of Murbles requires no special skills.

Playing Murbles is entertaining and fun for all ages and is a great way to get some exercise.

Murble Activity and Tournament Sets

Murbles are made in America and designed to be a family-friendly game because it is easy to score and exciting to play.  Murbles weigh only 1/2 pound each and are 3 inches in diameter so they fit in a kid’s hand as well as an adult’s hand. They are even easy for the elderly to throw without any potential shoulder pain!

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Murbles is the ideal game for tailgating, campgrounds, schools, state recreation areas and corporate retreats. Most activities require designated playing areas and may cost thousands of dollars to set up and maintain. Murbles are inexpensive and can be played almost anywhere, just dump and play! Murbles can be played on over obstacles and uneven surfaces. So much so where it can become part of the game and even make it more exciting.  An occasional washing is all that is required to maintain your Murbles. To remove stubborn grass stains, use cold water and a little bleach.

About Murbles


Image titleThe Story

It all started back in 1979; Murray had a retired gentleman who lived next door that liked to play horseshoes. Murray tried for two years but couldn’t win a game against this gentleman, so he decided to make his own game.  A game that anyone could play and anyone could WIN!!! His game was loosely based on the ancient European game called Bocce. His game was to be played with oversized marbles he called Murbles. (Murray’s big marbles, “Murbles”)

When playing Murbles, things like size, speed, agility and even skill are not required assets. The players determine the distance and pace of the game. Murbles come in a convenient canvas carrying bag and are made to be tote able, (about 5 pounds) so take them tailgating, to the beach, (they’re buoyant) to the park or just out in the backyard.

Murbles are proudly 100% American Made with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Murbles are made from high-density 3 inch diameter solid plastic with a weight of 1/2 pound each. Murbles are available in 20 popular colors so you can select your custom color set to match your school, sports team or favorite colors.

The game is made to be played by 2-4 players. Just read the rules on the back of the bag and you’re ready to play. Open your Murble bag, dump out your balls and you’re in the game. It’s just that easy.

Playing Murbles is a great way to acquire some exercise. You can burn up hundreds of calories in just one spirited game of Murbles.

Larger Activity and Tournament sets are now available for 8 and 16 players.

Image titleFamily Murbles 4 color 4 plater Activity set.

Image titleMedium Activity 4 color 8 players murble set.

Image titleLarge Activity 8 color 16 players  Murble set.

Basic Rules


Anyone who enjoys life can play Murbles! Age truly does not matter in this game. Plus, it’s a great way to get a healthy dose of exercise.


Murbles can be played  in the back yard, at the park, at the beach, when tailgating, and nearly anywhere else you can think of! Obstacles such as tree roots, uneven surfaces, sand dunes, rocks, bushes and trees make the game more exciting. Players can use the obstacles to their advantage and to create disadvantages for their opponents.

How to Score Murbles

Only ONE player can receive points in a given round. The player who has the most balls closest to the point ball will receive one or more points. In every round of play one player will score from 1 to 3 points, they will also start the next round of play.

A set is complete when either player reaches 10 points.

The game winner is declared when one player wins two of the three sets.


  • Players pick the Murble ball colors that whey will play with.

  • Dump the Murbles out of the bag and whichever player’s Murble is closest to the point ball assumes control of the point ball and starts the match.

  • Now that the controller has been determined, you’re ready to play.

  • Standing comfortably side by side, the player with control of the point ball decides where to toss the point ball into play. The ball must be thrown at least three feet.

  • Once the point ball is played players must remain in their relative positions.

  • Now that the controller has started the game, players alternate throws towards the point ball.

  • Feel free to hit and move the point ball or any game ball. (That is part of the excitement of the game)

  • Walk or run up to see which player receives points from the round of play.

  • The player who won the last round of play starts the next round of play and tosses out the point ball.


  • ALL throws are under hand only.

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  • NO changing sides for better access to the point ball by either player.

  • The last player to throw at the point ball in a round should be the person who started the round of play.

  • Points are received only by ONE player in each round.

  • If a tie exists (both players closest balls are the same distance from the point ball), then the tied Murbles are removed from play and points are assessed from the remaining Murbles.Image title

  • Do NOT attempt to use throw strength against your opponent. Remember, Murbles is played for FUN.


  • A replay occurs when the point ball is thrown into area determined to be an unsafe or hazardous area of play.

  • A hazardous area may have broken glass, a mean dog, or be too close to a busy road, etc…

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  • Both players (or a supervising adult) must agree to a replay.

  • Control of the point ball does not change.


A bad throw exists when the controller who is starting a round throws out a game ball instead of the point ball.

When this happens, one point is taken away from that player and he or she forfeits control of the point ball.


  • A and B are a team, C and D are a team.

  • A plays against C for the first round of play in the first set.

  • B plays against D in the second round of play in the first set.

  • The third round is again A & C.

  • Fourth round is B & D, and so on until the first set is finished.

  • The second set starts off with the losers in control of the point ball.

  • Now the tricky part; for the second set, A is pitted against D and C is pitted against B.

  • If a third set is required they go back to A verses C and B verses D.

  • This way as a player, you get a chance to play against both opposing team players.

How to Play


Anyone can learn to play Murbles in just minutes. Anyone can feel the excitement of winning. Grandma can win, the kids can win, and if you play — you too can win!!!

Murbles are a perfect game for family reunions, picnics, camping, the beach, tailgating, or just hanging out in the backyard.

Murbles are built to last a life time and will. Murbles bring a life time of smiles to you, your family, and your friends.

Official rules are in the bag and basic rules are on the back of the Murble bag.

In a situation where the game ball are several feet from the point ball and appear to be a close tie, one player should “walk it off” to see who is closer.

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One player carefully places his or her heal against the Point ball and walks heal-to-toe to the Game ball in question noting the foot steps taken and final distance to the Game ball.

Then the same player walks off the other ball to determine which ball is actually closer to the Point ball.

This relatively easy task becomes somewhat humorous and difficult when adult beverages are consumed.


Only the player who has a Game ball (or balls) closet to the Point ball can score. To find out the points awarded, simply count the number of Game balls they have between the Point ball and their opponents nearest ball. If the point ball gets moved during a round of play, score points from the new position.

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Note that all Murbles have the name embossed. For optimum ball control, grip the ball with your finger tips in these groves.

This method allows you to spin the ball.

You can use a reverse spin to make your ball stick upon contact with the ground.

You can use a forward spin to gain distance on firm ground.

You can spin left or right to get into those tight spaces.

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To make the game more completive, learn to utilize the terrain and obstacles to your advantage.

Using bag rule #4, Players cannot move from their relative positions after the Point ball is played.

The Point ball controller should try to play the Point ball to his or her advantage by using the terrain (bushes, trees, pot holes, roots, water, etc…).

Try to place the Point ball so your opponent does not have a good straight shot at it.

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Try to position the Point ball at the crest of a hill, in a depression, or in a rooted area.

And remember; if you play over a fence make sure the gate is open.

Purchase Order Breakdown

ProductRetail PricePercent of Co-Op
Murbles – 2 Player 7 Ball Tournament Set$49.95100%


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