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Jul 11, 2016 10:23 AM ET

Archived: Medical Cannabis Therapies, Products, Research: At Alliant Biotechnology, our vision is to become America’s market leader in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016

Alliant Biotechnology Corporation




Medical Cannabis Therapies, Products, Research





The cannabis plant is amongst the best nature has to offer – and we’re bringing it to the world of healthcare.

At Alliant Biotechnology, our vision is to become America’s market leader in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.  With our combination of high-quality products, therapies, an expert team, and an emphasis on research, we’re doing just that – and we have over 6,000 patients to prove it.

Unlike the rest, we put the “medical” in medical cannabis…and are proud to present you with this outstanding opportunity!


It’s not easy to rebuild a reputation – but the cannabis plant is doing it.

Society’s collective view of cannabis as a debilitative and dangerous illegal drug is undergoing a remarkable shift.  After decades of misinformation and negative associations, we’re beginning to realize the litany of health benefits that the cannabis plant possesses – including pain relief, seizure reduction, cancer therapy, anxiety relief, appetite stimulation, sleep aiding, and many more.  Not only is the “taboo” around the little green plant being removed, but the regulations are too.Medical cannabis, recreational cannabis’ more structured cousin, has now been declared legal by 23 different states as well as Washington, DC.

Though regulations remain, Americans in almost half of our jurisdictions are already benefitting from medical cannabis.  There are approximately 2.5 million legal marijuana users in our nation, a figure that increases every day.  So many people are finding it to be a safe, comforting alternative to their unpleasant current medications – and effective in the treatment of the following conditions:


These 2.5 million users are coming together to form an impressive market – valued at $2.4 billion in 2014.  With more states expected to lift laws in the coming years, medical cannabis has been labeled the fastest growing industry in the US – expected to reach $11 billion by 2019.  Despite this outstanding market potential, companies within the industry are lacking in terms of medical expertise and versatility.  Most simply act as product dispensaries, looking to sell as many cannabis products as possible with little regard to the medical end.  There’s a huge opportunity for someone to step up and lead the market – and establish a new medical precedent for cannabis.


At Alliant Biotechnology, we’re jumping all over this opportunity.  We’re a biotech company with a focus on serving the medical cannabis community – and leading the market into its golden age.  While our competitors provide little medical value other than through the product end, we take a more revolutionary approach with a strict focus on research and data.  We’re committed to not only providing top-quality products but also to genetic research, innovative therapies, dosage perfection, and other research-driven elements of medical cannabis.

We’re currently located in California but are positioned to become an industry leader throughout all legal jurisdictions.  Three smaller companies, which operate underneath the Alliant Biotechnology umbrella, allow us to assume this market leadership role.  These three entities work together to produce custom, condition-specific cannabis medicine for our patients – something very few others can boast.

Our medical/research wing that serves the purpose of patient consultations, conducting research, educating patients and healthcare professionals, and recommending medical cannabis therapies to patients.

Our product company that serves the purpose of working with growers, testing laboratories and production facilities to manufacture, dose, and package our medical cannabis products.

Our data and research wing that serves the purpose of collecting and analyzing patient and therapy data.


Research is where we really separate ourselves from the field – and the Frankel Psychoactivity Scale is a big reason why.  Unique to Alliant, this copyright pending instrument grades the level of a cannabis medicine’s psychoactivity on a scale of 1-10.  When used in accord with a patient’s historical medical data, it helps us modify our medications and treatment regimens based on patient outcomes.  It’s a huge asset in identifying the optimal therapeutic dosage – and the ideal product – in every single case.  Our products come in the form of high-quality, lab-perfectedcapsules, oral sprays, and suppositories.

Every patient that interacts with an Alliant entity can be sure they’re receiving the best care the medical cannabis industry can offer.  Our thorough medical treatment plan was developed by our medical experts in conjunction with an attorney who actually helped write California’s state laws on cannabis – ensuring regulatory compliance and a patient-friendly process.  This process, which we follow for all patients seeking medical cannabis therapy, is outlined below:


We’re very excited for what the future holds for both Alliant Biotechnology and the medical cannabis industry.  That being said, we aren’t neglecting the past.  We’ve built three successful and fully operational companies under the Alliant umbrella, including a prominent physical location for GreenBridge Medical.  This accomplishment, and those presented below, give us great confidence and encouragement going forward:


Patients – and revenues – continue to rise.  
Over 6,000 medical practice patients and 3,000 product patients have utilized Alliant’s services, with growth continuing each month.  Total revenues in both areas have eclipsed $3,000,000 over the past 3 years.

We’ve got proprietary assets.  
Both the Frankel Psychoactivity Scale and the medical treatment plan we utilize are unique to Alliant Biotechnology, with the former being copyright pending.

Building a sound referral network.
Networking and relationship-building prowess have already brought us a very high volume of patient referrals from major medical centers and physicians.  More network additions continue to be made.

We’re the innovators.  
The word is spreading. We’re currently fielding a number of affiliate requests from physicians who are seeking to use our products and treatment methods.

As you can see, we’re quite proud of our past – but are ultimately focused on the future!  For more information on Alliant’s future path, please request access to the private portion of this profile.


Alliant is led by a skilled founding duo who are fully committed to ushering in a new age in medical cannabis.  Together, the two gentlemen possess the perfect mix of entrepreneurial know-how and medical expertise.  As we grow into new facilities and spread throughout California, additions to our executive staff will be made.  But for now, here are the two who steer the ship:

Harvey Denman, Co-Founder and President
Our President was entirely new to the industry before 2011, when he was contracted to evaluate a medical cannabis operation.  Since then, however, he’s developed a true passion for the substance and its awesome potential.  Mr. Denman would then use his natural ability to recognize and grow opportunities – with over three decades of experience doing so – to form and grow Alliant.  He’s served in principal positions within a wide variety of industries, with strengths including deficiency and strengths assessment, objective establishment, growth strategies, and marketing.  He’ll do these same things for us while directing our corporate culture and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Allan I. Frankel, M.D.,  Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
He’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on dosed cannabis medicine and an enormous asset to our business.  Dr. Frankel has amassed 35 years of experience in internal medicine, but it wasn’t until the past 10 that he immersed himself in medical cannabis.  After meeting Mr. Denman, he now has a startup platform for his medical expertise – and is fully devoted to Alliant.  As our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Frankel is in charge of all medical aspects of our business, including research.





Contact Information:

Harvey Denman

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