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Jul 11, 2016 5:53 PM ET

Archived: Free Water For You – Providing clean drinking water to those in need.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016

Free Water For You

Providing clean drinking water to those in need

We’re leading a breakthrough in the provision of clean drinking water to consumers, while simultaneously adding an innovative, effective twist to the way businesses advertise.  Our three bottle types are ready to beautifully feature your company’s message – and provide a more personal touch than you ever have before.  The time is now to bottle up this tremendous investment opportunity!


Advertising, like so many other things in America, has come quite a long way in the past 100 years. Before TV, everything was done in print – meaning advertisers had to get their entire message across using just text and pictures.  This led to some companies, shall we say, “bending the truth” in order to stand out from competitors whose ads were very similar to theirs.  Once TVs made their way into living rooms, advertisers were granted a lot more flexibility – using video to show products in motion, tell stories, and elicit more emotion from consumers.  This practice led to a whole new type of deception, though, as products became greatly exaggerated from their actual capabilities.  The use of sex and celebrity endorsements has taken this even further.

Fast forward to the present day, where consumers are more informed than ever thanks to technology.  The days of fooling us with deception in advertising are over; in fact, studies have shown that most Americans complain about too many TV ads, and simply aren’t paying attention.  So, advertisers have had to adapt with this changing consumer and technology – which has led to a shift towards digital content.  Featuring stand-out content on social networks, blogs, and emails have become some of the biggest platforms for delivering ad messages.  But with the social landscape becoming increasingly flooded every day (over 2.22 billion global users), producing original and relevant content is an increasingly difficult task.

Marketers need to realize that a combination of digital and tangible/personal advertising tactics is the best approach to take.  The challenge here, however, lies in creativity.  With print media drying up, there simply aren’t enough effective physical means to reach consumers – and advertising messages remain lost in the shuffle.


Who knew that the power of H2O extends beyond being a necessity for survival? At Free Water For You (FWFY), we strongly believe that water access is a global human right, not an in-demand privilege.  Recent water contamination incidents in places like Michigan and Louisiana have only magnified the fact that everyone deserves clean drinking water.  There’s simply no life without water – and we’re here to do our part by creating the world’s first brand of water that’s exclusively FREE.

So, how exactly are we delivering on this lofty vision?  By tying in other companies and the changing landscape of advertising, we’ve created a revenue-based model that allows advertisers to print their content on our water bottles.  Placing messages on our water bottles provides that highly personal touch that companies desire, while also being highly targeted towards any specific event, consumer type, product, or other situation.  By helping to provide this “essence of life” for free, you’re creating a positive consumer experience – ensuring your company’s being viewed in a positive light.


Eventually, we’ll have our own plant and truck fleet to package and distribute mass amounts of water ourselves.  But for now, we use nothing but the most eco-friendly methods to source our water.  To reduce harmful emissions and lower our expenses, we simply locate the water bottling company nearest in proximity to a client and utilize their existing infrastructure to produce your order.  After this, the FWFY team itself takes the lead on promotion and distribution – allowing you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your new ad campaign.  No matter where your customers are congregated, and what type of setting it is – we promise to work hard to ensure that your water and your message are hand-delivered to every one.

Our business model also serves as a great response to water crises that are occurring around the world.  Distributing free water with powerful brands by our side sheds light on this crucial issue, and is an excellent way to encourage people to drink more water and get healthier.  And, it’s as cost-effective as any PPC ad campaign!  But this isn’t all we’re doing for our clients and the world’s people. Check out a few more features and benefits:

Responsible plastic – Our plastic bottles are BPA free, and decompose quicker than traditional plastic bottles.

Recyclable – All of our bottles are easily recyclable, which we encourage heavily during all of our distribution efforts.

Lasting impressions – The use of our glass bottles brings opportunities to become a permanent place in consumers’ homes, as they’re easy to wash and reuse.

Ad size variability – Our clients can pay for either full or partial ad space.

Portability – Water bottles are easy to carry, and make for great promotional opportunities on-site at events.  Let us handle this for you!


We haven’t been at it long, but are flowing towards success already.  Our sourcing and distribution plan has been outlined thoroughly, and is ready to service clients looking for some unique advertising.  Marketing-wise, we’ve established a social presence on Facebook and are in the process of setting up other platforms as well.  We were also recently featured at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a free water walk benefitting breast cancer.  Returns from this event were overwhelmingly in favor of our concept.  Everyone loved the idea both behind the business – and obviously the idea of distributing free water.

As for the future, we’ve got a crystal clear vision.  The primary focus for us right now – and the primary purpose of this fundraise – is to construct our water operations facility and make it operational.  This undertaking will allow us to produce all of our own water, package it, and distribute it in the most cost-effective manner.  We’re currently in the process of prospecting potential locations and researching the highest-quality equipment that best suits our needs.  Once the facility is complete, we see Free Water For You as a highly scalable concept that can be easily integrated into markets around the US.


CEO Salifou Yankene is the visionary tasked with changing the world, one bottle of water at a time.  He speaks seven languages, and knows the challenges underdeveloped nations face in finding clean water.  But as a busy professional who constantly travels the US, he also knows that the water crisis isn’t limited to these nations.  Salifou was surprised to learn that the problem has seeped into cities around America – something that hit him in the face after seeing brown water pour from a faucet in a Mississippi hotel.  After calling the front desk and hearing “that’s how it’s always been”, he knew he had to lead the change – and that’s when Free Water For You was formed.

Salifou is a father of six who is deeply invested in world issues, and a very motivated individual when it comes to fixing the world’s problems.  As our only current employee, he’s currently doing whatever it takes to build the business and get full-scale distribution off the ground.  This fundraise is the current primary focus.


Contact Information:

CEO - Salifou Yankene

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