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Jul 11, 2016 6:18 PM ET

Archived: FN Wear Apparel (Activewear Lifestyle Brand) – FN Wear is a lifestyle brand focused on “Finding Nirvana Where Every Age Rocks”. Enjoy life with the brand that Finds your Nirvana!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016

FN Wear Apparel (Activewear Lifestyle Brand)

by J Rippe

FN Wear is a lifestyle brand focused on “Finding Nirvana Where Every Age Rocks”. Enjoy life with the brand that Finds your Nirvana!

About this project

How Did FN Wear Start?

I was a freshman in high school when I started FN Wear. High school opened my eyes to a whole new world of creative people, artists, photographers, musicians, and people looking to express themselves in unique ways. Growing up in Southern California I was surrounded by all of the beaches along with many active wear brands, however, I noticed that people were beginning to get bored wearing the same brands. I created my first batch of FN tees and everyone loved them. I sold out within the first week so I made more. The original tees sold so well people started asking me what other designs I had so I created new designs. I was not the best at graphic design so one of my friends came to school one day with a rough sketch of my logo, this later became our famous Two Slant Logo. Kickstarter is our launch to the public to not only expand the brand, but to make people around the world aware of our brand.

Why Fund Us?

FN Wear is a new brand many people are excited to wear! Our clothes are made from comfortable fabrics and high quality materials to assure that you are buying premium clothing. Most ink used on our shirts is eco-friendly and once funded with kickstarter we will create a fully eco-friendly line.

 What Makes Us Special?

FN Wear is a Southern California brand focused on nature and the active lifestyle. Everyone in the FN Wear family loves surfing, fishing, skateboarding, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. Our advocate team consists of talented photographers, artists, song writers, and athletes who take fun seriously. Because we take fun seriously we are a close group of friends who work together to make great apparel.


Risks and challenges

Clothing brands need to keep up on the newest styles and have to be ahead of the trends. There are many competitors in this market who are doing the same thing. We have to be sure our brand remains unique and make it stand out. As trends come and go so do brands. We will stay true to FN Wear’s approach in order to not follow passing trends.


Contact Information:

J Rippe

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