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Jul 11, 2016 3:40 PM ET

Archived: CANINE CHAOS: A card game featuring dogs! Use toys, tricks, and costumes to train dogs, build your pack, and compete with other players.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 11, 2016

Canine Chaos




A card game featuring dogs! Use toys, tricks, and costumes to train dogs, build your pack, and compete with other players. The first player to build a pack of 5 dogs wins!

Card types include:

Dog cards – 15 unique breeds, two of each, male and female. Each breed has a specific Alpha Trait that can be used once there’s more than one dog in a pack.

Power cards – Can be used to either bolster your own dogs or negatively affect another pack. Can also send dogs to either the Street or to the Shelter.

Trick cards – teach your dogs tricks, which can be used to add bonuses and special feats to your pack.

Treat cards – used as currency

Toy cards – used to cause chaos in other packs. May affect one dog or up to the entire table. Can also send dogs to another pack, the Street, or to the Shelter.

Place settings – The Street and the Shelter

To start a turn, pack owners draw one card from the deck. pack owners may add one Dog into their pack per turn as a free action. During a turn, pack owners may also use an already learned Trick, or use an Alpha Trait. The turn ends when pack owner makes one of the following moves:

  • Play a Dog Toy
  • Play a Power Card
  • Buy or attempt to lure a dog out of The Street or The Shelter
  • Use Treats to teach a dog a Trick
  • Change the Alpha Dog in their pack
  • Discard their hand and draw five new cards
  • Voluntarily choose to end the turn

Alpha Traits: Each Dog has a special ability that can only be used when the dog is the Alpha Dog. Alpha traits allow pack owners to bend certain rules, and only become usable once the pack owner has an Alpha Dog and at least one additional dog in their pack. 
Tricks and Treats: Each dog can learn a certain numbers of tricks, which is noted on the Dog Card. Tricks give pack owners an extra edge in the game. This can be by defending a pack against other pack owner’s moves, giving a pack owner the chance to look at other pack owners’ cards, take cards from other pack owners, or giving a better chance at rescuing a Dog from The Street or The Shelter.
Rolling Dice: Certain cards require a roll of the die to decide if the card’s effect is successful, and some cards increase or decrease the number required for a successful roll. For example, the “Rubber Chicken” card requires a die roll of 4 or higher to save the Dog from being taken by an opposing pack owner. However, all XL dogs take a -2 to all rolls against the Rubber Chicken. If this card was played against a Great Dane, and the pack owner rolled a 5, this modification would mean the roll counted as a 3. The Great Dane would be taken by the opposing pack owner. Alternatively, the Trick “Sit!” adds a +1 to any roll. A Great Dane that knows “Sit!” would be safe from the Rubber Chicken card because the total roll would be a 4.

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